Inevitable Tests

Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried? But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars. Or do those who do evil deeds think they can outrun Us? Evil is what they judge.Al-Qur’aan suurah Al-‘Ankabut 29:2-4

Belief is not a mere word we say; it is a reality that imposes duties, a trust that carries requirements and a struggle that demands patience and perseverance. It is not enough that people should claim to believe. Continue reading


Path to Success and Happiness-No16

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s posts on Facebook, Oct. 2016

“Stay away from three destroyers, hold up three savers.
Three destroyers are following desires, self-admiration(ujb), avarice (shuhha)
Three savers are fear of Allah in secret and public, justice during anger, moderation both in affluence and poverty” Make your principles these things. Continue reading

The Best Guidance

The Qur’ān addresses hearts in the first instance and gives all its light and fragrance to an open mind which receives it with certainty and contentment. When a person’s mind is refreshed with firm belief, it can better appreciate the Qur’ān and understand far more of its meanings than we can imagine. It brings about miraculous changes in this life as one adopts a new way of life and discards his old one. All the systems, legislation and values the Qur’ān promotes are based first and foremost on faith. Hence, a person who does not, deep at heart, believe in God or accept that this Qur’ān is revealed by God or that its contents represent the system God wants implemented in human life, cannot find the desired guidance in the Qur’ān and will not share in the joyful news it brings. Continue reading


Journey To Islam-No-3

I was born in the 70s to a middle-class family consisting of my mother, father and two older brothers. My memories of family life are of a happy, secure, very close and loving family. Although my parents were not religious they were very strict in certain areas of my upbringing such as instilling good manners, generosity and consideration for others. Continue reading


Will They Not Reflect?

People, however, tend to overlook the truth because their hearts are not touched by its invigorating light. Hence, they remain preoccupied with petty concerns, lost in a perpetual maze. They are only awakened when faced with inevitable doom, looking at the suffering that awaits them and enduring a humiliatingly and strong reproach: Continue reading


Journey To Islam-No.1


From Darkness into Light

“Alif Lām. Rā. This is a book which We have bestowed on you, [O Muhammad],  from on high so that you might bring forth all mankind, by their Lord’s leave, from darkness into the light, to the path of the Almighty, the One to whom all praise is due, to God, to whom all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth belongs. Woe to the unbelievers; for theirs will be a severe suffering. These are the ones who love the life of this world preferring it to the life to come, and who turn others away from God’s path and try to make it appear crooked. They have gone far astray.” Al-Qur’an Suura Ibraahim 14:1-3 Continue reading


The Superiority of Islamic Legislation

God’s law represents a complete way of life, which regulates and directs all aspects of human life in whatever stage and shape it finds them.The Islamic system sets absolute justice as its goal. For one thing, it is God alone who knows how and by what means absolute justice can be established. For another, God is the Lord of all and He can establish justice between all. The system He lays down and the law He promulgates are free of prejudice, imbalance, extremism or ignorance. This cannot be said of any system or law which man devises, since man is influenced by his own prejudices, caprice and desire, and his vision is hampered by his imperfect knowledge. Continue reading


The Requirements of Achieving Great Targets

“Achieving high aims depends upon having a firm intention and a strong will. Whoever looses them will never attain his goals, because when one’s intention is firm, it adheres to plan and if one’s will is strong, the servant will walk along the right way that leads to that aim. Having strong will opens the way and a resolute intention focuses one on the aim. If his  aim coincides with the way that reaches to it, he will be successful. If his intention is weak he will not have a high aim. If his will is not strong, it will not lead him to his aim.  The whole matter depends upon the will and intention of the servant and they will never be achieved without neglecting three matters: Continue reading


A Manifestation of Justice

It has been related that one of the son of Amr bin Al-Aas (May Allah pleased with him), the governor of Egypt, struck a young Christian Egyptian with his whip. This young Egyptian complained to the Leader of Believers, Umar İbn Al-Khattab (May Allah pleased with him), who in turn wrote to the governor and asked his immediate presence along with his son.  Umar also invited the young man who had been stricken.

When they all gathered in Umar’s chamber where he issued rulings, Amr’s son admitted that he had wronged the young man. The leader of Believers(Umar)  handed his whip to the Christian boy and said to him, “Strike this son of the most noble.” The boy raised his whip and struck the son of the governor. Umar said, “Strike Amr’s forehead as well.” The boy responded, “O Leader of Believers, I have already stricken the one that struck me.”  Umar said, “By Allah, had you stricken him, I would not have prevented you, for this son of Amr only hit you under authority of his father.” Turning to Amr, Umar related a renowned saying to him: “When have you taken people for slaves, when their mothers have borne them as ones that are free?”

Taken From Gems and Jewels p.52