How should a person fill his spare time?


I am suffering from the problem of too much spare time, because of which I have begun to feel very strange. My worship has become noticeably less, not because of anything that is distracting me but because I have become depressed. I am learning to memorize Qur’aan with a teacher but I am still in Juz’ ‘Amma (the 30th juz’). I memorize what is required of me, but I still have too much spare time. In an attempt to rid myself of depression I turn on the TV, but I hate it and I do not really want to watch it, but I sit in front of it for ten hours. Can you believe it – ten hours? And I used to watch it only a little. I don’t know. Please advise me as to how I may kill this spare time.

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Throughout Your School

In one’s life, the best thing he/she can achieve is to gain knowledge and putting into action. Knowledge without action is like a body without a soul. Everyone strives to gain knowledge in different fields and branches. When one gets married the first thing that comes into mind is how to educate his child. Parents strive for their children so that they get a high-quality education. Most of the time parents focus on worldly education while forgetting religious education. Unfortunately, due to this they and their children are living a life of unhappiness, misery and distress. They only focus on the bread of body while forgetting food of the soul. How blessed are those who combined religious and worldly educations! Continue reading

Path to Success and Happiness-No.3

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page March 2016 posts

No matter how many people commit sins, don’t follow and imitate them. Many people fall to sins due to imitation. They may say to you,”All have girlfriend/boyfriend. All do this. Are you unique? Use your youth age. If you don’t entertain yourself now, when do you entertain yourself? No matter you will repent latter, Allah is gafurrahim…..” They entice you until you follow them. They are sheytan from people. Turn away from them. Continue reading

Peace Of Mind-Part 2

9. Eating and drinking moderately– too much eating and drinking not only cause health problems, but they also cause loss of peace of mind and less productivity. When you eat and drink too much, you are exhausted mentally and physically. Your body gets tired, your mind is closed. When the stomach is full of food and drinking, the brain can no longer accept knowledge. Moderate eating and drinking, give you peace of mind, high productivity. When people become slim, they eat too much to get fat. But this may lead to obesity and mental disorder. Continue reading

Failure in Life

This life is a place of test and trail for human being. It is a place of sowing good and bad deeds. We may encounter many tests and trail in this life although there is difference of their levels. In this life there are both success and failure. There is no one way. We should believe in both success and failure. In this life no one leads only life of success or failure. Failure in this life doesn’t mean end of your life. Rather, it befalls to you to teach the meaning of success. From failure you get experiences that leads you to success. From failure you learn many lessons if you give proper attention rather than crying. You say to yourself ‘What is wrong with my actions, let me analyze; if this way doesn’t work let me change other way.’ The more you device the new ways, the closer you are to the success. But if you get upset by your failure and don’t try to change the way, you would hold yourself back from success. If you feel inferiority due to failure and cannot move forward, you change nothing. Our main problem when we fail in some aspects of life or possess some defects, we feel inferiority rather than changing that problem or defects. Our focus is on failure or problem not on solutions. Many things can be a cause of failure. Among these; Continue reading

Causes of Failure from our Goals

There are many factors that cause us to fail in our goals. Among them let’s discuss a few of them.
1. Intention – in every of our steps intention is very important. The person who sets his goals should first specify his intention. Otherwise, he/she fails soon. Why do I want to be an author? Why do I want to be a scholar? Why do I want to be a doctor? Why do I want to be such and such…..? DO I want to be an author for the sake of status and money or for the sake of Allah to reform myself and the community? Is it not a big question? If I want to be an author for the sake of status, then if no one respects me I obliged to stop writing. But If to change the community, I always think their problems more than mine. Even if no one respects me, I know my purpose. I don’t care about their respects. Purifying intentions is the first step to success. Continue reading