Path of Success and Happiness

Sometimes even if you are living in your parents home, you feel loneliness and self-hatred. Even you feel as if you are living in jungle. Do you know the cause and solution of this? Its cause is sins. Its solution is to seek always forgiveness from Allah. Saying this beautiful du’a (supplication) from heart helps one to get out from grieve:
“Allahumma inni zalamtu nafsi zulman kathiran, Wala yaghfiru z-zunuuba illa anta, fa ghfir lii maghfiratan min `indika, wa r-hamnii, innaka anta l-ghafuru r-rahim”

Translation: O Allah! I have done great injustice to myself and none except You forgives sins, so bestow on me a forgiveness from You, and Have Mercy on me, You are the Forgiver, the Merciful  Sahih al-Bukhari 834

Sometimes while doing good deeds, you may give up at middle path. Then, you start to feel pain as a result of giving up spring of happiness- that is good deeds. If you give up doing good deed, resume it as soon as possible. There are some people when they feel frustration and calmless, they examine themselves. If they do bad, they run to asking Allah for forgiveness. If they are slacken from good deeds, they resume it. In this way, they live in peace.

The hardest time in your life may be a time when you are transformed from one stage to the next. So be patient at this moment. When you feel sadness and disturbance, perhaps there may be some changes in front of you. So be optimistic.

When sheytan (Satan) succeeded in erring you, you be successful by asking Allah forgiveness.

When shaytan increases the hate you have for your brother/sister, increase making du’aa (Supplication) for that person. Verily, shaytan motivates you to hate someone whom you know good. He throws dirty things and suspicion in your heart. At this time, when you make du’aa for that person, your hatred decreases. Indeed, hate hurts you. For example saying,”O Allah, forgive him/her, guide him/her to straight path…”, soften the heart.

The followings are the most difficult tests that faces you in your youth age.
1.Doubt- sheytan casts doubt about Islam in your heart and shakes your imaan. When you pass this test, it’s called you have passed the most difficult test. Because if imaan (faith) is lost, life is nothing and meaningless.
2. Love from opposite gender
3. Showing off (ar-riya) –
4. Self-admiration (al-ujb)
5. Arrogance
6. Love of duniya (this world) – preferring this world over hereafter
7. Envy, hate and many others
When you pass these tests in successful way, Insha Allah, you’re elevated and dignified. So by seeking knowledge, making du’aa and zikr (remembrance of Allah), and etc try your best to pass these tests.

Sometimes in life, you’re confused, grieved, frightened, and worry. But sometimes later, those all will go away. It is soon replaced by peace and tranquillity. When we were in elementary and secondary school, our great concerns were to pass exams, how our future life would be… Indeed, it was dark period. But if you are in such a dark life, you can change it by putting your complete trust upon Allah. How? You leave all your future to Allah but you work hard now for your goals. Let those worries go! Future has not been born yet. These is possible by increasing imaan (faith). The more you inter to Islaam, the more you get salaam (peace).

No matter how much foolish and ignorant a person is, one day he/she can be transformed to wise and intellectual person by the Qur’aan. History has proved this.

When you seek knowledge while you have a free time, you will use it during difficult times.

Do you know the greatest capital that never lose if you keep it from that which destroys it?It is beneficial knowledge and good deeds. These are our greatest capital and trade we should amass.

When you get closer to As-Salaam (Source of Peace, i.e Allah), not only your inner is filled with peace and tranquility but also your surrounding is filled with serenity and calm. You feel as if you have entered into the garden of serene and cool without disturbance. So try your best to draw closer to Allah, you will enter to garden of peace, tranquil and calm

By planning time you save ton of time
By not planning you waste whole of life

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