Does man think that he will be left neglected?

Human being is distinct from other creatures by having faculty of hearing, seeing and thinking by which he distinguishes between good and evil. So when human being is distinct from other creatures by these features, can he/she be left neglected? Allah says:

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What are women looking for in a marriage?

The following writing is taken from E-book called ‘Like a Garment’ I find this writing interesting and want to share with you. Good reading

“To have a successful relationship, a couple must understand each other’s needs. A husband must take into account that a woman’s needs and expectations are different than a man’s. Great intimacy can only be achieved if a woman finds a complete, fulfilling relationship

Women get married to find a special best friend. They want someone who will share their secrets, laugh and joke with them, love them, cherish them, adore them, be romantic with them, and make them feel beautiful and sexy. They want someone who will be attracted to them emotionally through their personality, and attracted to them physically through their bodies. Continue reading

A Difficult Predicament Indeed

One of our pious predecessors, Thabit bin Nu’man, was angry and tired as he was passing through a garden that  bordered a river. He was so hungry that he could hear his stomach growling, and so his eyes become fixated on the fruits. He saw on the various trees of the garden. In a fit of desperation, he forgot himself and extended his hand to an apple that was within reach. He ate half of it and then drank water from the river.  But then he became overcome by guilt, despite the fact that he had only eaten because of dire need.  He said to himself, “Woe unto me! How can I eat someone else’s fruits without his permission? I make it binding upon myself to not leave this place until I find the owner of this garden and ask him to forgive me for having eaten one of his apples.”  After a brief search, he found the owner’s house. He knocked on the door and the owner of the garden came out and asked him what he wanted.  Continue reading