Path to Success and Happiness-No.8

When you’re tempted to evils, remember your ultimate goals. Remember that evil drags you back from any goal let alone ultimate goals. It becomes bar and tar in front of you. Mind is disturbed and confused due to sins. Mind is opened and brightened due to good deeds and fleeing from sins.
Imaan brightens mind, illuminates heart, sweetens life. Only the one who tastes bitter darkness of life and then tastes sweetness of imaan does know fruits of imaan.

Due to your fault, don’t be embarrassed and remain there. Know that no one can succeed without making mistakes. Shortly, by doing what you are able to do, open your mind and eye, renew your life.

By comparing yourself with others, don’t lose happiness and peace. See what you have. By looking at smart phones in other people’s hand, don’t depress yourself by craving for and trying to buy it. Saying that I should be equal to others, don’t burden yourself with debt. Live according to yourself and your capacity. Don’t live according to others. Be grateful to Allah for what you have.

What an evil and immoral it is associating partner with Allah (committing shirk)! While HE is giving them everything they need, they revile HIM by saying “He has son!”, they worship deites other than HIM. Indeed kufr(disbelieve) is worst of all sins, it is disgusting and distorts sound human nature. It leads to Hellfire. May Allah save us from this filthy and evil thing.

As you embark on the ship of change, you may face different tornados that are going to sink your ship. So let not this tornado be a cause of your ship’s sinking, rather let it be a cause of moving forward. Ask Allah for help. You can’t face alone this tornado of life.

Let your worry for your Imaan be more than that of wealth. Because Allah gives wealth for whom HE loves and doesn’t. But HE gives Imaan (faith) only for the one whom HE loves. Fear for loss of your imaan and getting out of this world without it. Let your hope and fear be balanced.

Keys to success and happiness are these. When you read the Qur’an, ponder over these keys and others.
√ Being believer
√ Taqwaa (fear of Allah)
√ Obedience to Allah and His Messenger
√ Patience and salah (prayer)
√Doing good deeds
√ Tawakkul (Relying upon Allah)
√ Sincerity (Iklaas)
√Gratitude (shukr)
√ Being content
√ Du’aa
√ Zikr (remembrance of Allah)
√ Repentance and asking forgiveness
√ Knowledge
√ Staying away from evils
√ chastity 
√ Turning away from lagw (foul and non benefiting speeches) 
√ Jihaadu fi sabilillah (Struggling in the way of Allah)
√ Being dutiful to parents
√ Giving sadaqaa 
√ Purifying soul and etc.…

Basic elements of failure, confusion, unhappiness, depression, grief, despair, destruction and etc..are
√ Kufr (Disbelieving), shirk (Associating partner with Allah)
√ Hypocrisy (nifâq)
√Disobeying Allah and His Messengers
√ Not fearing Allah
√ Transgression and oppression
√ Being impatient
√ Giving up salah (Prayer)
√ Following sheytan and vain desires
√ Turning away from zikr (remembrance of Allah) especially Qur’an
√ Ingratitude 
√ Indulging in sins
√ Ignorance (Jahiliyya)
√ Being stingy
√ Preferring this world over Hereafter (Akhira)
√ Consuming Riba (usury) and etc..

See not length of your journey rather see result of your destination. Saying that life’s journey is very long, don’t go back from your goal(s).

As you dislike to be mentioned in bad way about you, detest to mention about others in bad manner. For example when someone backbites you saying “He/she is bad person, he/she does such and such with male/females…” You dislike hearing these and to be mentioned to others. As you dislike these, so dislike for others to backbite them in this manner. What a best solution bridling the tongue when there is no benefit in speaking!

This world is a place where you buy success or failure. “Buy success while there is market and its price is cheap, its goods is accessible.” There will come a time when market is closed, its goods is inaccessible. That is Day of Judgment. When good deeds become less.

Indeed the one who identifies your mistakes and try to admonish you, has done great thing for you. So take his/her admonition and try your best to fix your mistakes.

Allah guides and purifies whom He wills. So ask Allah for guidance and purification of your soul. Say “O Allah guide us to the path of truth and purify our heart.”

It is not good to express your happiness and success to everyone. When you express your happiness and success to them, some people envy you and search the way in which they bring you down, they put trap in front of you. Then without realizing and seeing, you may fall into trap. So look carefully to whom you express your happiness and success.

Among good characters is to turn away from non beneficial, worthless, empty talks and arguments. Instead using precious time in order to do good deeds that elevate the person to the higher status.
Your past either make you laugh or weep. So by looking at your past, build your present life. If your past is filled with success, thank Allah so that HE maximizes your success. If your past is filled with evils and bad things, don’t despair. Ask Allah for forgiveness. Repent, rebuild your life. Open new chapter your life. Yes throughout your life you may make mistakes that educate you. Through try and error you succeed. No stop from growing up.
The more you abstain from asking people and are content with what you have, the more Allah blesses your wealth and make you satisfied and rich. So be content with what you have and grateful to Allah, you will be rich. We have seen many people who are greed for wealth and not content with what they have have, then they have become bankrupted. Their wealth is not blessed. Don’t crave for people’s wealth. Ask Allah for help. Because HE is Al-Mughni ( The Enricher), Ar-Razzaaq but human being is poor and weak.. Let alone to enrich others, he himself can’t enrich himself.
As long as you restrain your tongue from speaking bad, you’re in good and peaceful state.

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