Why Hadith Narrations differ?

The scholars have pinpointed many major causes for different narrations or wordings of what is apparently one hadith or one incident.  The following are some of the major causes: Continue reading


To Clear Your Doubts

Last week we saw the meaning of doubt and its causes. To review doubt causes confusion and depression. Indeed, the first way Satan leads people into the darkness of kufr (disbelief) is to cast doubt upon their heart. Once the person has disbelieved in Allah and The Day of Resurrection, he leads life without a definite goal. No matter how much he owns wealth in this world, his destination is hellfire, may Allah protect us. The best cure for disease of doubt is to seek correct knowledge and with sincere intention. Continue reading

The Means to Istiqaamah

“Those who follow innovations and heresies have failed in the obligation of istiqaamah. Istiqaamah implies being upright along the Straight Path. Those who follow innovations have chosen to swerve from that path to other ways. They may, thereby, be robbing themselves of the rewards and benefits of istiqaamah. Continue reading