If U Search for truth, U will get it

Ms. Afrah tells her story of searching for the truth like this:
May 2, 1996. Ever since I can remember, my family attended a non-denominational conservative Christian church (Church of Christ). I grew up in the church, taught bible school and sang in the choir. As a young teenager I began asking questions (as I think everyone does at one point in their lives): Why was I a member of the Church of Christ and not say Lutheran, Catholic or Methodist? If various churches are teaching conflicting doctrine, how do we know which one is right? Are they all right? Do `all paths lead to God’ as I had heard some say? Others say that as long as you are a good person it doesn’t matter what you believe – is that true? Continue reading


Path to Success and Happiness-No.15

When you bear every test with patience and hope, you go up not down. When you pass one test, you are climbing one stair upward. The hardest test you face in your daily life is the test of heart (inner tests). To remove pride, envy, hatred, suspicion, confusion, showing off (ar-riya), craving for fame and etc , you should struggle hard. Every time you struggle to pass these tests, you are elevated, you get peace of mind and tranquility. So endure tests with patience, striving and tawakkul (relying upon Allah), make du’aa to pass every test. Remember that degree of your honour, happiness and success is not measured by your wealth or position rather it is measured how much your heart is pure. Due to this hardest test is the inner test. Heart changes in every time, it is not constant. So to purify your heart, struggle hard.
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Fire of Love

Today, as fire of war is intense, so does fire of love. Confusion and darkness overtake them when youth enter to love world. When love is mentioned, people have different views. Some view as evil and immoral. While others view as a means to fulfil only carnal desire. This is not the correct definition of love. Let’s define love. In English you can’t get broad concept of love. So where can we look for? Arabic language gives balanced definition. In Arabic the well-known words for love are two. Those are al-Hub and al-Ishq. Continue reading

Minor Mistakes

Away from the ears of other girls, several girls sit in a corner in the school talking in confidence, and she sits among them listening. One of them said, “He loves me and says he wants to marry me,” and takes from her purse a gift that he gave her. Another girl talks about her friend’s jealousy and his protesting that she goes to the market by herself.

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Proposal For marriage No. 5

I have collected these piece of writings from my page which I was writing in six series both in English and Afan Oromo languages. If you see any grammatical flaws,pardon me since English is my third language. Enjoy reading…

Marriage is important life event which is foundation of society. When this foundation can’t take deep root, society loses its identity and destined for destruction. So how can we preserve marriage life from danger so that nation may prosper as a whole? Continue reading

Marriage Proposal- 4 Series in One

I have collected these piece of writings from my page which I was writing in six series both in English and Afan Oromo languages. If you see any grammatical flaws,pardon me since English is my third language. Enjoy reading…

Today as marriage is difficult, many seeds of evils are germinating. If you love someone and want for marriage, first counsel your family and good people around you. Don’t tell to every one. Also don’t keep marriage contract secret. If the love for that person difficult for you, don’t approach him/her before marriage(nikah), be patient. Continue reading

Removing obstacles from Marriage way-P1

Let us review what we saw in the past 6 series concerning marriage proposal. When we choose our best future friend, our first criterion must be Imaan(faith). Why? Because iman is the strongest bond that can connect two persons. It makes them have the same goal. It restrains them from going out of marriage to fulfil thier desires. But lust and worldly gain fade up like clothes. They don’t keep the person from seeking another partner. Rather, they intense the lusts. We should ask ourselves,”Does he/she suit me with the respect of Imaan? Continue reading

Forget your worries and keep yourself busy

“If you have done what you can to deal with a problem, then distract yourself with a hobby, reading or some work. Keeping yourself busy in this situation, will take the place of anxiety, for ~”Allah has not made for any man two hearts inside his body .. ” (cf Qur ‘an 33: 4). Let us assume that the problem is a child’s sickness. The parent (father or mother) does what he or she can to give the right medicine properly, then he or she spends the rest of his or her time doing something useful.

When faced with a current problem, it is fitting to remember difficult problems that you have gone through in the past, especially major problems that were more serious than the problem being faced now. Remember how Allah helped you to solve it, to such an extent that remembering it now brings nothing more than a smile and a feeling of self-confidence. If you can remember that, you will feel that today’s problem is just like the old problem; it, too, will pass and be solved – by Allah’s leave.

Seek a positive answer to your problem, and it is certainly not going to be more negative than positive. lbn al-Jawzi spoke wise words when he said:
“Whoever is stricken by a calamity, let him imagine it as being worse than it is, and imagine its reward. Let him also imagine a calamity greater than the one befalling him. Thus, he will realize that it is a great blessing that the calamity is no greater than what it is, and hope that it will be relieved soon. If it were not for intense calamities, no one would hope for the time of relief.”
“A wise man said: ‘I have never regretted what I did not say, but I have often regretted what I did say.”‘

Taken from You Can Be the Happiest Woman in the World Page 237-238

Mind Reader

Mind is a place where our thoughts originate from. If we store information in our mind and keep it as secret, no one knows except Allah unless we disclose it. So the mind is a best depot to store whatever we wish. The one who tries hard to dig out what is in our mind, he/she ends up in despair and stress. Mind reader is a serious problem in this time if it is out of control. This may arise from suspicion and expectation. Continue reading

Better Than All Comforts

“(Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire – of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and tilled land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return.Al-Qur’an 3:14) All these cherished desires  and all similar ones, are the comforts of this life. Perhaps we should add here that in the Arabic text, the term “this life”, or “dunyā”, connotes “the lower life”. Hence, they are not part of the sublime life or of the higher horizon. Continue reading