Path to Success and Happiness-No.7

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page May 2016 (half) posts
Staying on computer, Tv or mobile phone for more than 2 hours without break harms mind and body. If you do so, you lose sleep and your mind may be distorted. It doesn’t work properly. So take a precaution when using techno. Recent studies show that Tv brings great damage to mind. It hinders the mind from critical analysis and deep thinking.

Let not your past wounds and present negative thoughts drag you back from growing up. Lift your head up and see in front of you torch of success. Ask Allah for help. HE is best Supporter indeed.

By admiring brief success of unbelievers, don’t doubt your religion-Islam. This is only test for them. “Those who admire the apparent success achieved by some unbelievers, unaware that it is only a short term success, are like those who admire the swollen belly of a she-camel that has eaten poisonous plants, thinking it to be indicative of good health, unaware that its death is so close. Past nations provide very clear examples. Those who have succeeded them should learn the lessons to be derived from their experience and watch how Allah’s law never fails. Allah’s will is certain to be done. ” If you want, see Suura Al-A’raf 7:147, Suuraa At-Towbaa 9:55, sura Al-kahf 18:103-106

Sign of inferiority is not loss of wealth or status rather it is loss of Imaan. What an utter loss losing Iman is!

The criteria to be loved are believing truly, doing righteous deeds with sincerity and accordance to Sunnah, and staying away from evils.

Abshir soon cloud of worry and suffer will be removed. It will be replaced with easy and tranquility. But be patient and take lessons from your tests. Suffering and easy are only tests.

Foolish person is not the one who admits his mistakes and learn from it, but foolish is the one who persists in his mistakes and try to justify it to win his opponent.

If you try to please people and want to be like them, you will end up in worry and frustration. Do what is right and pleasing to Allah, then don’t labor to please people. Live your own life. Don’t live life of riya (showing off).

Know that your success and happiness depend upon degree of your obedience to Allah and then to your parents. Read history of noble Prophets and people, they are obedient to Allah and dutiful to their parents.

Working for one hour with attention and without distraction is better than working/studying for ten hours without attention. The same applies to goal. The one who has a clear and specific goal achieves greater things in a few years than the one who hasn’t clear and specific goal but works for many years. So when you work on particular task, focus on it, don’t allow distraction.
Hijab doesn’t only adorn the body, but it also adorns mind and heart. When the woman covers her body and mind from evils, she becomes brilliant and happy. Becuase evils and sins paralyse body and mind. So don’t feel ashamed while wearing hijab. Proud of it. Don’t listen to those who try to ridicule you. They are evils and oppressors.
As you want to marry a chaste girl, first you yourself be a man of chastity.
To change one bad behavior, it may take you months and years. You change this behavior only when you try hard to change it. Otherwise, it remains with you. For example not to talk much and suspect others, I used different tactics. One reading books,second writing this words on Desktop or making Facebook profile by saying “DON’T TALK MUCH, AVOID SUSPICION, AVOID ARGUMENTATION, KEEP YOUR TONGUE RIGHT” When you do like this, you remind yourself and abstain from such things.
Indeed shirk(Associating partner with Allah) is worst crime. It kills sound human nature. The heart becomes dead, eyes become blind, ears become deaf. A person who commits shirk is confused and doesn’t know where to go. Everything becomes dark to him. Life becomes hard and confusing. He has no freedom of thinking deeply. While he sees undeniable miracles and signs of Allah in front of him, he can’t believe. What they lack is not loss of signs rather their nature is corrupted due to sins, especially shirk. They only believe when they see torment of Jahannam (hellfire). No signs can convince them. May Allah protect us from this. Ask Allah to protect you from hardness and death of the heart. Becuase it is the worst calamity. Death of heart leads to ultimate failure, that is fire.
Don’t talk much about your good deeds, it may not be acceptable by Allah because of your bragging. Talk about your good deeds if it is to motivate others. Otherwise be silent. “As you conceal your bad deeds, conceal your good deeds.”
“When human beings submit to Only Almighty Allah, they are saved from the yoke of their desires, satan and other fellow human beings.” What an evil enslavement is to be a slave for own desires, sheytan and other fellow human beings!
Be smart with this world, don’t be deceived. Let not its adornment(ziinat) and glitter cover your eyes and heart from Hereafter(Aakira). Use it to reach your very end destination rather than being deceived by it. What this world can it be other than test? It is a place where who does good and evil are distinguished.
Tranquility, happiness and success come after struggle, hardships and patience. Today you may be in hardships and darkness. Be patient and strive until relief comes. If there were no hardship and tests, there would not be success. So don’t expect success without hardship and tests.
By focusing on your past mistakes and present defects, don’t hold yourself back from growing up. Learn from your past mistakes and try your best to fix your present defects, then change your life. Don’t live life of boring and sadness. Make busy yourself with good deeds. Working hard is the way to success and happiness. Idleness is source of depression, sadness, suffering, loneliness, boring, despairing and etc.
At these two cases sheytan hits mind youth badly. First, he casts doubt about Islam on their heart. When sheytan casts this on your heart, it may be hard on you to resist. It may confuse you and blacken your belief. It shakes your imaan. So at this time repeat saying”A’uzu billahi mina sheytani rajim” or say this Ayat ( 23:97-98) Islam is indeed as bright as sun. But sheytan confuses you. Especially concerning Hereafter (Aakira). So don’t give any room for doubts and suspicion. Ponder over the Qur’aan. Indeed it is a healer for diseased heart, mercy and guidance for believers.
When the person/youth can’t resist this, he leads him/her to second phase. That is desire and committing sins. The person leaves obligatory prayers. Then sheytan (Satan) kindles up the fire of desire and leads him to haram (See suura Maryam:59 and Suura A’raf:175). Indeed fire of desire and lust are cooled down when the person fears Allah and believes in the Hereafter.
So sheytan sometimes tempts you by casting doubts, sometimes by kindling up base desires. So be victorious by putting your trust in Allah, making zikr, du’aa, being patient, seeking beneficial knowledge, tafakkur, staying away from argumentation, not questioning much, staying away from sins and etc.

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