Path To Success and Happiness-No.18

Successful people are those who exert their efforts for success and wait patiently the fruit of their efforts. They are not hasty and impatient. They are sure of their way– they know well where they are heading to. Length of their journey never stops them from advancing toward success. They always strive. A scholar once said,”If I lived for one thousand years, I would never stop worshipping Allah.” They don’t see start and length of their journey rather they look forward end and destination of their journey.
On the other hand, people of failure by looking at start and length of their journey, they slip from advancing toward success. Always they want success without effort and price. They’re hasty and impatient to see fruits of their efforts. So by striving patiently, expect good fruit and success.

By following news night and day, don’t forget Aakhira (Hereafter). Indeed, today many people being occupied by world’s news, they’re being heedless (gaafil) of Hereafter and working for it. They waste their time with what they can’t change while forgetting what they can change – that is to change themselves, struggling against internal enemies — ignorance and following vain desires. Of course we can follow news to know what’s going on in the world. But we should not waste our precious time on worthless talks and false propaganda. Instead let’s study the Qur’aan which is best advice and light.

Do you know when you’re successful? It is when you put into action what you learnt and strive to know what you don’t know in order to put into action.

Glad tiding to the one who keeps his/her chastity patiently throughout his/her youth and wants only halal relationship through marriage (nikaah). Indeed, such people taste sweetness and happiness of chastity. They get peace of mind. So try your best to be among such people.

When committing sins, you may not realise as a sin. But you feel its effects after you had done. As soon as you feel its effects, hasten toward tawbaa (repentance) and asking forgiveness from Allah. Don’t delay repentance. When repentance is delayed, it brings destruction. Human being are not created as immune from sins as angels. Rather, we incline to sins and then asking forgiveness from Allah is best solution.

Everyday your best victory is to prevent your nefs from its vain desire (hawa) and hold it upon obedience to Allah. If this is not best and first victory, which victory could be the best and first in this world?

In your life don’t forget reading two Books. First is Word of Allah (Qur’aan) second is universe. When we read the Qur’aan, we should understand and contemplate over its meaning. When we say book of universe, it’s giving thought (tafakkur) over creatures of Allah. When you give thought everyday over creation of heaven, earth, plants, animals, mountains and etc, you’re inspired and understand power of Allah. See at the night the sky, how it’s brightened and beautified by stars and moon. See in the morning how it’s blue clear and brightened by sun. When you do this, you’re using your mind in proper way. Your imaan (faith) will increase.

Don’t complain much rather be content and grateful. The more you complain, the more you lose peace of mind and blessing (baraka) from life. Inversely, the more you are grateful, the richer and more satisfied you are! Don’t forget that best richness is not owing mass of wealth rather inner self (heart) is content with what the person has!

“The one who spreads his secret becomes slave for others.” Keep your and other’s secrets. Remember that keeping secret is among good manner.

The best thing you do for the person whom you loved is to make du’aa for him/her in secret. Especially, asking forgiveness and Imaan from Allah for him/her.

There are two things that are unknown to you as sins. They disturb your mind and wipe out your deeds. That are, ar-riya (showing off) and self-admiration. Ar-riya may lead the person to the major shirk. Ujb (self admiration) leads to arrogance and pride which are causes of failure. Indeed they are as hidden as black ant. Unfortunately, many people have become prey for these. Is there any symptoms for these diseases? Yes, of course! When you do any deeds for showing off, you feel disturbance. Before doing it, you dig the ground how to please people. You may not mind whether it’s good or bad. You may lose sleep. So when you feel such things, oppose your nefs and blame it. Ask Allah for sincerity (ikhlaas). Seek refuge in Allah from Sheytan.


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