Throughout Your School

In one’s life, the best thing he/she can achieve is to gain knowledge and putting into action. Knowledge without action is like a body without a soul. Everyone strives to gain knowledge in different fields and branches. When one gets married the first thing that comes into mind is how to educate his child. Parents strive for their children so that they get a high-quality education. Most of the time parents focus on worldly education while forgetting religious education. Unfortunately, due to this they and their children are living a life of unhappiness, misery and distress. They only focus on the bread of body while forgetting food of the soul. How blessed are those who combined religious and worldly educations!

Insha Allah today we talk how one can be successful throughout the school journey especially for university students. The university is both best and worst places depending on the students. You can turn this place from worst to best or best to worst. How? In your family, if you were good and come to university and then mix with bad friends, you start imitating and following them if you don’t have strong willpower. On the other hand, if you were bad or good in your family, when coming to the university and mix with good friends, you will have a high chance to be good personality. For more, you can read my article “How To deal with friends”

Let us turn our attention to how to be successful throughout your school.

1.Planning Time
Among the keys to success is planning time plays a great role. Throughout your life when you plan your time, you become a productive person. You decrease the burden of your tasks and life difficulties. But the question is how to plan your time? Most of us speak about time planning, but we don’t implement it. Let Show you some techniques of planning time from experience.

First, divide your time into three.  First, for working or studying, second for Ibaada (worshipping Allah), third for resting. All these three are integrated. One enters to others.

Time for study or working- you can plan what you do Daily or weekly. Most time we say ‘I know what I do today’ but we don’t know where we waste most of our time. You say ‘For a few minutes, let me check Facebook, let me respond messages…” In this way, these social media absorb our time. Restrict using social media. Wake up in the morning. When you sleep morning until noon, your mind doesn’t work properly.  When you wake up in the morning, use your fresh mind and energy for studying. Don’t open social media. Use Google calendar to order your tasks. After you study for one hour or one-half hour take a rest. Especially if you are working with the computer, staying on it for more than two hours, exhausts the eye and the mind. You can not do your next tasks properly. Go out for 15 or 30 minutes. Then come back to your study or open social media for a few minutes and get out quickly.

Time for ibaadah are like praying on time, reading and studying Qur’an and Islamic books. When the time for prayer comes, leave all your works and run toward salah. If you miss salah while you are on social media or studying, you are bringing upon yourself worry and destruction. Pray in Jama’a. When you do this, you become productive and happy.

Rest- while taking rest, don’t take rest on social media. When finishing the study, students go to social media and disturb their mind. While responding to messages, they waste their time. Delete unnecessary applications and friends that disturb you with pop-up sounds. When you sleep, specify your time. Most time, we don’t know how many hours we sleep. Divide your hour of sleep. If you sleep for three or four hours consequently, then sleep other hours differently. For example, taking a nap at midday, renew your mind and energy. Even if sleep doesn’t come, stretch out for half or one hour. Do this as soon as you come from the school.

2.Staying away from the mind and heart disturbers– you don’t know one day how your mind gets burned if you don’t stay away from mind corruptors. Today young people are addicted to movie and films. They are intoxicated by pornography and serial movies. Their mind is being paralyzed and out of work. The ability of thinking deeply is being taken away. He/she is confused with what is clear and proper. They are losing peace of mind and tranquility. To protect your mind and your honor, stay away from movies, dramas, films, bad friends and etc.

Sometimes when the common people do bad things, it seems to you it is difficult to abstain from evils. When young people are asked why they do evils, their reply is because all people do. Let me restate these phrases

No matter how many people commit sins, don’t follow and imitate them. Many people fall into sins due to imitation. They may say to you,”All have a girlfriend/boyfriend. All do this. Are you unique? Use your youth age. If you don’t entertain yourself now, when do you entertain yourself? No matter you will repent later, Allah is gafurrahim…..” They entice you until you follow them. They are sheytan from people. Turn away from them. Never listen to them. Dear brother/sister don’t be deceived by these sheytan and foolish people. Even if you’re the only person who follows the truth and refrains from sins, never follow evildoers. No matter how much evil prevails, victory and success is for truth and to those who follow it. Do you know in history a community which is successful by committing evils? The end of evil is destruction. So don’t imitate evildoers. InshaAllah it is you who will be successful and happy.

You see in your environment due to their falling into evils, they hold themselves back from success. Their mind is disturbed and distorted due to sin. By watching serial movie and pornography, you see how their mind becomes paralyzed. All what we say is ‘Staying away from evils and sins gives you peace of mind, tranquility, sharpness of mind, being productive and clever, being successful in the short time and etc.” While indulging in evils and sin results in loss of peace of mind, depression, worry, frustration, hopelessness, loneliness, being unproductive and lazy, falling from goal, and etc.”

3.Drawing closer to Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta’aala)- you can’t protect yourself from the evils and become successful on your own power unless you have another power that helps you. In this life, you are in test every second. To pass every test, you need greatly help. That help is not human’s help. Human beings may help you. But it doesn’t remain with you for a long time. So where do you get a continuous help that remains with you forever? We answer this question by this Qur’anic verse (Aya):

O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” Suurat Al-Baqara:153
So when you draw closer to Allah through prayer and patience, you get His help. You are protected from the evils and become successful. Every time you stick to patience and prayer, you grow upward. Every time you leave these two elements or disdain them, you taste bitter results. Worry and frustration overwhelm you. Because through prayer (Salah), you get peace of mind, tranquility, strength, power and success.
To stick to prayer and patience, you need knowledge and action.  The best knowledge that strengthens your patience and encouragement is to study the Qur’an. Every day you just give it one hour with full attention. Reading its Tafseer opens for you the ocean of happiness and a new journey in life. Classical Tafseer Ibn Kathir has a good approach for those who want to understand the Qur’an.
In this way Insha Allah in your life you become a successful person. By focusing only on this perishable world, don’t miss a precious opportunity. Believe me, the more you draw closer to Allah, the more you become successful in your life. Experience and history taught us this. When you are far away from Allah, your affair becomes confusing and lost. Everything becomes dark to you. You don’t know what you shall do. This is what Allah says:
“…and obey not him whose heart We have made heedless of Our Remembrance, one who follows his own lusts and whose affair (deeds) has been lost. “ Suurah Al-Kahf :28
The last advice in this section for those who want to be successful are to ask more forgiveness after every prayer or outside prayer, making zikr and du’aa (supplication) and etc.
My people! Seek your Lord’s forgiveness, and then turn to Him in repentance. He will cause the sky to rain abundance on you, and will add strength to your strength. Do not turn away as guilty criminals.” (Suura Hud: Verse 52) To seek God’s forgiveness and to repent of one’s sins opens a new page and sets for people a new way to follow, where good intentions are translated into good actions. Their reward, then, will be abundant. “He will cause the sky to rain abundance on you.” They will have the rain they need for their farms and animals. They will prosper and have great harvests as a result of the abundant rain. “And will add strength to your strength.” Their strength, for which they were renowned, would certainly increase. “Do not turn away as guilty criminals.” The only thing which may withhold all this is their own attitude if they choose to turn away from God and accuse His messenger of fabrication.” Taken from In the Shade of The Qur’an Vol.9 page 209
This is way to prosperity and success.
4. Studying and working with good, but a few friends- having many friends is not important. Sometimes they lead to bad things and waste your time. Have good friends whom you trust. Be careful opposite gender. To gain little things, satan may tempt you to form a friendship with the opposite gender. This is a great danger. Today students when asked why they go with the opposite gender, they reply that in order to study. But this is corruption and self-delusion. While the fire of desire is being kindled inside, how do they understand each other? So by having good friends and staying away from bad friends, Insha Allah you can be successful.
5.Controlling frustration and hopelessness– sometimes when you walk in life, you face the darkness of frustration and hopelessness. When you see length of your journey and face some obstacle along the way, you feel hopeless and frustration. You say “When do I reach my goal? Many times left.” Sometimes such feelings hit every one of us, you are not unique. Remember that life is like the wave. Sometimes you go down, sometimes you go up. All wave are not the same. Also, every one of our lives is not the same.
When you face frustration and hopelessness, turn to the source that gives you hope and remove your darkness. That source is to turn to Allah in repentance and asking forgiveness. Read the Qur’an. Read books and articles such as from this website and etc. When you are frustrated and despair, don’t go to movies, films, music and etc. Rather than removing your darkness, they add you darkness upon darkness. At such time run toward good deeds, run away from bad.

Work for both worlds as much as you can. Don’t forget your share of Hereafter. Sadly, we see students today forgetting Hereafter and only pursuing this world. They waste most of their time on worthless things. They are unwilling to learn their religion while they have plenty of time. If you don’t use your time wisely, one day you regret badly when regret avails you nothing. So be wise. Don’t be deceived by this world and its glitter. It comes to end soon.

How To Deal with Friends


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