Path To Success and Happiness-No.19

ጨዋ ልጅ ስትባል / ስትባዪ እንዴት ደስ ይልሃል /ይልሻል! ግን ከተቃራኒ ፆታ ጋር እንደ ፈለግ/ሽ ሰትሆን ብትታይ፣ ‘ጨዋ’ የሚባል ተነስቶ የውርደት ስም ይልጠፍባሃል / ይለጠፍብሻል። ሰለዚህ ወንድሜ / እህቴ ጨዋ ሆነ ኑር / ሆነሽ ኑሪ።

The blessing that hasn’t gratitude becomes a cause of curse and depression for the person. When you are grateful to Allah for the blessing that HE grants you, you become happy and successful. Remember that being grateful to Allah is to do good deeds with that blessing and not disobey HIM using that blessing

When you love a person truly, don’t backbite him, defend his honour when he is absent, overlook his faults. Correct his mistakes in a good manner. Don’t help him in evils. Rather help in righteousness. Be a role model for him. Or take him as a role model

When you yearn for the greatest success, know that every day you are tested. Tests are divided into two, inner and outer tests. Recognizing these tests and trying your best to pass, elevate you to higher horizon. So be patient wth tests

By gossipping and defaming others, don’t lose your imaan. If you want success and happiness, make busy yourself with your nefs (soul).

Let not your present difficulty and confusion blacken your future. Soon it will pass. Turn to Allah Who is source of peace. Be patient.

Among fruits of imaan is that when people are confused and trembled by fear, you get tranquility and peace of mind. Imaan gives you security. Indeed Allah fulfills His promise for those who believe and do good deeds. There is no grieve and fear on them in this world and Aakhirah (Hereafter). Their heart is at rest. Indeed imaan is most precious and greatest ni’ima (blessing). So don’t lose it by committing sins.

Second symptom of following vain desire is that admiring own self. Shoot of evils begins from admiring own self and pride. A person when admires himself, he belittles others and feels superior. This turns him into arrogance and following vain desire. This process may lead the person to kufr (disbelief). Due to self-admiration and arrogance many people turn away from the truth. They feel that as if they know everything. They judge and run without clear knowledge. For example, a person may acquire some knowledge in field of modern science or religion. Then, when he brought some change in his knowledge, he starts admiring himself rather than being grateful to Allah. Then by following vain desire, he judges on serious matters without sufficient knowledge. He doesn’t listen to more knowledgeable and elderly people. This is case of fanatic groups and leaders who kill innocent people. So when you admire yourself, know that you’re going to follow vain desire. The symptoms are that you say to your inner, “I am knowledgeable, I know everything, my heart is pure, I am more guided and purified than others…” Then you start hating and belittling others. You’re unwilling to accept other’s idea. You’re so pleased at your idea and eager to be accepted. You become blind from your faults but you’re busy with other’s faults. Therefore, when you feel such symptoms, try your best to avoid them. Otherwise, it leads you to evil result. When you feel self-admiration, seek refuge in Allah from sheytan. Rather than admiring yourself for the success and blessing that Allah has granted you, be grateful to Allah. Among being ungratefulness to Allah is that forgetting Allah and admiring own self.

ከሁለት መርዛማ በሽታዎች ከዳንክ፣ ኢንሻ አላህ፣ ስኬት ና ደስታን ትጎናፅፋል። እነዛ መርዛማ በሽታዎች ፣ በራስ መገረምና እዩልኝ (ar-riyaa) ናቸዉ ።

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