Path to Success and Happiness-No16

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s posts on Facebook, Oct. 2016

“Stay away from three destroyers, hold up three savers.
Three destroyers are following desires, self-admiration(ujb), avarice (shuhha)
Three savers are fear of Allah in secret and public, justice during anger, moderation both in affluence and poverty” Make your principles these things. Continue reading


Throughout Your School

In one’s life, the best thing he/she can achieve is to gain knowledge and putting into action. Knowledge without action is like a body without a soul. Everyone strives to gain knowledge in different fields and branches. When one gets married the first thing that comes into mind is how to educate his child. Parents strive for their children so that they get a high-quality education. Most of the time parents focus on worldly education while forgetting religious education. Unfortunately, due to this they and their children are living a life of unhappiness, misery and distress. They only focus on the bread of body while forgetting food of the soul. How blessed are those who combined religious and worldly educations! Continue reading

Peace of Mind-Part 3

16.Tv and internet- today our mind has lost peace of mind due to Tv and internet. Thousands of information that flow of the internet and Tv to our mind is bombarding our mind. Humanity is experiencing painful depression and suffer due to media. Of course media has advantages if it is used in a proper way. But if it is not used properly its price is heavy. Continue reading

Removing obstacles from Marriage way-P1

Let us review what we saw in the past 6 series concerning marriage proposal. When we choose our best future friend, our first criterion must be Imaan(faith). Why? Because iman is the strongest bond that can connect two persons. It makes them have the same goal. It restrains them from going out of marriage to fulfil thier desires. But lust and worldly gain fade up like clothes. They don’t keep the person from seeking another partner. Rather, they intense the lusts. We should ask ourselves,”Does he/she suit me with the respect of Imaan? Continue reading

How To develop Reading habit

To develop reading habits, let me list some points from experiences:
1. Choose inspiring and motivating books- To develop yourself in anything, you need motivation and glad tiding. If you want to develop yourself and rise to sublime horizon, you should start from small and few things. AS Turkish proverb says “Damla damla göl olur.” direct meaning is “small drop of water becomes lake” Its indirect meaning according to Tureng dictionary is “small is the seed of every greatness” So to be a great personality, you need to build yourself through small bricks of deeds. Choose books or articles that push you forward and call you toward success and happiness. Before going to huge number of pages of books, just read articles and few numbers of pages of book. Read articles that remove your sadness and bring light of happiness and success.
2. Compel yourself- Forming habit at first is hard and also abandoning is also hard. Compel yourself today to read one article or few pages of book in one hour. No matter how much it is difficult to you, be patient for one hour. Put away distracting things such as mobile and computer. Put them for one hour in your bedroom, then go to study room to read few pages of book in one hour. If you compel yourself for one week in this manner, then it becomes easy for you in the next weeks. At first week be patient and swallow bitter of patience, then InshaAllah you will be successful.
3. Try your best to act upon what you have read- If you don’t act upon what you have read, still you can’t move forward. Implementing what you know may be difficult at first. Don’t worry to implement what all you have read. Just implement few at time. As your reading capacity increases and in the process of personality development, you use them gradually. The first inspiring book I have read when I came to Turkey was “Düşün ve Başar”(Think and Success). Alhamdulillah this book helps me in walk of life. I have implemented it gradually.
4. Be patient and see in front of you fruit of your reading and implementing- When you start something, you don’t see the result in second. You need to be patient and hardworking. As time passes and your working is going on, you start to see its fruits. To be a good person, you should strive and be patient. Through patience and struggle, you become happy and successful.

5. Stay away from things that erase your knowledge and blur your vision- In the process of seeking knowledge, I came to know that sins are blocker of knowledge and blur the vision. So my solution to achieve my goal is staying away from sins such as watching films and movies, speaking and laughing with marriageable opposite sex unnecessarily. Indeed, the eye becomes blind due to sins and the heart can’t distinguish truth and falsehood. If you want to be intellectual and brilliant person, stay away from sins and learn more. Ask Allah for knowledge and wisdom.

6. If you can, teach others- The more you teach others, the more your knowledge increases.

Careful Facebook Usage

Today facebook addiction is becoming worse than other addictions. We use facebook by pretending that we are gaining huge benefit without percieving its harm. Facebook is like a market place. If you don’t buy needed items and get out on time, either you waste your money and time or you incline to committing sins. Likewise, if you don’t take important thing from facebook and get out on time,you either waste your time or commit sins. Excessive facebook usage results in the following effects: Continue reading


According to Merriam Webster dictionary tension is a feeling of nervousness that makes you unable to relax.A feeling of nervousness, excitement, or fear that is created in a movie, book, etc.
Tension may arise from different factors. It may be from fear of exams, fear of enemies,fear of natural disasters and etc.Today Insha Allah we deal with how to cope tension of exams.
When the time of exams arrives, everyone feels tension, be less or more. Excessive tension may cause psychological problems even it may lead to suicide. So we should be in balance in this respect.To deal with tension:

Continue reading


Writing is one of the powerful tools of learning which implants words and sentences in the human mind. This one year’s journey passed by being a life experiment over myself and others. Alhamdulillah I entertain myself with writing. The more I write, the more I learn and be happy. When you are bored of reading if you write articles, you refresh your mind and remember what you was reading. Through writing my life has changed in this manner: Continue reading

How did I stop watching Movies and films?

Today movies are cracking down human life. Youths sit behind a computer 24 hours for the things that they obtain nothing from. This is tricking and temptation of satan. Instead of blinding our eyes and hardening our hearts by movies if we read books and watch useful programs, whether scientific or religious our life could be changed. Continue reading

Perfect Wise Sayings (Some are translated to Afan Oromo)

If you don’t work hard and face difficulties along your way in seeking glory, you will never taste honour and relief when you attain victory.

Ol guddinna barbaacha keessa yoo sirriitti jabbaatte hin hojjatinii fi rakkoon si hin qunnamin, yeroo injifannoo galmaan geessu kabajaa fi boqonnaa hin dhandhamtu. Continue reading