Fire of Love

Today, as fire of war is intense, so does fire of love. Confusion and darkness overtake them when youth enter to love world. When love is mentioned, people have different views. Some view as evil and immoral. While others view as a means to fulfil only carnal desire. This is not the correct definition of love. Let’s define love. In English you can’t get broad concept of love. So where can we look for? Arabic language gives balanced definition. In Arabic the well-known words for love are two. Those are al-Hub and al-Ishq.
Al-Hub ( الحب) means normal love, but Al-Ishq ( العشق) means excessive love or the love (al-hub) that passes its limit.
Abu Abbaas Ahmad ibn Yahya was asked about al-hub and al-Ishq and which of them is more praised. Then he replied, “Al-hub is more praised. Because in al-ishq there is excessiveness. A person who falls in love is called Aashiq because he withers as a result of a burning desire as a leave of tree withers when it is cut off.”
Abdul Barr said, “Some wise people were asked about al-Ishq (excessive love). They said that it makes busy empty heart.
Plato said,” al-Ishq (excessive love) is movement of empty soul.”
Shekul Islaam ibn Taymiya said, “It is said that excessive love corrupts understanding, vision and intelligence…” (al-Ishq- page- 6)
Generally, normal love (al-hub) is something that is praised and necessary for the existence of human life. But excessive love brings the person from the sublime honor of humanity to low level of animal. It is said that excessive love is one branch of craziness. The person can’t identify what benefits and harms him when intoxicated by love. It makes the vision blind. It burns inner.
Harms of excessive love
Indeed, excessive love is the source of all evils. How many people commit suicide due to it.
Some wise people said, “How many lover destroyed his wealth, honour and life for the sake of his beloved. He neglected his family, religion and worldly affairs.”
They added, “Excessive love is disease of diseases by which soul melts away. There is no rest with it. Rather, it is a sea when a person embarks, he is drowned. It has no beach nor rescue.”
One of them said: Excessive love makes busy from every good thing. Intoxication of love denies the pleasure of sleep.
Imaam ibn Al-Qayyim said, “Love of forbidden photos and being in love are what lead to shirk (associating partner with Allah). Every time the person approaches the shirk, he is going further away from Ikhlaas (sincerity) because his love of photo is more intense. The greater his iklaas and the stronger his Tawhid (Islamic monotheism) are, the further away he is from excessive love. Due to her shirk (associating partner with Allah) wife of Aziz was inflicted by excessive love. On the other hand, Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was saved because of his ikhlaas (sincerity).  Allah said:
And thus [it was] that We should avert from him evil and immorality. Indeed, he was one of Our chosen servants.” Al-Qur’aan 12:24
Evil means Excessive love. Immorality means fornication or adultery. Al-Mukhlis (guided and sincere servant) is he who makes pure his love for Allah. Then Allah purified him from tribulation of love of photos (woman or man). Al-Mushrik (the polytheist) is he whose heart is attached strongly to other than Allah. He didn’t purify his Tawhid and love for Allah (Azza wa jalla).” Al-ishq-page 17
Excessive love has many evil things. The worst of them is that separation of a servant from the remembrance of his Lord. When the person is separated from the remembrance his Lord, he lives in darkness and confusion with no help. His inner shouts, but there is no help. He has no rest.
Due to excessive love;
His/her honour is disgraced– when unmarried male and female come together in an unlawful way, it is difficult to guess how much their honour is disgraced and their inners are burnt. How many females wear pitch of disgrace due to unlawful relationship! How many illegitimate children are born. How many families are destroyed due to excessive love. How many students left the school. How many lover gave his beloved bullet of a gun as a gift. He brought a gift for her. But the gift was a gun by which he killed her. Think more…
How much wealth destroyed due to excessive love.
Motives for excessive love
1. Turning away from Allah– when the person turns away from Allah door of evils are opened for him. These doors are never shut down until he turns to Allah.
Allah says:
And whosoever turns away (blinds himself) from the remembrance of the Most Beneficent (Allah) (i.e. this Quran and worship of Allah), We appoint for him Shaitan (Satan – devil) to be a Qarin (an intimate companion) to him. And indeed, the devils avert them from the way [of guidance] while they think that they are [rightly] guided. Until, when he comes to Us [at Judgement], he says [to his companion], “Oh, I wish there was between me and you the distance between the east and west – how wretched a companion.”
It will profit you not this Day (O you who turn away from Allah’s remembrance and His worship, etc.) as you did wrong, (and) that you will be sharers (you and your Qarin) in the punishment.” Suurat Az-Zukruuf 43:36-39
2. Not knowing harms of excessive love– we have seen earlier harms of excessive love. The person who doesn’t know these harms, he becomes prey for excessive love.
3. Free time- this is among biggest cause of excessive love. As we have said earlier excessive love is movement of empty soul which has no beneficial work.
Imaam ibn Al-Qayyim said, “Only the heart, which has no love of Allah and turns away from Him is tormented by Excessive love. If the heart were filled with love of Allah and longing for meeting Him, then this would repel disease of excessive love from him/her.”
And he said, “The worst thing upon the person is that his idleness and emptiness. Indeed the soul never sits idle. Rather, if he doesn’t make himself busy with beneficial things, the soul makes him busy with what harms him. This is inevitable.” (Al-Ishq 32-33)
4. Media– today the worst war that is declared on humanity is war of media. There is no moral standard that should preserved. Immorality has become morality and vise versa. TV, internet, magazine, books and etc propagate immorality and evils. The one who follows these evils is swallowed by them. The one who follows movie series, drama, films on YouTube and etc , if he is burnt by love and loses peace of mind, let he blames only himself.
5. Imitating blind– there are people who imitates what lovers do. It doesn’t bother them whether good or bad. For example, they watch in the movie or read from books what evils ones do and how they express their love. Then they put into action what they saw in the movie and then they taste bitter consequence of their action. They follow blind people who destroy their life. They call them ‘Star’. This is great ignorance! So don’t follow what blind people do if you want happiness and success.
6. Distorting understanding of love and excessive love– If you don’t have girlfriend or boyfriend, you will be said, ‘You are backward’. Because, according to them love means having a boyfriend or girlfriend. They try to persuade other people in this way. The one who doesn’t know well meaning of love, he/she is deceived by them. So don’t be deceived by them. Preserve your chastity. Chastity is freedom, honour and happiness. While immorality is enslavement, disgrace and depression.
7. Nude women– this is among the greatest motives behind excessive love.
8. Releasing the eyes– Allâh Almighty instructed His Prophet to order the believers to lower their eyes and guard their private parts and to inform them that He witnesses their actions and is aware of them. “He knows the surreptitious glances and the thoughts concealed in man’s breast.” Lewd behaviour generally starts with the eyes and so He gave the command to lower them before mentioning safeguarding the private parts. Sexual attraction begins with a mere glance in the same way that the starting point for the majority of the people of the Fire is some minor wrong action. First comes the glance, then the thought, then the step and then the offense. This is why it is said: “Anyone who is safe from four things preserves his deen (religion): glances, thoughts, words and steps.” So people must guard themselves at these four gates in their defensive walls. They are a way for the enemy to enter and open breaches in order to destroy what is above them completely.
The glance is at the root of most of the calamities which beset man. The glance engenders the thought which then becomes strong and turns into a definite resolve, making the action inevitable unless something occurs to prevent it. That is why it is said that steadfastness in respect of lowering the eyes is much easier than the steadfastness needed to endure the pain that results from not doing so.
A poet long ago observed
A glance, a smile, a friendly hello,
Some chatting, a date, then off they go!
If some of us find it difficult to carry out this command, they should write these verses down on a sheet of paper and hang them on their wall or place them on the dashboard – whatever it takes to remind them.
9. Mobile phone– every time he/she waits for his/her messages, they waste their precious time and mind. Mind is disturbed when pip-pop sound of mobile shouts.  Heart is crushed when they don’t receive any message or receive bad message. Every time calling and nagging to each other. Fire of love burns their inner. So staying away from contacting each other through mobile before marriage is the best way to prevent fire of love. You get peace of mind. How many female are there who are deceived by male through calling. He clothed her garment of disgrace and humiliation. He left her empty hand after he finished his business. There are also males who are deceived by female. He invests his wealth on her. Then she leaves him in confusion and poverty. What a great disgrace! She plays to him like a toy.  So be careful mobile phone!
In sha Allah if I get time, we will see ‘Cure of sickness of love’ next week.

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