Minor Mistakes

Away from the ears of other girls, several girls sit in a corner in the school talking in confidence, and she sits among them listening. One of them said, “He loves me and says he wants to marry me,” and takes from her purse a gift that he gave her. Another girl talks about her friend’s jealousy and his protesting that she goes to the market by herself.

With delight and amazement, she listens to whatever they are saying and are able to do. She starts conversing with their, when two of them address her saying, “We will look for a boyfriend for you, just to talk to him over the phone so that you will not have boredom in your life. Just a phone call, not more.”

Days afterwards, while feeling boredom and somewhat depression, a flood of thoughts start to rain on her mind, prompting her teacher to ask, “What is the matter with you?” She says that she had a problem at home, but in fact, her heart has a crush on the young man she talked to over the phone. He has already saw her twice during the month they talked to each other, and she already does what he tells her to do and refrains from what he tells her not to do. He then asked for more.

She now realizes her error, but he had tapes and pictures of her and threatens to expose her to her father if she refuses to see him again. She cries and reminds him of Allah, but he says that he is in love with her and would do anything to be close to her. All of a sudden, the quiet and easygoing boyfriend turned into a wolf that seeks to prey on a woman’s honor and respectability.

Have you seen, dear sister, the humility of Sin and the degradation evil brings forth. Some girls are drawn into greater evil than merely talking over the phone. With some young men whom they thought of as friends.

 Therefore, phone calls of this type are a dangerous lure and a hole that has no bottom. It carries with it the dangers of wasting time, using time in what brings about shame and an evil reputation among people. However, this is not all, for what awaits people who indulge in these acts is the recompense and punishment in the Hereafter.

This is why we advise Muslim mothers to give special care and attention to their teenage daughters. Once, Allah’s Messenger (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him)  asked his daughter Fatimah “Where are you coming from?” She did not get angry or bothered by his question, even though she was tremendously Wise and honorable. Rather, she Simply answered her father, “I came from the house of so-and-so family. I was comforting them for their loss.”

Therefore, dear Muslim sister, what bother would it be to you if you are made aware of what your daughter does? You should not feel guilty if they think that you are interfering in their private affairs, it is your duty and right. Yet, you should do this in the best way, offering yourself as a friend to your daughter and listening to whatever is troubling her and her thoughts about various matters This way, you will become your daughter’s friend, sister, as well as, her mother. Allah says:


“And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.” Suurat Al-Israa 17:32

Taken from hindrances-on-the-path page 24-25

A Good book for sisters. So read it.


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