Path to Success and Happiness-No11

Try your best to be among those 7 types of people, who will be shaded by Allah when there is no shade except His shade, by being a youth who grew up with the worship of Allah.

Keep in mind that when you do good deeds, you are preparing good place for yourself. When you do bad deeds, you are harming yourself.

Whosoever disbelieves will suffer from his disbelief, and whosoever does righteous good deeds (by practising Islamic Monotheism), then such will prepare a good place (in Paradise) for themselves (and will be saved by Allah from His Torment).( Suurat Ar-Rum(30):44)

In your life propose long and short term goals. If you do this, you will step forward carefully and with determination. Your short term goals are daily, weekly and monthly. For example, planning this week what you should change in your life, adding and removing something,reading Qur’an and its tafsir daily, finishing reading a book and etc. Your long term goal may be finishing school after a few years, marrying, getting job, achieving new thing in your life, forming strong Islamic family and community. But don’t forget that the goals that cover your short and long terms should be Getting Pleasure of Allah and Jannah.B/c you don’t know when you die. You should engrave your goals in your mind because you do or do not everything according to your goal.
Today youth problem is marriage. They say ‘After I finish school and get job, I will marry.’ Yes they are true, they are specifying time for marriage. But there should be self restraining from haram (unlawful) things- being patient till that time comes. Otherwise it is difficult for them. If you say I will get marry after 4 or 6 years, you should restrain yourself from haram things (such as G.F/B.F). Because you can’t achieve this and others long and short terms goals if you are not patient.Put your trust upon Allah. Insha Allah success is yours.
Something you have started as hobby and small, one day it will turn into your career and great benefit or into bad thing if it’s something blameworthy. So don’t belittle small good deeds as well as minor sins. Both of them when heaped over one another, they be like a huge mountain.
If we were continuously sad, we would have despaired and fell into destruction. At same time if we were continuously happy, we would have felt self-conceit and destroyed ourselves. So when you’re sad or frustrated, remember that it’s good for you because it suppresses your self conceit and self admiration (kibr and ujb) that lead you destruction. Remember in the battle of Hunayn when companions of Prophet (SAW) admired at their large number of armies. To suppress their self admiration, sadness struck them, earth became narrow out of vastness. This should be a great lesson for us. Victory and achieving great things come from Allah. Indeed self admiration and self conceit are main cause of our failure. So control your feeling while in sadness. Think over its fruits rather than negative effects. When I feel sadness or frustration, I remember my past self admiration. It’s difficult to control self admiration. To suppress my self admiration I wait for something to happen that crushes that feeling.

Cool down your anger by smiling. Don’t dwell on what people say to. Concentrate on your goal rather than wasting time by anger and frustration. Even learn from what people say about you. If they talk about your goodness, don’t be proud. Try your best to be humble and to better. If they criticise you, look at yourself “Is there any wrong in yourself?” If so, accept criticism and try your best to fix them. But if they criticise and discourage you out of envy and hatred, don’t give any room for their words in your mind. Your mind is very expensive. Make yourself busy with your long journey. Learn, read, develop, purify your soul and continue your journey toward Jannah Insha Allah.

Try your best to be true believer and do good deeds. Be patient upon obedience to Allah you will find that Insha Allah, Allah will open for you door of success and happiness. Door of success and happiness is shut upon us when we disobey Allah and transgress His limits. To understand this, study the Qur’an. You will find that what are keys of success and happiness. Cast away philosophy that try to convice you how to be successful and happy person. Turn to the Qur’an. Qu’an is only guidance that insure your success and happiness.

Let not the love you have for someone be changed to worship by trasgressing its limit. Beware obsessive love for creatures.

When you face hard times, remember your last harder times. Rely upon Allah. When you fear for your future life, put your complete trust upon Allah. What I fear for my future life is not where to live or how to live rather I fear for loss of imaan. Because this is greatest blessing that the person can be given. If imaan is lost, what is use of other blessings?

When you’re bored and frustrated, don’t let sheytan deceives you either by making you hopeless or committing evil things. When you are bored, look for the way to get out of it. For example, read the Qur’an, articles and good books, listen to the Qur’an and Islamic lectures, take a nap (sleep), make much zikr, say repeatedly, “A’uzu billahi mina sheytani rajim (I seek in Allah from accursed Satan)”, do sports, talk to the one who can give you sincere advice, make wud’u(ablution) and pray, make istigfaar and towbaa, do some physical work and etc.
Avoid these: attacking someone or anything verbally and physically, addiction, watching movies, listening to music, browsering internet so much, going to bad company (friends) and etc. These things only increase your boring and frustration rather than decreasing. So avoid them. Be patient until boring and frustration subside.

If you have a goal to achieve great things in this world, do a deed which doesn’t die or lasts for a long time even after you had died. Because they serve you as source of ajr (reward) for you when you have no longer any opportunity to do any good deeds. Those deeds are knowledge which benefit community, continuous charity ( sadaqatul jaariya) and a pious son who makes du’aa for you. If the first two seem to you difficult, aim at the last one. Try your best to improve your character and then marry someone who has imaan. Insha Allah in this way, both of you (wife and husband) can bring up a pious son (waladu salahi).

Insight of Allah nobility and superiority of human being do not depend on wealth, beauty, position, lineage and etc. Rather it depends on Taqwa (Fear of Allah). Therefore measuring unit of human being is taqwa. Other things are vain. Allah alone knows this measuring unit. So, when you see someone whom you consider beneath you in terms of wealth, beauty, position and others even in religious commitment, don’t belittle him/her perhaps he/she may have taqwa more than you. Try your best to be humble.

Depending on suspicion, gossip and backbiting, don’t stir of other’s honour. Person’s honour is as important as his life and wealth. Indeed, debasing one’s honour is worse than exploiting wealth. Because when one’s honour is debased, it leaves worst wound and brand on the person. But if wealth is exploited, it returns soon. So refrain from debasing one’s honour.

No matter how life seems to you dark and confusing, don’t lose hope. Keep in mind that life of this world is up and down- there is time when you become happy, there is also time when you become sad. Both are good for you if you are patient and grateful. So don’t lose hope when you are sad and in distress. Hope that soon sadness and distress are replaced with easiness and happiness.Be patient until cloud of life pass over you. When you are happy, be grateful to Allah. In this way your life is filled with happiness.

Work hard to live luxury life in the future. Which luxury life? A luxury life where human happiness and success are completed. It is Jannah. Do you see luxury life of this world where human happiness and success are completed?

Suspicion, hatred and envy are destructive weapons that destroy bond of brotherhood. When you’re affected by these diseases, try your best to get rid of them. Because doors of goodness,happiness and blessing are opened when heart is cleaned of these. When you suspect your good brother/sister in Islam, make du’aa for them. Say “O Allah protect him/her from these (what I am suspecting).” Insha Allah, you will see something is removed from your heart. When you hate and envy them, make du’aa for yourself. Say “O Allah clean my heart from hatred, envy and pride.” See good side of the person more his/her fault. Remember that they have many good deeds, but their fualts are not so much. If you can, advice them in good manner.

Keep in mind that among keys of your success and happiness is to restrain yourself from following evil and vain desires.

Allah says:

Then, for him who Tagha (transgressed all bounds, in disbelief, oppression and evil deeds of disobedience to Allah).

And preferred the life of this world (by following his evil desires and lusts),
Verily, his abode will be Hell-fire
But as for him who feared standing before his Lord, and restrained himself from impure evil desires, and lusts.
Verily, Paradise will be his abode.” (See suurat An-nazi’at (79):37-41)


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