Who is Your Lord?-No.7

In life, there is time when you feel boring and frustrated. You say, “My life is boring, I have no real happiness. Where can I find real happiness?” These are problems and questions of many people. But what is the solution and answer? In the search of real happiness, there are many people who have found it in the believing in Almighty Allah (God), knowing and obeying Him. Almighty Allah says:


It is those who believe [in the Oneness of Allah and worship none but Him Alone) and confuse not their belief with Zulm (wrong i.e. by worshipping others besides Allah), for them (only) there is security and they are the guided.” Suuratu Al-An’aam 6:82

As we have said in the previous part, the pronoun “We and Us” show grandeur and greatest power. They don’t denote plurality. 

So let’s continue knowing our Lord. Our Creator says in the following interpretation of the Qur’an:

“Does man not consider that We created him from a [mere] sperm-drop – then at once he is a clear adversary?
And he presents for Us an example and forgets his [own] creation. He says, “Who will give life to bones while they are disintegrated?” Suuratu Yaasin 36:77-78

(Explanation: According to the traditions related by Ibn ‘Abbas, Qatadah and Said bin Jubair, one of the chiefs of Makkah, on this occasion, came up with a rotten bone of a dead person, from the graveyard. He broke and crushed it into pieces before the Holy Prophet and scattering its particles in the air, said.-“O Muhammad, you say that the dead will be raised back to life. Tell us who will give life to these decayed and rotten bones?” The answer was given immediately in the form of these verses

We created him from a [mere] sperm-drop” -That is, “We caused the sperm-drop which contained nothing but the basic germ of life to develop to an extent that it started moving and eating like the animals. Furthermore, it has developed such powers of intellect and reasoning and disputation and speech, which are not possessed by any animal; so much so that now he dares stand up as an adversary before his Creator”

he presents for Us an example-That is, he regards Us powerless and weak like the creation, and thinks that just as man cannot raise the dead back to life, so also can’t We.

Forgets his own creation”: Forgets that We created the basic germ of life from dead matter, which became the means of his creation; then We caused the germ to develop to such an extent that now he stands before Us as a disputant.)

Almighty Allah says:

Say, “He will give them life who produced them the first time; and He is, of all creation, Knowing.
[It is] He who made for you from the green tree, fire, and then from it you ignite.” Suuratu Yaasin 36:79-80

(It either means that He has placed the inflammable matter in the green trees due to which people kindle fire from the pieces of wood. Or, it is an allusion to the markh and ‘afar trees, whose green branches the Arabs struck against each other to produce the sparks. In ancient times the Bedouins used this method of kindling the fire and might even be using the same today.)

Almighty Allah says:
“Is not He who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the likes of them? Yes, [it is so]; and He is the Knowing Creator.
His command is only when He intends a thing that He says to it, “Be,” and it is.
So exalted is He in whose hand is the realm of all things, and to Him you will be returned.”Suuratu Yaasin 36:81-83

The explanations are taken from http://quranx.com/Tafsirs/36.80
If you want know more about your Creator, click Here

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