Path To Happiness and Success-No.13

While finding solutions for love sickness, you may face different hardships along the way. You may feel sorrow, inner burning, yearning, anguish, depression, sleeplessness and etc. The best solutions for the person who is undergoing love sickness are to remember Allah (Zikrullah) much, being busy with good deeds, seeking Islamic knowledge, remembering life’s goals , if possible getting married, fasting and staying from looking haram things. When you repeat some zikr on your tongue, your heart gets serenity, tranquility and calm. But when you remember that person, what you get are sorrow, inner burning, confusion, anguish, sleeplessness and etc. Yes of course, it is out of your capacity to resist remembering that person completely. What you should do are being patient and making du’aa not to fall into haraam things. Patience converts bitter to sweet. “O Allah protect us as You have protected Your chosen servants from sheytan (Satan).”

Boring doesn’t come from life. Rather it comes from yourself. If you make yourself busy with good deeds, there is no room for boring. But if you become idle, or engrossed with worthless things, life will become boring for you.

Don’t be deceived by those who perform Salah and do evil things! Unfortunately, many are deceived in this way. This is nothing other than ignorance of Islam and tricks of sheytan. They see a person who performs salah and does evils, and they say “If salah doesn’t prohibit him from evils, what’s matter with me performing salah?” They look at others rather than looking at themselves. Each person is taken to account for what he did and neglected. If you say “I can’t pray salah because a person who performs salah does evils or because I have no knowledge or time”, your excuse never be accepted. Only and only you who is responsible for your deeds. On the Day of Resurrection no excuses will be accepted. See 40:52, 30:57, 16:84.

Abdullah ibn Mubarak once said ‘The inhabitants of this world have left the world without tasting the best thing in it.’ He was asked, ‘And what’s the best of this world?’ He said, ‘Loving or Knowing Allah `azza wa jall.’

“Anger and pride are roots of every evils.” When you control these two, you gain victory over yourself and sheytan . So work hard to control these. Seek knowledge and apply it.

The bitterer your patience is, the sweeter your result is. When you are patient with your life’s difficulties ,fitna, and obedience to Allah, you taste sweet fruit of patience. Keep in mind that patience is from Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala). (See Suura An-Nahl(16):127) so you should ask patience from Allah. Use this beautiful du’aa (Supplication) (Suura Al-A’raaf(7):126)
If you want victory in everything, be patient, don’t be hasty, control your anger and frustration, don’t despair, put your trust upon Allah, remember Allah much (b/c through remembrance of Allah you get strength, bravery and tranquility), sacrifice what you can.

No matter how small your sin is, turn to Allah in repentance as soon as possible. When these minor sins are heaped over one another, they destroy the person. It’s said that when the person belittles minor sins (for example, looking at haram things,) he is likely to fall into major sins because every major things start from minor, minor leads to major. Looking leads to thinking, thinking leads to action and so on. So always don’t forget repentance and asking forgiveness because they lessens burden of sins and make you stay away from upcoming sins.

When following path to victory, purifying your intention. B/c you’re rewarded or punished according to your intention. Let your intention be for the sake of Allah. When you become sincere and patient in your action, you become victorious.

The worst punishment a person can be punished in this world is that his/her heart is being hardened and sealed due to sins he/she committed. When the heart is hardened and closed, door of goodness and guidance is closed upon him, door of evils and misguidance is opened for him. Evil becomes good for him and vice versa. But he/she has the chance to open the door of goodness and guidance by sincere tawbaa(repentace) to Allah. So by fearing for hardening and covering of your heart from truth and guidance, flee from sins. If you fall into it, run toward tawbah and forgiviness so that your heart is polished clean and then you get peace of mind and tranquility(sakina). Don’t stay in sins in the hope of repenting soon b/c you don’t know when you die or sun rises from west.
The more the person persists in committing sins, the more he doubts and is far away from his religion.

Saying ‘I know everything’ is ignorance and closing door of knowledge upon own self.

In past skirts were being worn by children who have not reached yet puberty. But nowdays, skirts are worn by female and women. Great victory in this day is to pass this fitna (tribulation) for both male and female. When the female refrains from being like wanton displays of those women and instead if she wears hijab and keeps her chastity, she is gaining victory over this fitna. As for male when he curbs his desire by lowering his gaze from looking at this wanton display, he is gaining victory. May Allah help us!

In life choose carefully what benefits you or not, who benefits you or whom you benefit. Otherwise you will pay heavy price and regret. If you choose bad friend, you follow him/her and then you become among losers. I haven’t seen as bad as evil friends. No matter how strong your imaan is, if you stay with them for long time, they corrupt your imaan, they attract you to evils like magnet. So be careful bad friends.
Also choose carefully what you do daily. Ask yourself, whether what you do goes with your ultimate goal or not. If not, don’t waste your precious time on it. Find other things that go with your goals. This is how life works. Otherwise if you try to unlock life with wrong key, you never open it.

If you don’t work hard for victory everyday, you will be defeated either by your inner enemy or outer or both.

What an excellent thing to be a chosen servants of Allah! Being servant of Allah is greatest honour and freedom. You never find such honour and freedom anywhere. Look at kings and chiefs. They think that they have freedom and honour. But how many of them have been humiliated and despised! In contrast look at Prophets and righteous servants of Allah. Their honour and freedom hit the peak. They are remembered and honoured forever. So to be among chosen servants of Allah always turn to Allah in repentance, ask forgiveness, make Hereafter your first goal, strive for good deeds and be patient.

Once you are in love with someone, you become blind from seeing the person other than him/her, you become deaf from hearing his/her blameworthy side. So before choosing someone for marriage, see careful the reason you have loved him/her. If it’s for his/her imaan, that’s OK. But if it’s only for wealth and beauty without imaan, you’re in dangerous state. So choose carefully your life partner. Don’t be hasty, be patient.

The closer you’re to Allah and know HIM more, the more you get tranquility, peace of mind and happiness. The further you are from Allah, the further you’re from tranquility, happiness and peace of mind.

Silence is gold. Speaking only good is gold of golds.


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