Path to Happiness and Success-No.14

Your ultimate goal is not to be beloved most insight of people rather let it be most beloved insight of Allah. When you are beloved insight of Allah, you will be beloved insight of people. But if you strive to gain pleasure of people rather than pleasure of Allah, you burden yourself with heavy load.

When this life is not connected with Hereafter, it is meaningless and has no value. It is boring and no more than play and diversion. See those who forget Aakhirah (Hereafter) in what deeds they are engaging. Meaning and value of life is completed when the person thinks and works for the Hereafter. Working and thinking for Aakhira never ever hold you back from earning this duniya (world or wealth). Rather it enhances and elevates your life. You live in peace and security. But if you make this world your ultimate goal, you will live life of depression and suffering.  

Do you know when you make many mistakes? It is when you follow your vain desire and seek people’s pleasure rather than Allah’s. The person who follows vain desires becomes blind from truth.
Do you know when you make least mistake? It is when you follow Qur’an and Sunnah and pleasure of Allah. Following Qur’aan and sunnah lit torch of light in your life. Your vision is brightened and farsighted. Seeking pleasure of Allah protects you from falling into pit of destruction.

If you want success in life, sacrifice all what you can. Otherwise by wasting time on worthless things and then expecting great achievement is like expecting huge harvest without watering and taking care of your plant. No such thing in this life and next. You’re rewarded according to your deeds. So use your time. This is principle of success.

By seeking forgiveness from Allah for what you have done in past, you drop burden of sin and grieve from yourself; by relying upon Allah for your future, you cast away your worries; by being patient and grateful in your present situation, you taste happiness and felicity. Always turning to Allah in true repentance (tawbaa) and asking forgiveness pour fountain of tranquility on your heart.

If you fail to advise a person privately, don’t humiliate him/her in public. Advising someone in public by telling his faults, is not advice. Rather it is to disgrace him and showing own self as greater. So beware of showing off and kibr (pride).

What makes you productive person is not worrying for future and grieving over past. Rather it’s to work today, living life of today. Past never returns, future hasn’t been born yet. So why grief and worry? By thinking your last day may be today, do good deeds and stay away from bad deeds. But don’t forget this: you can’t reach anywhere if you trust your efforts, struggle and wealth rather than putting your trust in Allah. Many people make grave error when they put their trust in their efforts, wealth and struggle. What they gain are worry, grief, fear, depression, confusion, despair and etc. But if they put their trust in Allah, they would hit peak of success and happiness. So don’t rely upon your efforts, wealth and struggle. If you do so, you pay heavy price. But if you rely upon Allah and work hard, you gain heavy prize.

When we do ibaadah (worship), we should have patience in the following situations:
1. Our ibaadah (worship) should be continuous. Worship without continuity has no value
2. We should have sincerity (ikhalaas) in our deeds
3. Our deeds should be in agreement with Sunnah of Prophet (SAW)
4. While doing we should do deeds properly and protect our niyyaa (intention) from bad things such as showing off.
5. After we finish the deed, we should protect ourselves what erases our deeds such as telling to others about our deeds, reminding what we done to others such as after giving sadaqa (charity) reminding the receiver, pride and etc.
Among fruits of patience is that you get out from darkness to light with leave of Allah. As you strive hard to hold strong rope and guidance, then be patient along the way, your path gets filled with light. You see in front you marked path. No longer are you confused where you’re going to. But if you don’t strive and lose patience, you can’t get these. Going on the straight path of Islam needs struggle and patience. After struggle and patience, you get light, you taste sweet. So strive and be patient.

Whether you envy or not, you can’t cut off one’s blessing unless Allah wills. Envying for this perishable world can’t bring any benefit other than wronging own self. Allah’s rizq (provision) is spacious, it’s enough for you and around you. So don’t envy them. By envying people, don’t depress yourself. When you feel envy, say ” A’uzubillahi mina sheyxaani rajiim (I seek refuge in Allah from accursed shaytan) , O Allah purify my heart.” Make your first goal Aakhira (Hereafter). When you do this, you have no time and heart to envy people. Because your goal is highest.

“A man married a woman and brought her to live in his family home, where she lived happily with him. Then his younger brother began to enter upon her when her husband was absent, and talk to her in a romantic manner, which resulted in two things: firstly, she began to dislike her husband intensely, and secondly, she fell in love with his brother. But she was not able to divorce her husband, nor was she able to do what she wanted with the other man. This is the grievous penalty. This story illustrates one level of corruption, beyond which there are many more which culminate in the immoral action (zina/adultery) and the birth of illegitimate children.”
Taken from An Advice on Establishing Islamic home-Shek Muhammad Salih munajjad-page 90

Feel shame from committing evils. But don’t feel shame from spreading goodness and eradicating evils.


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