Path To Success and Happiness-No:21

By looking at darkness of your sins and faulty sides, don’t stop from heading toward change. Sometimes, when you look at your past sins and faults, you may feel painful regret and sorrow. But, you should not allow these regret and sorrow to bring you down from change and being optimistic. Instead you should use them to flee from committing the same sins and faults. Many people when they don’t regret for their past sins, they commit the same sins and faults. They don’t take lessons from their life. They remain there without change. So when you regret for your past sins, ask Allah for forgiveness.

O mankind, remember the favor of Allah upon you. Is there any creator other than Allah who provides for you from the heaven and earth? There is no deity except Him, so how are you deluded?”
Al-Qur’aan Suura Faaxir(35):3

Your success and happiness depend on how much you give importance for salah (Islamic Prayer). If you give great importance for salah, your success and happiness are also great.

When you look to woman or man suddenly and then if some sort of whisperings come to you, flee to Allah. Seek refuge in Allah from sheytan. Ask Allah forgiveness. Turn your attention to good things such seeking knowledge. If you don’t do these, sheytan beautifies that person in your heart and then you’re easily trapped. If your heart is attached to that person and try to meet him/her, remember what you lose. If you’re married, you will lose your spouse. Think many other. If you are not married, you will slip from your ultimate goals. Humiliation will cover you.

When you do a sin, sheytan (Satan) motivates you to another sin unless you repent quickly. How? He casts frustration and anger. Or he makes you taste a little pleasure from that sin. Then you add another sin on the top of previous sins. It seems to you that your anger is subsided (cooled) or you get more pleasure by committing more sins. So when you feel this, don’t be defeated by sheytan. Rather, run toward forgiveness from Allah. This is the best solution you have.

Marriage life is dignity. But, keeping chastity and being patient up to marriage is dignity over dignity, happiness over happiness, joy over joy. If a person misses this dignity and happiness, he/she can regain it by returning to Allah with sincere repentance. There are many people who reclaimed their dignity and happiness after they missed. So don’t be hopeless to regain your dignity. Turn to Allah.

Sometimes you insult yourself. You say to yourself,”I am so foolish, I am weak and lazy…” While insulting yourself, you throw yourself to deep of the abyss psychologically. In life neither do you insult yourself nor praise yourself. Both of them are blameworthy. Instead, you should encourage yourself to change your life.By heaping negative thoughts inside, don’t restrain yourself from change.

In life, not to be perfect in every aspect, but try your best to be better. Better than yesterday, better than last week, better than last month. Focus on better not on perfection. If you focus on perfection, when you make mistake, you easily slip. But if you focus on better, you weed out your defects and faults gradually. When you make mistake, you’re not shocked and remain there. Rather, you move forward by learning a lesson from your mistakes. So don’t be shocked when you make mistake. Take a lesson and pass by.

As long as you’re sincere in your deeds and not proud of your deeds, Insha Allah you’re successful throughout your life. Insincerity and arrogance are roots of failure just as sincerity and thanking Allah are roots of success.

When you aspire to the greatest success and strive for it, you live life of dignity and happiness. Whenever we forget our greatest goal, depression and humiliation encompass us. You understand this truth when you look around you. Whenever people turn away from Allah, depression and humiliation are their punishment.

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