Wisdom Behind Suffering

In our daily life, every one of us feels pain, suffering, depression, and etc in different ways. But the question is what do these feelings indicate to us? What do they show? In our life if we feel such things, we can follow the following steps. Continue reading



Life’s greatest tragedy consists of men and women who earnestly try, and fail! The tragedy lies in the overwhelmingly large majority of people who fail, as compared to the few who succeed. I have had the privilege of analyzing several thousand men and women, 98% of whom were classed as “failures.” There is something radically wrong with a civilization, and a system of education, which permit 98% of the people to go through life as failures. My analysis work proved that there are thirty major reasons for failure, and thirteen major principles through which people accumulate fortunes. In this chapter, a description of the thirty major causes of failure will be given. As you go over the list, check yourself by it, point by point, for the purpose of discovering how many of these causes-of-failure stand between you and success.

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Path to Success and Happiness-No16

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s posts on Facebook, Oct. 2016

“Stay away from three destroyers, hold up three savers.
Three destroyers are following desires, self-admiration(ujb), avarice (shuhha)
Three savers are fear of Allah in secret and public, justice during anger, moderation both in affluence and poverty” Make your principles these things. Continue reading

Fire of Love

Today, as fire of war is intense, so does fire of love. Confusion and darkness overtake them when youth enter to love world. When love is mentioned, people have different views. Some view as evil and immoral. While others view as a means to fulfil only carnal desire. This is not the correct definition of love. Let’s define love. In English you can’t get broad concept of love. So where can we look for? Arabic language gives balanced definition. In Arabic the well-known words for love are two. Those are al-Hub and al-Ishq. Continue reading

Path to Success and Happiness-No.10

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page July 2016 posts.
Sometimes when you think about your long journey of life that extends from your birth to death and then from death to the Day of Resurrection, it may seem to you very long and impossible to reach your end destination. Yes in this longest journey, you can’t travel alone. You should seek help and guidance through patience and salah. Every day seek help and guidance from Allah. You have known your starting point and where you’re going to that is– you’re not perished by death rather you will be resurrected and recompensed for your deeds. So when you carve your goal of this life, where you came from and where you’re going to in your mind, then there is no longer confusion and darkness in your life. In this manner you travel on the path of truth or straight path. So ask Allah for Istiqaamah (being upright on Islam). Keep in mind that there is no other path that bring you to the end good destination other than Islam. There may be many short ways that bring you good result in this fleeting world but they can’t bring you to the lasting good end. Continue reading

Failure in Life

This life is a place of test and trail for human being. It is a place of sowing good and bad deeds. We may encounter many tests and trail in this life although there is difference of their levels. In this life there are both success and failure. There is no one way. We should believe in both success and failure. In this life no one leads only life of success or failure. Failure in this life doesn’t mean end of your life. Rather, it befalls to you to teach the meaning of success. From failure you get experiences that leads you to success. From failure you learn many lessons if you give proper attention rather than crying. You say to yourself ‘What is wrong with my actions, let me analyze; if this way doesn’t work let me change other way.’ The more you device the new ways, the closer you are to the success. But if you get upset by your failure and don’t try to change the way, you would hold yourself back from success. If you feel inferiority due to failure and cannot move forward, you change nothing. Our main problem when we fail in some aspects of life or possess some defects, we feel inferiority rather than changing that problem or defects. Our focus is on failure or problem not on solutions. Many things can be a cause of failure. Among these; Continue reading

Causes of Failure from our Goals

There are many factors that cause us to fail in our goals. Among them let’s discuss a few of them.
1. Intention – in every of our steps intention is very important. The person who sets his goals should first specify his intention. Otherwise, he/she fails soon. Why do I want to be an author? Why do I want to be a scholar? Why do I want to be a doctor? Why do I want to be such and such…..? DO I want to be an author for the sake of status and money or for the sake of Allah to reform myself and the community? Is it not a big question? If I want to be an author for the sake of status, then if no one respects me I obliged to stop writing. But If to change the community, I always think their problems more than mine. Even if no one respects me, I know my purpose. I don’t care about their respects. Purifying intentions is the first step to success. Continue reading