According to doubt means;
-to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe.
-to fear; be apprehensive about.

Indeed if doubt creeps in the human mind, it causes much confusion and depression. Due to doubt, how many people remain in halfway from success? Neither do they go forward nor stay at same place. They waver here and there. There are two main doubts that have confused many people and made their life depressed. Those doubts are; Continue reading


Ways of strengthening patience

As patience is fard (obligatory), Allâh has provided us with ways and means of obtaining and strengthening the quality of patience, for He has never instructed us to do something without providing us with help and support to do it, and ways and means of achieving it. He has never created a disease without creating a cure for it, and He has guaranteed cure when medicine is used. Even so, patience is difficult, but it is not impossible to attain. Patience consists of two elements: knowledge and action, and from these two elements are derived the remedies for all spiritual and physical troubles. Knowledge and action, combined, are always essential.  Continue reading

This is Our Message

This is our invitation to you. We invite you to come out from depression to ease and happiness,from the narrowness of your living mode to the vastness of the Islamic system and justice. From servitude of your soul, which orders to evils, to servitude of Allah. Being servitude of Allah is freedom of mind, liberation from being a servant of Satan and soul. We invite you to taste the ocean of happiness which we are tasting.   Continue reading

Controlling Love

Today when about love is mentioned every one becomes vigilant. Why? Actually It is human nature. Controlling love may not easy for everyone since not everyone has the same patience and perseverance. Between 18 and 22 ages the fire of desire and lust can be very intense for the youth. Imam Gazali said,”As age increases,desire and lust(Shahw) decrease. Because mind gets matured.” This intense fire can be extinguished through different ways. We discussed before ‘How to cntroll love’ both in English and Afan Oromo. The followings are as additional: Continue reading

How to allay (decrease) Pain of love

Love is a human nature that leads to marriage. If there weren’t love, marriage would not have been possible. These are among the signs of Allah.Subahanallah! He put love between us so that we are able to breed. Marriage is the way to fulfil this urgent and very important life element. But before marriage guys may fall in love. This is another test for us. Allah tests human being in different ways. Among these loves is a great test. We are tested by love, whether we are patient or not for the sake of Allah. If we are patient with pain of love, the reward is apparent. If we are not patient and try to fulfill it in haram(unlawful) ways,the punishment is so apparent. Continue reading


Writing is one of the powerful tools of learning which implants words and sentences in the human mind. This one year’s journey passed by being a life experiment over myself and others. Alhamdulillah I entertain myself with writing. The more I write, the more I learn and be happy. When you are bored of reading if you write articles, you refresh your mind and remember what you was reading. Through writing my life has changed in this manner: Continue reading

How did I stop watching Movies and films?

Today movies are cracking down human life. Youths sit behind a computer 24 hours for the things that they obtain nothing from. This is tricking and temptation of satan. Instead of blinding our eyes and hardening our hearts by movies if we read books and watch useful programs, whether scientific or religious our life could be changed. Continue reading

Precious Gem: The Way To Success

“Whoever wants to reach Allah and the Hereafter and attain all knowledge, crafts and authority in a way that he will be ahead of these matters and be followed in that, needs to be courageous, bold, in control of his desires, not to be governed by the authority of his imagination, renouncing all his needs, love what he is heading towards, knowing the way to it and the ways that interrupt it, and have strong intention and a firm will that nothing would turn him away from his aim. Continue reading

The Requirements of Achieving Great Targets

“Achieving high aims depends upon having a firm intention and a strong will. Whoever looses them will never attain his goals, because when one’s intention is firm, it adheres to plan and if one’s will is strong, the servant will walk along the right way that leads to that aim. Having strong will opens the way and a resolute intention focuses one on the aim. If his  aim coincides with the way that reaches to it, he will be successful. If his intention is weak he will not have a high aim. If his will is not strong, it will not lead him to his aim.  The whole matter depends upon the will and intention of the servant and they will never be achieved without neglecting three matters: Continue reading

What Do We Learn From Cruel Killing of Özgecan?

Last week we heard rape and cruel killing of university student called Özgecan from Turkey. According to the news she was getting to her home in the evening. When all passengers get out of Minibus, she was left with a driver. So Satan kindled the known desire. It motivated him to rape her. Not only to stop there, it went so further that it made him kill and burn her.

Have you looked how satan plays to human beings?
Past is passed never to return. Let us take lessons from the past to elevate our life. Learning from our own and other’s mistake and not repeating it takes us to perfection.
1. What beautiful words when Our beloved Prophet(SAW) says “Beware of being alone with women. By the One who has my soul in His(Allah) hand, a man is never alone with a woman without Shaytân coming between them. It is better for a man to press up against a pig covered with filth than for his shoulder to press against the shoulder of a woman not lawful for him.” So look! She was in mini bus with him. Satan tempted him to do this cruel act.
2. Imam al Qayyim(May Allah have mercy on him) said that there are three origins of sins. Polytheism(worshipping other than Allah), obeying anger and obeying lust. Look how these things lead humanity to destruction. Polytheism is the greatest injustice on the earth. Man obeys his lust through unlawful ways. If his desire is not met, his anger overwhelms him. The Imam added that anger leads to killing and obeying lust leads to adultery. Keeping ourselves away from these leads us to happiness both in this world and Hereafter.
3. Islam ordered women to wear hijab.


“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” Surat Al-Ahzab 33:59 

Through hijab woman becomes a real woman. Otherwise, everyone tries to play to and ridicules her. Hijab makes woman pearl and queen. She is feared for her hijab. She doesn’t expose herself to harm. It is said that this man had a knife in which he slaughtered the girl. He might study her before he intended to do so. Dear sisters don’t throw yourselves to destructions by your own hands. Don’t share your photographs on social media. If you fear Allah and respect yourselves, so does Allah  honor you in man’s heart. Otherwise, having fooled yourselves by Western propaganda, you never escape from rape and destruction to your life.
4. Evil is done at night more than a day. Satan disperses at night to cause more corruption in the land. Dear sisters don’t trust electric lights and police. Don’t go out at night alone. Don’t expose yourselves to harm.

May Allah guide us to His true path of salvation and happiness.