Path To Happiness and Success-20

By itching past wound, don’t resume your illness. Sometimes when you remember what people said to you or their harm, you resume your heart’s wound. By reminding your past injury, sheytan motivates you to do bad things. Such as severing relations. So when you remember your past wound and injury, say,”A’uzubillaahi mina sheytaani rajim (I seek refuge in Allah from accursed sheytan).” Try your best to divert your thoughts to beneficial things such as seeking knowledge.

There is nothing sweeter than love of Allah in this world. When love of Allah becomes firm in the heart, it becomes spring of happiness and success. Words can’t express this. A person who is bereft of love of Allah nothing can give him sustainable happiness and success. Because Source of happiness and success is Allah. If the person doesn’t love Allah, where can he get happiness and success? There are certain technics that we should follow to achieve love of Allah. First, knowing HIM by studying Qur’aan. Second doing good deeds by following Prophetic sunnah and staying away from evils. Third, having ikhlaas (sincerity) in our deeds. Fourth, struggling against vain desires. Fifth, remembering HIS favours and being grateful. Sixth tafakkur (contemplation). Last but not least, making zikr (Remembering Allah much), asking forgiveness always and turning to HIM in repentance. Having patience over calamity.

Self-respect begins from fleeing and staying away from sins. When the person fall into sins and persists, he disgraces and humiliates himself. But if he returns to Allah and does good deeds, he reclaims his respect.

If you lose or don’t know what to do, speak good words. Speaking good word is sadaqa. If you can do nothing, be silent. Abu al-Dhayyal said, ‘Learn the art of silence just as you learn to speak for if speech is a guiding matter, then silence is a protective measure. In silence you have two characteristics: Attaining knowledge from those more knowledgeable than you and guarding yourself from those who are more argumentative than you.’

When sheytan wants to mislead people from guidance, he blocks the way to the Qur’aan and Sunnaah. He makes people’s sayings more attractive and sweeter than Qur’aan and sunnaah. How many people read worthless books but they don’t open Qur’aan even once in their life. They flee from the Qur’aan just as donkey flees from the lion. So when you feel that people’s sayings are sweeter than Qur’aan, know that you are being tested by sheytan. Try your best to love and read Qur’aan. Try your best to read its meaning in the language you understand best.

When sheytan wants to deceive a person, he reminds him his past good deeds and makes him forget his sins. Even he makes him/her forget asking forgiveness from Allah and repenting to HIM. When the person boasts by his past good deeds, he can’t grow and move forward. Know that every person’s fate is determined by his final deed no matter how many his past deeds are good or bad. If he has done many good deeds in the past, but if his finality is in a bad situation then that is his failure. Inversely, if another person had been committing evils but if his finality is in good condition then that is his success. So don’t be deceived by your past good deeds. Remind yourself your past evils and repent frequently. Remember fruit of your past good deeds to boost yourself up and thank Allah frequently. If you feel self-admiration (ujb), try yourself to erase it. Through self-admiration, sheytan throws you to his trap and then you can’t grow up.
Finally, remember that no matter how many good deeds you have done, you haven’t reached your destination yet. Without reaching your destination, how can you rely upon your past good deeds? Always try your best to do more good deeds.

What is most important is not quantity of your deed. Rather it’s quality of your deed that determine your success. Those who focus on quantity may get what they want but after sometimes they would lose. For example, those who focus on accumulating much wealth in anyway — they don’t care whether haram or halaal, they bankrupt after sometimes. On the other hand, those who focus on quality, it takes to them long time to reach that quality. But they are successful. So when you do any deed, focus on quality. For example, when you perform salah, focus on its quality. Among quality of salah is that having kushu’u (humility). This may take you long time, but after striving hard you get its fruits. So be patient while seeking quality.

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