Path to Happiness and Success-No-17

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s posts on Facebook, Nov. 2016
Among symptoms of following vain desire is that you hasten to do something that is bad but seems good. You begin doing it with excitement and laughing. Sheytan beautifies it and makes attractive. But later on, it turn to regret and sadness. Have you experienced this? If not, see from people who do evils around you. For example, young boy and girl meet each other with excitement and laughing through haram (unlawful) relationship. As time passes, their relationship turns to painful regret and sadness. So when bad thing seems to you good and make you laugh and happy, know that you’re following vain desire. At this moment, don’t do that thing. Oppose your nefs (soul). If you experience such event, hasten to repentance and asking forgiveness from Allah. Repentance, asking forgiveness and doing good deeds cure your painful regret and sadness

Among ingredients of happy marriage is that having at least one similar objective. If two partners don’t possess at least one similar objective, they can’t live together. So when you are travelling for marriage, for what objective do you want your life’s partner? You should determine well. For money? Or for imaan? Or for desire? Or for what?

When you do good deeds sincerely, you get what money can never buy. That are peace of mind, tranquility and happiness. The best deed you can do is that praying salah properly on time. This is your greatest treasure of happiness.

Dear brother/sister, don’t close upon yourself door of hope and repentance. It’s saddening to see youths who despair from mercy of Allah. They say, “I will go to Jahannam (hellfire)… I have done many evils..” How can they say this. Jahannam (Hellfire) is not light punishment. Indeed it is severest and worst. How can one endure Hamiim (boiling water), Ghassaaq (pus), zaqum (food of dwellers of Hellfire)?
I think these youths either they despair or they mock punishment of Hellfire. They doubt existence of Hellfire. If jahannam doesn’t exist, where will be abode of those oppressors and wrongdoers? So, no matter how much you did evils, don’t determine for yourself hellfire. It’s heaviest and severest punishment. Turn to Allah in repentance

Human mind is distorted and disturbed by these three things.
1. Al- Faahisha ( i.e. all evil deeds, e.g. illegal sexual acts, disobedience of parents, polytheism, to tell lies, to give false witness, to kill a life without right, etc.),
2. Al-Munkar (i.e. all that is prohibited by Islamic law: polytheism of every kind, disbelief and every kind of evil deeds, etc.),
3. Al-Baghiy (i.e. all kinds of oppression)
Taken from The Noble Qur’aan English Translation- Muhsin khan (Suura an-nahl 16:90)

Don’t doubt resurrection of human body. Allah can do whatever HE wills. As He created the human being from the sperm drop, HE will resurrect them from the end of the coccyx bone or tailbone (ajbu al-zzanabi).
Evidence, See ( Al-Bukhaari vol.6 No. 4935 English Trans. Muhsin khan)

If you want to be active and clever, wake up in the morning and balance your sleeping time. If you want to be lazy and inactive, sleep as much as you can.

Don’t argue much with argumentative person. Usually argumentative person is not going to know and accept truth rather he wants superiority over others. If you begin argument with such person, cut off your argument quickly. If you continue your argument, by confusing yourself, you harden your heart and get far away from the truth. You too don’t argue much. A person who argues much opens door of failure upon himself. Rather than arguing, seek knowledge. Most people argue without knowledge.

Dear sister, as you beautify yourself with hijab, beautify your inner with imaan. Don’t be found at evil place with this honourable cloth. Unfortunately, we see some females wearing hijab, they engage in foul actions. So as hijab covers your body, let hay’aa (modesty) covers your heart. A woman who has hay’aa never be disgraced. A woman is disgraced when hay’aa is no longer her heart’s cloth. Of course, there is intense temptation from opposite gender. If you’re ready for marriage, consult your family. Otherwise be patient. Results of patience are sweetness and pleasure.

Be careful, your father or mother may be the worst or best example for you. If they have bad behaviour, don’t copy their behaviour. If they have good manner, copy from them. Try your best to change a bad behaviour that you have copied from them. If your mother or father is nagger, don’t be nagger like him/her.

Let your deed be for the sake of Allah.
Once a Bedouin (A’aràbi) became imaam and lead people in prayer. He lengthened the salah (prayer). After salah, One of them said to him, “How beautiful your prayer is!” Then the Bedouin said, “In addition to this, I fast (sawm)”
Have you seen how sheytan deceives people? “Ar-riya is like transparent glass that shows what is behind.” So be careful, showing your good deeds to others. Some scholars said, “Al-mukhlis is a person who hides his good deeds as he hide his bad ones.”

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