Path to Happiness and Success-No.12

Sometimes course of change amazes you! In this course of change, you face different obstacles and impendent. Sometimes you become happy, sometimes you become sad, sometimes you frown sometimes you smile, sometimes you’re broken, sometimes you stand upright, sometimes life becomes dark, sometimes it’s light, sometimes you are confused and sometimes you are in clearer and brighter atmosphere, sometimes you are discouraged and sometimes you are encouraged, sometimes you go fast and sometimes you slow down…. All these build your life if you have patience and strive. When I look at my past, I regret and feel happy. I regret for my faults and mistakes. And I feel happy for being saved from results of my mistakes and guided to the right path. Alhamdulillah!

Clarity of your goal defines where you are going to!

This world is green, it soon turns to yellow. So don’t be deceived by its greenness.

A tempting thought from Satan is, then, a cause of blindness while the remembrance of Allah is a cause of opening eyes and hearts. Satan’s thoughts send people into darkness and turning to Allah gives them light. When people equip themselves with following divine guidance, Satan can have no power over them. “

When you yearn for success, difficult becomes easy, hardness melts away, striving and patience become your motto, tawakkul (relying upon Allah) becomes your backbone. Without these, you can’t go forward.

When you love and hate, be moderate. When they pass their limit, both of them are harmful. When your love is excessive, it burns your heart and confuses you. Also when your hatred is excessive, it burns your life. You seek the way in which you harm that person. This in turn destroys your life. You can’t get tranquility and peace of mind. So try your best to put them at the right place. Struggle against your nefs (soul). Moderation in life is among keys of success and happiness.


What hampers your mind and waste your time is fantasy. You think over what doesn’t happen. You worry and are frustrated. Sometimes you’re angry at someone who is innocent. Sometimes you remember what other people did to you and your wound begins. Sometimes you think what shall you do when getting married…. In this way most of your time is lost. Even you may lose sleep. OK! What shall you do? How do you get rid of this or at least reduce it? First struggle against your soul (nafs). Control and take it into account. Say to it,”Be silent, A’uzubillahi mina sheytaani rajim, (I seek refuge in Allah from accursed Satan)…” If this is not enough, use the du’aa (supplication) that is found in Suurat Al-mu’minuun(23):97-98.
When fantasy comes to your mind, replace it with zikr (remembrance of Allah). Or remember favours of Allah upon you and thank Him, say Alhamdulillah. Read books and do good deeds. Stay away from what brings you to fantasy such as music, movies, films, books, articles, friends and etc. In this way you get peace of mind and tranquility.

After you pass a hard line, you hold strong rope. When you pass hard life with patience, you wear crown of success and happiness. But if you can’t be patient, you will lose the game.

Wish for people good things and guidance. Don’t wish for them misfortune and misguidance. The best thing you can wish for a person is imaan (Islamic faith). Because the person is saved from severe punishment of Allah through imaan. When imaan is lost, how does the person be saved from severe punishment of this world and Hereafter?

Being modest (having hayaa’a) doesn’t restrict us from discovering our hidden potential. So don’t be ashamed in discovering your potential and using in the right way. But what immoral and immodest is to use your potential and discovery in the wrong way. Losing hayaa’a (modesty) makes the person depressed and demoralised. See today’s world, how it has been disturbed and many people are living in misery! They discovered many good things but many people haven’t used in the right way.

Results of haraam (unlawful) relationship are hatred, enmity, suspicion, regret, depression and etc. See carefully these results around you. You will find that how evil it’s. When you be patient and join the person in halaal (lawful) way, Insha’Allah you will lead happy life. But before that you should equip yourself with good manner. Love between two people either increases or decreases depending on person’s manner(attributes), feeling  and relationship. If these three are weak, love is too weak. If strong, love does so. These are taken from rewdat-ul muhibiin – by imaam ibn Al-qayyim
You will find that when haraam relationship is formed, these three elements are weakened. So be patient.

To show your superiority and gain other’s favour, don’t belittle others.

Don’t rejoice at mistakes of others. The more you rejoice at their mistakes, the more you become blind from seeing your mistakes. There is no greater mistakes than being blind from own mistakes and following misguidance.

The bitterer your patience is, the sweeter your result is. When you are patient with your life’s difficulties ,fitna (tribulation), and obedience to Allah, you taste sweet fruit of patience. Keep in mind that patience is from Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala). (See Suura An-Nahl(16):127) so you should ask patience from Allah. Use this beautiful du’aa (Suura Al-A’raaf(7):126)

Guarding tongue and lowering gaze are canals of success and happiness. Inversely, not guarding tongue and lowering gaze are canals of failure, anguish and depression.

What beautify youth are imaan (Islamic faith), knowledge, modesty (hayaa’a), patience, tawakkul (relying upon Allah), chastity, gratitude, sincerity and the like. The main beauty of youth is not posture or clothing, but it is above characteristics. No matter how beautiful or handsome he/she seems, if s/he doesn’t have above characteristics, he/she is ugly. The one who focuses on his outer beauty while forgetting his inner, indeed he’s deceiving himself and others.

In your every behavior if you want perfection, you lag behind from success and happiness. You would worry for every trivial faults you make; you compel yourself to read people’s mind which is impossible. Rather than living according to yourself, you live according to people’s sayings and living. If they don’t like you, you will worry. In this life we all are not perfect. Every of us many defects and faults. You can’t be perfect in everything. So live your own life that is guided by Islam. Leave there what people say or think about you. Every day try your best to improve your defects and faults.

When you often turn to Allah in sincere repentance and ask forgiveness, your heart is cleaned, your mind is sharpened, you get peace of mind. Because repentance erases sins that rust your heart and blunt your mind.

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s facebook posts (Aug.18, 2016)


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