My Objective

The main objetive of fb page and blog focuses on youth. Insha Allah(If Allah wills) Changing the  habit and transforming youth power to be productive. Changing the wasted time on different addictions to production. From a boring life to enjoyable life. My objective doesn’t stop here. It includes showing humanity the way to forever lasting happiness and success. These all are the sparkled desire but not result. Result needs a long process and genuine efforts. Through this process, sometimes you fail sometimes you are successful. You may face rebuke and ridiculous from people. They may say to you “Having not changed yourself, are you trying to change others?”

If you don’t endure all ridicule and criticism, you may fail in a short time. Of course, changing own self can’t take place in a blink of an  eye  let alone a group of people. It takes time and efforts.
In sha Allah this long journey can’t take place only by our efforts but with Allah’s help we can reach the targeted goals. 

Share me your thoughts, advices, feelings, and feedbacks through this email.

Email:, personal email can be given upon contact

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