Path to Success and Happiness-No16

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s posts on Facebook, Oct. 2016

“Stay away from three destroyers, hold up three savers.
Three destroyers are following desires, self-admiration(ujb), avarice (shuhha)
Three savers are fear of Allah in secret and public, justice during anger, moderation both in affluence and poverty” Make your principles these things.

Do you know when you fail in life? It is when you joke in salah (prayer) and not pray properly in prescribed time. There is one guy studying medicine. One day I asked him, “Why don’t you pray?” He replied me, “I haven’t come here to perform salah. But I came for study.” Indeed it is shocking answer. So what’s result? He told me “This year I was getting good marks in my exams. But at the end I can’t pass. So I failed this year. What’s is reason? I was studying hard. My friends who doesn’t study properly has passed. I don’t know why Allah does this to me.”
Now whom he blames? Only himself. Blame yourself for your failure, don’t blame anyone especially don’t blame Allah. We learn two things from him. First joking in salah and not praying properly is cause of failure. Second, when he works hard and gets good marks, he relies upon his efforts rather than relying upon Allah. So don’t be deluded by your efforts, wealth and position. You’re always strong when you rely upon Allah. You’re weak, when rely upon your efforts.
A person who always raise his/her hands to Allah sincerely, Insha Allah one day gate of success is opened for him/her.

A person who doesn’t use his/he time and mind in proper way, he/she lives in ditch of life, life of disgrace. If he uses his time properly but uses his mind in wrong way, his end is disgraceful. For example, a person who disbelieves in Allah and Hereafter but wastes his time on pursuit of only this world, his end will be disgraceful if he doesn’t repent. (See failure of those who doesn’t use their intelligence from Surat al-mulk 67:6-10). Again if a person uses his mind but wastes his time, his end may be dangerous. For example, a person who believes in Allah and Hereafter, but doesn’t strive to achieve success of Hereafter, he is idle. So using time and mind in proper way is key to success and happiness.

Be careful telling characteristics of your husband/wife to others, you may lose him/her. When you tell them good manner and appearance of your husband/wife, they envy you and try to break down your relationship. Even they may fall in love from him/her. As a result, you may lose your beloved one. So be careful spreading all information about your husband/wife especially through social media and friends.
Don’t be a person who is driven by vain desires but be a person who is driven by truth and deep thinking.

The best thing the children do for their parents is to ask Allah for forgiveness and mercy for them. There is nothing better than this. Through mercy and forgiveness of Allah, they achieve ultimate success that is – pleasure of Allah and Jannah. Is there more ultimate success than these?

When you become grateful to Allah, you are saved from the trauma of this life and torment of next life (Aakhira). Being grateful is to obey Allah not to disobey HIM by using His blessings. Indeed being saved from the painful punishment of this world and Aakhira is a great favour and reward.

“Hastiness is the Mother of all Regrets”

By forming haraam (unlawful) relationship, don’t waste your time, wealth, mind, energy, and etc. Be patient until you join right person at right time. Until that time, develop yourself, make your mind mature and civilised, try your best to purify your soul from filthy things such as shirk (associating partner with Allah), hypocrisy, doubt, envy, pride and etc. Know that you become an attractive person when you beautify your manner. You become a repulsive person when you make your manner ugly. So beautify your character

If you hate exerting efforts and bearing hardships, you can’t succeed. Success comes with exerting efforts and bearing hardships. If you want sweetness of life, be patient with hardship and obstacles. Exert efforts, pay price for success.

Bilaal ibn Saad says, “Do not be a devoted servant of Allah in your public behavior while you are an enemy to Him in your private affairs.”

No matter how much your future seems dark and black, don’t be hopeless and sad. Put your trust upon Allah. Soon darkness and blackness turn to light and bright. By being hopeless, don’t sit idle. Do good deeds, work hard until your last moment. Because time will come when you need hasanaat (reward of good deeds) disparately– that’s The Day of Judgement. So in these days of fitna (tribulation), let’s run toward forgiveness from Allah and Jannah so that we achieve success and happiness.

Don’t lie, you don’t know when and how your lie is exposed. When your lie is exposed, you are humiliated and belittled. Be free to speak truth. Or be silent. Don’t lie to please people. Silence is gold. Speaking only truth and good words is gold of golds.

Before you do any deeds, try your best to purify your niyyah (intention). Because you’re rewarded depending on your niyya. Then evaluate whether your deed has benefit or not. If it has benefit, don’t hesitate, do it. If you have doubt about its benefit and harm, leave it. In shaa Allah in this way you’re saved from the consequences of your deeds.

When you feel that you’re no longer loved and cared about, don’t be frustrated and hopeless. Especially you’re frustrated when you feel that the person whom you want to marry no longer loves you. Don’t allow such feeling to absorb your blood and waste your mind and energy. Put your trust upon Allah. As you continue doing good deeds, staying away from evils and asking Allah forgiveness, you will be loved and cared. You don’t know how you become beloved and respected. Don’t be degraded by your defects. By looking at other’s achievements, don’t hate yourself. Do what you can. Let not your defects and other’s achievements block your way toward change. Try your best to change and develop yourself.

Shaqiq al-Balkhi said, ‘Be with the people just like you’d be with Fire: Take from its benefits but watch that it doesn’t burn you.’

If you don’t praise Allah, by praising and admiring yourself, you destroy yourself. So by praising and thanking Allah, get rid off self-admiration.


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