Path To Success and Happiness-No5

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page for December and November 2015 posts
If you’re hopeless, depressed, unhappy, worried, bored, frustrated without any reasons, know that they are effects of sins you have done. So by evaluating yourself, try your best to purify yourself from those sins. Wipe them away by repentance and with good deeds.

If you want success and happiness in life, be dutiful to your parents

How many people come back from verge of success! There are people exerting their efforts to succeed. When they are at verge of success they slide down. What’s reason behind this? The reason is that when we begin some work/task, we begin with great enthusiasm. We hurry to see fruit of our efforts in a moment. As time passes we begin to see many obstacles and hardships in addition to our enthusiasm decreases. If what we think doesn’t come on time, we are frustrated and tend to abandon our job. To avoid these we should know that with bitter and hardship there are sweet and relief. We shouldn’t be hopeless, impatient and frustrated. Frustration is main factor in sliding you down from success. So control it. Life is not according to our thinking and wish rather it’s according to our deeds. Our main responsibility is not achieving whatever we think but striving every day according to our capacity. So rather than crying for the past and worrying for the future, work hard and strive today so that you may succeed.

Summary of Self-confidence 
This article starts by defining self-confidence.

“Self-confidence is thus borne of total reliance and trust in Allah. It is knowing that at every step of your journey Allah is there assisting you. If you constantly hold yourself back believing that you are weak and incapable and blame your incompetence on minor inadequacies, then you are bound to fail. You must never allow yourself to believe or feel that Allah has treated you unfairly or that He has placed upon you a burden you cannot shoulder for on no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear” -Khurram Murad

The article points out some of the causes of lack of self-confidece. Among these; Not having a firm goal in life. “What makes life boring is not life itself.But losing inspiring goal.” Secondly hating own self by looking own color and body posture.See yourself how much you are beautiful/handsome in the mirror. Accept the blessings of Allah and give thanks. But your important beauty is not this. It is the beauty of your character and good deeds. As long as your character and deeds are beautiful you are beautiful as always. When you know this,you have self-confidence. Thirdly, what makes us lose self-confidence is shy and fearing mistakes. Human being learns from mistakes and improve his/her life. Through try and error he succeeds. “Mistakes are painful when they happen. But year’s later collection of mistakes is called experience, which leads to success.” Fourth looking at own defects. Rather than fixing defects and improving ourselves,we look at our defects and drag ourselves back. This makes us lose self-confidence. Fifth is criticism-anyone doesn’t want to be criticized. But we tend to make mistakes so that criticism is deserved at this moment. We shouldn’t lose self-confidence when criticism is directed to us. If it is correct and fix our mistakes,we should take it with thankfulness. But if it is to drag us from our goal,we should not give any room in our mind. Our mind is too expensive to bear toxic thoughts. Sixth one is trying to please people. The last one is not relying upon Allah. The one who relies upon Allah gates of success will be opened for him/her. In every step when he/she relies upon Allah, he/she walk on earth with a foot of self-confidence. Lastly the article is concluded by limit of self-confidence. If it is low, it becomes humiliation and if it is very high it becomes pride and arrogance. So when practicing self-confidence we should be moderate and humble. For detail discussion read in Afan Oromo

Life is composed of hardships and easy. When you face hardship, don’t despair rather be patient and hope for mercy of Allah. When you are at easy, don’t forget Allah Who has taken you out of hardship. Use your easy life to become the strongest version of yourself.

Among things that make heart grow hard is not implementing what one has learned as much as his/her capacity.

Our every day striving one day builds tower of success. So don’t despair in your struggle.

When you are lost, turn to the Qur’an you will be guided. When you’re confused and in doubt, turn to the Qur’an you will be free of confusion and doubt. When you despair and lose courage, turn to the Qur’an you will find in it fountain of hope and courageousness. Indeed it’s a Book which has no similarity. It touches the heart with its unique and attractive eloquence. Human being has no power to produce such Book. It is spring of happiness and guidance. The one who ponders over Qur’an with understanding is drinking true happiness. So why do we turn away from the Qur’an and find happiness and knowledge elsewhere? Don’t give more value to any statements or book in your heart than Qur’an.

Don’t crave for luxurious life. The more you crave for life of luxury, the more you loss happiness. Be content and happy with simple and easy life.

By listening to failure stories,, don’t paralyse your determination. Some people when they can’t succeed, they think that other people can’t succeed as themselves. By narrating their and other people’s failure stories,they try to melt away your determination and hold you back from your goal. Don’t allow them drag you back rather take a lesson from their failure. Every person’s potential is different. So use your potential in order to succeed. But don’t forget that your only potential can’t bring you success. So rely upon Allah and make du’aa (supplication) much. This is key of success and happiness.

Don’t expect from someone or yourself overnight change. Change is process of uninterrupted struggle and fruit of patience. In the process of change, control frustration and be optimistic. In this process you taste bitter and enter to darkness. Then one day darkness will be removed and light becomes bright for you. So through patience and continuous struggling, expect and hope for that day.

Your friend may be a source of painful regret or cause of success. So see carefully whom you’re befriending.

If you’re busy with seeking for other people’s faults, you can’t change yourself. The one who is busy with other’s faults can’t see his/her faults. So If you want change, be busy with your faults and try to fix them.
Make sure that whether the way you are going on leads you to success or not.
 After you have sincerity in your deeds, fear the dangerous destroyer. What is that? It is pride and ujb (self admiration). When you do good deeds in secret or public, sheytan displays to you your good deeds as heavy as mountain. And then he makes you arrogant. You try to belittle other people’s deeds by comparing with yours. This drags you back from your goal. Sheytan misleads many people in this way. So when sheytan whispers to you feeling of pride, seek refuge in Allah, make du’a, remember your past bad deeds and see your good deeds as nothing when you compare with great people’s. Make busy yourself with your faults not with other’s.
Let not luxurious life of this world delude you. It is like sun reflection in desert which doesn’t remain for permanent. So don’t allow this world drag you back from remembrance of Allah. (Nov.22)

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