Who is Your Lord?-No.7

In life, there is time when you feel boring and frustrated. You say, “My life is boring, I have no real happiness. Where can I find real happiness?” These are problems and questions of many people. But what is the solution and answer? In the search of real happiness, there are many people who have found it in the believing in Almighty Allah (God), knowing and obeying Him. Almighty Allah says: Continue reading


Path of Success and Happiness

Sometimes even if you are living in your parents home, you feel loneliness and self-hatred. Even you feel as if you are living in jungle. Do you know the cause and solution of this? Its cause is sins. Its solution is to seek always forgiveness from Allah. Saying this beautiful du’a (supplication) from heart helps one to get out from grieve:
“Allahumma inni zalamtu nafsi zulman kathiran, Wala yaghfiru z-zunuuba illa anta, fa ghfir lii maghfiratan min `indika, wa r-hamnii, innaka anta l-ghafuru r-rahim”

Translation: O Allah! I have done great injustice to myself and none except You forgives sins, so bestow on me a forgiveness from You, and Have Mercy on me, You are the Forgiver, the Merciful  Sahih al-Bukhari 834 Continue reading

Dealing With Addictions

Indeed bad addiction destroys life.  When you are addicted to movie, music, internet and any other addiction, it is difficult to understand why you feel frustrated, bored, pessimistic, hopelessness and etc. Your life becomes dark. You search every possible way to get out of this darkness to light. All of them may defy you. To get out of this darkness what shall you do? Do you work hard to get money so that you can get out of this darkness? Yes, of course, you should work to earn money. But money can’t remove darkness of life. What makes our life dark is not money itself, but it is sin we commit every day. Continue reading

Fire of Love

Today, as fire of war is intense, so does fire of love. Confusion and darkness overtake them when youth enter to love world. When love is mentioned, people have different views. Some view as evil and immoral. While others view as a means to fulfil only carnal desire. This is not the correct definition of love. Let’s define love. In English you can’t get broad concept of love. So where can we look for? Arabic language gives balanced definition. In Arabic the well-known words for love are two. Those are al-Hub and al-Ishq. Continue reading

What shall I do?

The following article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page posts

I am attracted to opposite gender, what shall I do? 
Indeed test of opposite gender is difficult thing. Passing it, is great victory and honour. At same time falling this test is disgrace and depression. But what shall you do when internal force drives you toward opposite gender.

Continue reading

2,000,000.000(Two Million USD Fund) Part 2

This person wants to donate me this amount of money so that I may be rich. He gave instruction how to I receive money through Halifax bank, UK. He gave me a phone number and email addresses to contact bank officers.Carefully note what he is saying, “Note that you “MUST”first open a new online paying bank account with our paying finance group before your $2,000,000.00 USD USD will be paid to the new on-line bank account so you can have an open/secured access to your new bank account online…..” Continue reading

2 Million USD Fund for you- Part 1

Today, people through the internet are getting burned. They recieve emails which say,’If you want fund, contact me through this email.’ After they had contacted through this email to receive thousand of dollars,then they are decieved and become victims. These internet cheaters decieve people by using different tactics. They steal personal identity.Scamdex.com says, “Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personally identifying information, like your name, Social Security number, or credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. Continue reading

Internet Addiction

Today let us discuss something. What!? In our everyday life, what is challenging us? Today we are prey to internet addiction easily. No one can say I am free of internet addiction. This addiction has both advantage and disadvantage. For the producer the advantage is greater than disadvantage, whereas for consumer (user) the disadvantage is greater than advantage in this platform of addiction. Thousand and million information overflow through internet everyday. Before being prone to this headache of internet we should balance between advantage and disadvantage. If not, we taste its bitterness and syringe for our being careless towards its proper usage soon or later. To do this the first criterion is setting firm goals of our life. We should ask ourselves “what can I do in this world? By studying only my field, am I going to graduate from university without doing extra things in my free time?, By wasting my free time on the internet can I deal wisely the problems that face me in my life journey without extra knowledge outside of my field? Or What can I do on the internet? Can I not develop the habit of reading and writing or mastering any software? ” By asking many questions ourselves, we can be free or decrease internet addiction.
The second criterion is planning and organizing daily activities. This makes us highly productive, and powerful person. If we plan our daily activities, we will understand the value of time and use it wisely. Planning and organizing activities make our tasks easier, decrease the load, easy-going life,good performance and etc. Planning causes time to be blessed. If we don’t plan, we will live a life of disorder and stress. Are u ready to plan your time? You can plan it by using Google organizer or Google calendar application. Youth is our precious time and age of investment of time and being profitable. Once it has passed, never ever come back. It is the time to know our religious and worldly affairs.
The third criterion is decreasing chat room. Being free from unnecessary message gives our mind rest and makes productive. Mobile notification distracts and disturbs us from doing our tasks properly and correctly. If we type somewhat boring and disappointing phrases, we then feel distressed and regret. Is it not true?
If we continue in this manner, we get lagged behind more and more. We will graduate from university without doing significant things. Today when we want to be employed, we are asked what we had done in free time during university life. Not only employer asks us even our life itself asks us. Because the challenges and problems are solved easily if there are experience and knowledge. So at that time today’s internet will not be benefitted us. 

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