Path to Success and Happiness-No.6

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page May 2016 (half) posts
Change in your life is process not spontaneous. At once you can’t climb the peak. Everyday as you strive to change something, you pass from one stage of development to the next. There is no point where you can say I am perfect enough. Always you are invited for change. So take every chance to see change in your life. Don’t be hasty and hopeless. Step forward with hope and patience. When trouble happens, don’t be shocked and slide from change. Remember that when you encounter obstacle, it shows you that you are passing from one stage of change to the next. So see obstacles in this respect. Don’t be banned by obstacles from change. Strive with what you have. Insha Allah one day life takes its order.

As long as you stick to salah(prayer), Insha Allah one day door of success is opened for you. Don’t slacken from salah. Abondaning salah is cause of failure and depression. Sheytan wants you to depress by holding you back from salah. When he whispers to you ‘Why do u pray, you have gained nothing?”, say to him,”Get lost from here. (Amharic: Kazi tifa, salatan bamastew selam litasxanew inde! alsemaham!!!!)”

Without knowing his/her inner intention, don’t give judgement according to your thinking/suspicion. When someone do good deeds, don’t say ‘He/she is doing for showing off.’ without knowing his intention. For example when he gives much sadaqa, don’t say “He’s giving for showing off.” Only Allah knows subtle intention of everyone. When such thought crosses your mind, say ‘A’uzubillahi mina sheytaani rajim. I am not sent to be controller over people’s heart. It is none of my business”

Following desires and sheytan (Satan) is source of misguidance and destruction.
Following right path of Islam is source of guidance and salvation.

When heart turns away from As-Salam (Source of Peace-Allah), from where does it get peace?

Death comes to you suddenly prepare your provision. See what you have sent forth for tomorrow.

Before you sink into deep sadness and hopelessness for what you lose, examine the reason for loss and its result. For example, if your expensive telephone is lost or stolen, rather than being covered by sadness and despair, see the reason and result of loss. Your telefone may be a cause of pride for you. So losing it may remove your pride. It may be distract you from doing good deeds. So losing it make you hard worker. Think more results in this way. You will find that Allah is Most Merciful when HE takes away something from you. So be pateint, wait its result.

“Human beings have no any other solution or choice other than submitting to their Lord.” If they don’t submit to Allah, then they will incur punishment in both worlds. If they submit to Allah, then they achieve peace, happiness and salvation in both worlds.

Whether you’re male or female don’t stay outside without necessity at night. Return to home early evening. Because night is a time when sheytan deceives many people and many evils are committed. If you make delaying at the night your habit, it is difficult for you to come back home on time when you get married. Due to this many problems may occur. Flee from those friends who entice you to stay outside at night without necessity.

To please people and showing off, don’t do or speak bad things or even good things. One day you regret badly. Today it seems to you good, but it hits your inner tomorrow. What I was doing or speaking in past to please people, today I am hit by regret when I remember them.

When the person left his/her past bad action and return to Allah with sincere repentance, by reminding his/her past story, don’t bring down him/her. He/she is going out from darkness to light, from narrow to wideness. So don’t be obstacle in front of him/her.

While you’re going in this long journey of your life, sometimes you feel discouraged and hopeless. You need someone who lifts you up. But you may not find. All things may seem dark. Don’t worry, this is just a test. This is a point where you move from one stage to another. Do your best to change your conditions, to transform yourself to the next stage of your reformation, rebirth.

Don’t do ibaada according to your desires. Rather do according to Qur’aan and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). Any good deeds of ibaada to be accepted by Allah should fulfil two criteria. Otherwise it is worthless no matter how it seems good.
1. Sincerity (Iklaas)- it should be done for the sake of Allah
2. It should agree with sunnah
So when you do any good deeds, ask yourself whether your deeds fulfill these two criteria. Don’t follow bida’a (innovation in the religion). It has no value no matter how much it seems good.

Be careful what you speak. Your words may hurt you and whom you spoken to. Good words may be forgotten but bitter words are difficult to be forgotten. They burn your inner with regret and sorrow. So try your best to set limit to your tongue.

If you love someone for his/her Imaan (faith), don’t approach him/her before marriage because forming haram relationship makes not to reach desired goal. If you do so, you disturb one another through calling, texting messages, dating and flee from each other soon or later. Even your Imaan may be lost through process. So be patient until marriage so that your marriage be blessed. Put your trust upon Allah.

Indeed when heart is devoid of zikr (remembrance of Allah), it loses true happiness and constricted. Zikr is nutrition for heart.

Every time I am tempted by sheytan(satan), I remember that how much I am weak. Without help of Allah, I can do nothing, I can’t resist evils. How much it’s hard to resist evils! Indeed whom Allah protects from evils achieves success and happiness. Whom Allah leaves in error indeed achieves nothing other than failure and sadness. So to protect ourselves from failure, destruction, sadness, error and etc our solutions are to hold fast to Book (Qur’an), sunnah, salah(Prayers), du’aa, zikr. Other than this we have no solution in order to achieve success and happiness. The first thing sheytan tempts you to evils is to make you abandon salah. Because when you give up salah or not pray properly, sheytan leads you to evils and following vain desires. Salah is strength and shield for the person. When this strength and shield is removed, the person becomes naked and weak, his/her determination is weakened. No longer can he resist evils. So let us try our best to stick to salah and pray properly.

Once old woman said,”Every pleasure has passed only its pain left.” So while you are in young age, remember that every pleasure soon come to end whether it is good or bad. For the little pleasure, don’t earn continuous pain. Be patient. Patience changes bitter to sweet.
By listening to propaganda of your enemies that say,”Hijab is cloth of backwardness, it subjugates woman.”, don’t stir of your hijab. Is there anyone who is more backward than one who goes out nude? Is there anyone who is more oppressed than one who becomes servant for his/her desires, sheytan and fellow human beings? So hijab saves you from all these. It’s freedom and honour for yourself. Say Alhamdulillah for wearing hijaab.
When the person defeats base desires and sheytan’s temptations, he/she arises to higher horizon. He/she becomes strong and determined person. So struggle with pateince. Make du’aa and seek beneficial knowledge. Let your willpower and determination be strong.
Some people think road of success so smooth that it has no hindrance and roughness. They start journey for change and success. When they face hardship on the way, they give up automatically. So when you walk on the road of change, arm yourself with patience, hope, hardworking and tawakkul (putting trust upon Allah). You may stumble on the way. Don’t remain there, stand and continue your journey. You may lose someone who encourages you. In my journey toward change my encourager is Qur’an. When my determination is going to die, Qur’an gives me new light. Yes, many people don’t want your change. They search for your fault rather than encouragement and advice. (May 15)

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