Path to Success and Happiness-No.15

When you bear every test with patience and hope, you go up not down. When you pass one test, you are climbing one stair upward. The hardest test you face in your daily life is the test of heart (inner tests). To remove pride, envy, hatred, suspicion, confusion, showing off (ar-riya), craving for fame and etc , you should struggle hard. Every time you struggle to pass these tests, you are elevated, you get peace of mind and tranquility. So endure tests with patience, striving and tawakkul (relying upon Allah), make du’aa to pass every test. Remember that degree of your honour, happiness and success is not measured by your wealth or position rather it is measured how much your heart is pure. Due to this hardest test is the inner test. Heart changes in every time, it is not constant. So to purify your heart, struggle hard.
When the heat of love is intense to you, make du’aa (supplication) that found in suraa Al-baqara : 286. Because you find in that du’aa which says: “ Our Lord, and burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear.” Yes love is difficult to bear. If there is no help of Allah, you can’t bear it. It is out of your ability. So ask Allah to make light for you by this du’aa.

Belittling your Muslim brother/sister is evil of evils. Try your best to be humble and remove arrogance from your heart. You make many mistakes when you feel superior and belittle others. You lose significance. When you be humble for sake of Allah not for the sake of people and wealth, you don’t know how you become beloved and honourable person. But if you’re humble for the sake of people and wealth, you have no value. See how hypocrite deceive people in this way.

When strongest love is dissolved
What most pleasing to sheytan (satan) after shirk (associating partner with Allah) and bida’a (innovation in religion) is to separate two people who love each other for sake of Allah. He sows between them hatred, envy and suspicion. He loves to separate wife and husband who came together at first time with the strongest love. You might not get married yet. But in the future, one day you become wife or husband. So how do you combat this enemy? First concentrate on your inner beauty. What most matter (crucial) in your life is not outer beauty rather it’s your inner beauty. Allah doesn’t look at your outer appearance rather He looks your inner. You can’t change your outer appearance. But you can change your inner conditions. Then use proper medicine to heal and beautify your inner. What’s that medicine? You don’t need to go medical doctor or philosophy. Medicine is in your hand. It’s Qur’an and Prophetic sunnah. Study, learn, listen these two sources. Read books that are derived from them. Forget western philosophy. It is dry knowledge which has no effect on the heart. Philosophy doesn’t tell you how to combat your vowed enemy that is sheytan.
Third way to defeat sheytan is to have good friend otherwise be alone by making books your best companion. Bad friend is helper of sheytan. so stay away from him/her.
Then after you beautify your inner, choose a good person for marriage.

For women
Sometimes your house works may exhaust you. You want to learn your deen (Islam) and make more ibaadah (worship). But you are tired after work. What shall you do? No problem here it is your solution. Do you know that the best deed is zikr (remembering Allah)? When you cook food or wash appliances and clothes, say some zikr. Train your tongue with zikr. When you say zikr while working, your mind is not disturbed by fantasy (false wishes), your tasks become easy, you get peace of mind. After work if your mind is not tired, read books and listen to good lectures. Although working in kitchen seems to you as burden, it saves your mind from destructive weapons such as watching movies, browsering internet, playing too much game and etc. Now day we are witnessing women are being more intelligent than men. I think this is effect of watching movies and TV much.

Don’t give sadaqa (charity) what you dislike and defective. If you were given that thing, you would not accept it except with closed eye. While expecting from Allah best things, how do you give what you dislike?
“O you who believe! Spend of the good things which you have (legally) earned, and of that which We have produced from the earth for you, and do not aim at that which is bad to spend from it, (though) you would not accept it save if you close your eyes and tolerate therein. And know that Allah is Rich (Free of all wants), and Worthy of all praise.” (suura al-Baqara: 267) Muhsin Khan translation
So if you want good reward, beautify your deeds. Give what you like and good things.

Don’t rejoice at mistakes of others. The more you rejoice at their mistakes, the more you become blind from seeing your mistakes. There is no greater mistakes than being blind from own mistakes and following misguidance.

If you want to be respected, first you should yourself respect others and give them their due right. Expecting respect from others without respecting them is like expecting the salary from manager without working. Respecting doesn’t mean bowing head when seeing them. Rather it is to restrain your tongue from insulting, defaming and backbiting them. When you defame and backbite them, they hate you and shall not respect you.


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