She is having a relationship with her boyfriend through messages only


I have a relationship with a man through email only. I want to put a final stop to this relationship, but I cannot do that; I stop it for a while, then I go back to it. I would like you to tell me about the negative impact of this relationship and the harm I am causing to my religious commitment and to my own soul; do not tell me that the relationship will develop further, because I trust myself and I do not speak to him on the phone or meet him. How can I control myself? I want some reasons that will convince me to give him up; I want a detailed answer with steps I can take to leave him. I have recently found out that he is married. Read the answer from the following link:


Your Tongue

Guarding tongue is very important issue. Due to tongue many things are doomed. Because of time, I haven’t written on my own the following text. I have just gathered from two books. lmaam Ash-Shaafi’ee  said: “When one desires to talk, then it is upon him to think before he speaks. If there is beneficial good in what he will say, then he should speak. And if he has doubt about that, then he must not speak until he clears that doubt (by making his speech good).”  Continue reading

Peace Of Mind-Part 2

9. Eating and drinking moderately– too much eating and drinking not only cause health problems, but they also cause loss of peace of mind and less productivity. When you eat and drink too much, you are exhausted mentally and physically. Your body gets tired, your mind is closed. When the stomach is full of food and drinking, the brain can no longer accept knowledge. Moderate eating and drinking, give you peace of mind, high productivity. When people become slim, they eat too much to get fat. But this may lead to obesity and mental disorder. Continue reading

How To Deal with Friends

Peer friends are very influential. When we say ‘Peer friends’, we are saying that a friend whom we contact in every day activity. We may form friendship at the different level of our life. We start forming friendship at the environment. Froming friendship goes on upto end of our life. Today we discuss important friendship stage- that is university environment. When guys are far away from their family, either they destroy their life or reform it. The main factor of this is friendship world. They may not know how to deal with new enviroment of friendship. They may follow what commons do and then fall into destructive pitfall. They follow friend footstep and then trapped to satanic trap. We should be aware whom we are taking as a friend. Because friend may destroy our life or improve it. We should form friendships with pious and good character. In this age getting such people is very difficult. So how can we deal with those whose character are corrupted or addicted by different addiction? This is an important question. Let me list some important points to be noted when living with such people. Continue reading