Path to Success and Happiness-No.10

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page July 2016 posts.
Sometimes when you think about your long journey of life that extends from your birth to death and then from death to the Day of Resurrection, it may seem to you very long and impossible to reach your end destination. Yes in this longest journey, you can’t travel alone. You should seek help and guidance through patience and salah. Every day seek help and guidance from Allah. You have known your starting point and where you’re going to that is– you’re not perished by death rather you will be resurrected and recompensed for your deeds. So when you carve your goal of this life, where you came from and where you’re going to in your mind, then there is no longer confusion and darkness in your life. In this manner you travel on the path of truth or straight path. So ask Allah for Istiqaamah (being upright on Islam). Keep in mind that there is no other path that bring you to the end good destination other than Islam. There may be many short ways that bring you good result in this fleeting world but they can’t bring you to the lasting good end.

When you love each other for the sake of Allah and want to come to together through marriage, let your nikha (marriage contract) be in lawful and pleasing way. One way of pleasing way is when your nikha is in agreement with shari’a and your parents are pleased. If your guardian refuses you to marry that person, think over before you go into marraige process. For example if they refuse you, you may make nikha secretly. But this harms your life and reputation. So when you decide this important life event, think over, develop yourself mentally and physically. Especailly focus on your mental development.

By making du’aa (supplication) to your near(relatives) and far people, strength the love and relationship among you. Making du’aa for others indeed has great effect. It wipes away feeling of hatred, envy and suspicion from heart. But it may be difficult to make du’aa for yourself let alone others. Just do, it is possible. Especially your parents.

The harder you struggle against your nefs(soul), the stronger you become.
The more you let loose your nefs (following it), the weaker you become.

Eat and drink in balanced manner in order to keep your body and mind fit. Overeating and drinking kill mind and heart, make the body robot.

Imaan (Islamic faith) not only strengthen your heart, but it also makes your body strong because when heart is lightened by light of imaan, it energizes the body. Do you know when you feel frustrated and hopeless, your body becomes weak. You have no interest to do work. So imaan removes this weakness of body. Great victories in the history of Islam were achieved by those men who had strong imaan with help of Allah. 300 army of imaan defeated thousands of mushriks (politeists) at Badr.
But sins weaken the body because source of energy is weakened – that is heart.

Thinking over before speaking shows mental maturity.

What a great blessing to have humble heart that’s free from pride and rancour. To achieve this, it needs great struggle against nefs and sheytan. The heart becomes humble when it truly submits to the Lord of all worlds. We need to seek knowledge and make du’aa often. Say “O Allah purify my heart from pride and arrogance.”

Don’t disobey Allah in easy times, you will find that He rescues you from distress in hard and difficult times.
Look carefully these two examples!
Prophet Yunus (AS) used to obey Allah in easy times, then Allah rescued him from distress and suffering in hard times. (See Al-Qur’an 37:140-144, 21:87)
Pharaoh used to disobey Allah in easy times, then Allah didn’t rescue him from distress and suffering. (See Al-Qur’an 10:90-92)
So obey Allah in easy times, you will find HIM in difficult times for help. The greatest suffering and hard time is Day of Judgement. Distress of this world is passive and short. But distress of Yommul Qiyaama (The Day of Resurrection) is unimaginable. So who can rescue us from this distress other than Allah?

When you are patient with what you dislike, later on it turns to fountain of happiness and success. For instance, being patient in doing good deeds and being patient from bad deeds. Bear in mind that patience changes bitter life into sweet. Jannah is sweetest life that is gained through patience. On the contrary, being impatient changes sweet into bitter or bitter into more bitter.

The more modesty(hayaa’a) you possess, the healthier your heart is. The less modesty you have, then the less life and health your heart possesses.”

Promise of Allah is true. If you want to get what He promised,first yourself be true to His orders. If you want from Him good life, believe truly and do good deeds. Insha Allah He will grant you good life.

For bad deeds you have done, blame yourself not blame anyone else. Even you can’t blame sheytan (satan) because he will say “Don’t blame me rather blame yourselves .” (Suura Ibraahim: 22) So by reproaching yourself for bad deeds you have done, try your best to better your life.

“Be careful a speech that you will apologize and feel sorry later on.”

Build the world with talent and ability you have. Building the world begins from individual (yourself). When you change your condition, then the world is improved. When your character is better, people around you, are influenced and they try to emulate your character. This is changing the world. If you can’t show good character, restrain yourself from harming others and spreading bad things. This is also changing the world because you are lessening burdens and removing obstacles from improvement of the world. So don’t limit the idea of changing the world to just speech, writing, invention and etc. You have a great share in changing the world, be one who takes part in changing it.

When performing salah(Islamic prayer), try your best to concentrate on salah because when salah is performed correctly (iqaamat salah), it produces effective fruits. It forbids you from evils and pushes you toward goodness. It becomes noor(light) for you in both worlds. Of course, establishing salah correctly takes time and efforts. You should have patience and seek knowledge. As you try your best to perform it correctly, you get closer to performing it correctly and with concentration. So strive with patience.

Not only during anger but also when you are praised ,control your feelings. When you’re praised, try your best to control self admiration.

How many people are there, for their being impatient, their sweet love turned to bitter enmity and hatred! So be patient until you come together in halaal way (nikha). Fill your heart with taqwaa, zikr, du’aa and doing good deeds. If patience is difficult, curb your desire by fasting (siyaam). Hope for reward of patience.

When matters become confusing and frightening you, say “HasbiyAllahu wani’imal wakiil (Sufficient for me is Allah , and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs). What makes me worry while I have Allah as my Mawla!” Make du’aa. In this difficult situation, repent more and ask istigfaar(forgiveness) from Almighty Allah.

Patience at three times:
Musiiba (trails) strike the person for three reasons:
First to elevate status of person. When the person is tested, dirty and filthy things are removed from soul, through this his/her strength increases. In this way his/her status is elevated. So when you’re tested, be patient so that your status increases. When you’re patient from forbidden things, when you’re patient and pass over confusion and doubt that sheytan casts to you, you will find that your imaan increases, you become strongest version of yourself. So be patient in this age of great fitna, Insha Allah you who is victorious.

Second to wipe away person’s sins- the person may do many bad things while he/she is not aware. To remove his misdeeds, tests are one way. So when you are tested, rather than despairing and panicking, look at your many bad deeds and be patient. Ask forgiveness from Almighty Allah.

Third as punishment- when people transgress the limits of Allah, He sends trail as punishment. It is enough to look at past nation who were destroyed due to their sins.

So when you afflicted by some test, check your self and past deeds. And then turn to Allah for repentance and forgiveness. Be patient with tests.

If you thirst for success, try your best to be sincere in your deeds.



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