Path to Success and Happiness-No.9

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page June 2016 posts. Successful people are those when they make mistakes or fall into sins, they hasten to forgiveness from Allah and learn from their mistakes. They don’t allow themselves to sink into sins and mistakes until death overtakes them. They know that everyone makes mistakes but best of them is the one who repents to Allah frequently. Repentance and asking forgiveness are their key solutions of escaping from the burden of mistakes and sins.

Don’t worry much because others harm you rather worry when you harm others. Because when someone harms you, you get ajr(reward). But when you harm others, you incur punishment. Your good deeds(hasanaat) are given to others unless you repent sincerely.

When you become victorious over yourself, then you become victorious over others. Without being victorious over yourself, you can never be victorious over others.

When you fear and love Allah, you don’t feel loneliness and hopelessness. You feel tranquillity(sakina) and calmness. What an Excellent Mawla, What an Excellent Nasiir(Helper)! (see al-qur’an 22:78)

If everything you expect and desire happens, then know that your failure is near. Because you don’t know which of your expectations and desires lead to your failure. So when what you have expected doesn’t happen, examine its reasons and say Alhamdulillah. Because it is Allah Who withholds what harms you.

Although sins give the person little pleasure at first, it’s followed by painful internal and external disastrous. In contrary, good deeds at first it’s difficult and bitter, but latter on it is changed to spring of happiness and pleasure. So be patient in both cases– by abstaining from sins and doing good deeds.

Backbiting and suspicion are main causes of discord and weakness of relation among family members and Muslim ummah. When sheytan wants to create discord among family member and your Muslim brother/sister, he sows suspicion, hatred, backbiting, spying and etc. I experience how it is hard to resist these feelings. Insha Allah in the future we will discuss how to deal with suspicion and other feelings. All help and success are from Allah.

While paying price for success, you may lose many things. But what you lose as compared to your success is very low. Many people many times see losses and apparent gain rather than end result and huge gain as result of patience. They only see what present in front of their eyes but become blind from hidden treasure and success. For example, they turn away from Jannah (Paradise) and strive and focus only on this perishable world. Know that great and ultimate success is found in the hidden world.

When we pray salah (prayer) properly and with concentration, we get help and guidance from Almighty Allah. But if we take it as disdain, then life becomes hard.

If you praise and admire your nafs(soul), you’re on dangerous edge. But if you blame your nafs for your deeds, InshaAllah you’re in good state. For example, if you do bad things or speak bad or waste your time, then you blame yourself and try to correct yourself. You say to yourself “How and why did I do this? I don’t do again…” But if you forget and admire yourself, then it’s said that you have fallen into trap of shaytan (satan). struggle and try your best to get out of it.

Among forsaking the Qur’an is to listen to music (lyrics) rather than it. Music can be nothing other than voice of shaytan (satan). Music brings pain to heart. At first the person may gain little pleasure but latter on its pain is felt. He/she dwells in continuous disturbance, depression, insecurity and etc. But Qur’an gives you calmness and tranquility during listening and afterward. Imaam ibn Al-Qayyim said “music and Qur’an can’t live together in one heart. Either of them overwhelms the heart.” The one who listens to the Qur’an, he/she hates listening to music and vice verse.
So choose which gives you life (imaan). Indeed Qur’an gives you life. While music brings death of heart.

Lying upon Allah is worst crime. Lying upon Allah may take many forms. Among these saying that Allah has son/daughter as Christian, Jews and Arab pagans claim (Exalted is Allah above all these), making haram things halal and vise verse, speaking without knowledge, and etc. Today what spread in Muslim Ummah is to speak without knowledge about Allah, making something halal which is actually haraam. So we should be cautious from all these. Because sheytan motivates us to speak without knowledge (see suura Al-Baqara 168-169). If you don’t have knowledge about Allah or Islam, say “I don’t know”. Don’t argue with your opponent without knowledge. Saying “I don’t know” saves you from many things.

Every minute you use in best manner pushes you toward success. Every minute you loose, drag you back from your success. So try your best to use every minute in this Ramadan to be successful. Don’t waste it on backbiting, internet and on other useless matters.

Let your mistake be a means to ask Allah for forgiveness but let it not make you far away from Allah. If you make mistake or sin, hasten to repentance and ask Allah for forgiveness. These lessen the burden of your sins.

Your discouragement, confusion and suffering don’t last forever. Be patient until these feelings go away. During these time don’t take a serious decision because you regret badly afterwards. For example, if you disagree with whom you love may be your father, mother, sister, wife/husband and etc, don’t be hasty to severe relationship. Don’t listen to what shaytan whispers to you. Try your best to cast away those dirty thoughts. If you can’t cast away, don’t act upon it. Shaytan wants to your suffering and hatred. So be careful and be patient. If you suspect someone in the bad manner, don’t investigate and spy. Keep in mind that “Suspicion is the falsest speech.”

Fear for loss of Imaan (Islamic faith) and worst end that is at the time of death. Guard your imaan by doing good deeds, seeking knowledge, being patient, staying away from sins, making du’aa and zikr and etc. What lead to loss of imaan are doing and persisting in sins, not repenting and seeking forgiveness, not doing good deeds, not seeking knowledge, being arrogant, hater and envier, forgetting purification of soul, engulfed by this world and forgetting the hereafter and etc…

By avoiding doubtful matters, protect your religion and honour. The more you fall into doubtful matters, the more you approach to forbidden (haraam) things and at the end fall into it. For example, if you avoid chatting with opposite gender whom you can marry, you protect your religion and honour. On the contrary, if you chat, you have a higher chance for risk.

Your many year toils may be ruined by one minute’s sin. So be careful sins. Sins are the source of one’s destruction and doom. For the sake of little pleasure, you may dwell in the valley of regret and sorrow for years. Ask Allah to protect you from sins. Seek knowledge

As time passes, we see signs of Hour( The Day of Judgement) more and more. We have seen clearly in our very eyes what the Prophet (SAW) mentioned. These should increase our imaan and conviction (yaqiin) of Hereafter. Let’s reflect on signs of the Day of Resurrection. Reflect on the great deal of killing, prevalence of zinaa (fornication and adultery), nudity and etc. Where are these heading to? When you reflect on these signs, you run toward good and run away from evils because Day of Judgement is certain. Because you have seen its signs. So what’s left other than major signs and its establishment? Reflect!!!! Read these verses of Qur’an: 

Then do they await except that the Hour (The Day of Resurrection) should come upon them unexpectedly? But already there have come [some of] its indications. Then what good to them, when it has come, will be their remembrance?  (Suurat Muhammad (47):18 

Do they then wait for anything other than that the angels should come to them, or that your Lord should come, or that some of the Signs of your Lord should come (i.e. portents of the Hour e.g., arising of the sun from the west)! The day that some of the Signs of your Lord do come, no good will it do to a person to believe then, if he believed not before, nor earned good (by performing deeds of righteousness) through his Faith. Say: “Wait you! we (too) are waiting.”‘ Suura Al-An’aam 6:158

So Allah invites us to accept His call before this Day of horor

Answer the Call of your Lord (i.e. accept the Islamic Monotheism, O mankind, and jinns) before there comes from Allah a Day which cannot be averted. You will have no refuge on that Day nor there will be for you any denying (of your crimes as they are all recorded in the Book of your deeds).” Suurat Ash-Shuura 42:47 (Muhsin Khan English trans.)


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