Path to Success and Happiness-No.4

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page April 2016 posts

Indeed sins kill human mind, as virus kills whole body. They distort sound human nature and make the person lose peace of mind and tranquility. The heart is hardened, ear is deafened, eye is blinded due to sins. They become burden to the person. To cure sins best way is to make sincere repentance and asking forgiveness from Almighty. This alone is not enough unless it is followed up with good deeds. When sincere repentance, forgiveness and doing good deeds are combined, they erase sins and bring back sound human nature and tranquility. So when you commit sins run toward repentance, forgiveness and doing good deeds, InshaAllah then you will find peace of mind and tranquility.

Indeed abundance (luxurious life) is harder in test than poverty or scarcity. Heart becomes hard and constricted when wealth becomes very plentiful. It is hard to be humble and thankful. It is hard to drop drop of tear from eyes for the sake of Allah. Through abundance fahisha (evils and immoral) things are being done. So before craving to live luxurious life, understand well test and calamity of wealth. Fear calamity of wealth as you fear poverty. If your heart becomes hard and turns away from the remembrance Allah because of wealth, is there any worse calamity than this (hardness of heart)?

“Modesty (hayaa’a) is dignity and tranquility.”

When sheytan wants to weaken the bond between you and your family, deen brothers, sisters and etcs, he sows suspicion, hatred and envy in your and their hearts. So when you feel suspicion, hate,and envy towards them, say ‘A’uzubillahi mina sheytani rajim” or read these Ayaat (Al-Qur’an 23:97-98). Make du’aa so that Allah removes these feelings from your heart and theirs.

We have no right to belittle other’s good deeds. When they give small sadaqa or do small good deed but you give greater or do more, don’t belittle theirs. You don’t know which one will be acceptable by Allah. Allah censured hypocrites in the Qur’an (9:79) when they belittled and ridiculed good deeds (charity) of Muslims. When Abdurahman Ibn Awf gave much wealth, they said ‘He is giving for show.’ When others gave small amount of dates, they said “He is showing his poverty. Allah doesn’t need sa’a of Abu Aqil (who gave small amount charity).” So be careful ridiculing other’s good deeds. (refer for detail tafseer of this Aya from Ibn Kathir).

When you are in course of change, you may make grave mistakes and taste bitter. But the result is amazing- if you learn from your mistakes and go upward. So in the course of change when you make mistakes, don’t be knocked down and remain there. Stand up and continue your journey. Also don’t forget this- when someone is on course of change, don’t belittle him/her due to his/her mistakes. Remember that change is result of your strive, patience and help of Allah. Stick to du’aa to bring real change in ur life.

Another way to happiness is to forget whatever good you do to others and expecting good reward from Allah. Even if they are ungrateful and harm you, you don’t worry for the good you had done to them because you do for great purpose. You don’t see those good things as loss if you expect reward from Allah. So when you give sadaqa or do good things for others, don’t expect from them gratitude and reward. (see Al-Qur’an Sura Al-Insan 76:8-9)

When you’re in depressing state, make wud’u and pray salah. Then insha Allah you get peace and calmness. Make first salah in your daily life, insh Allah you will be productive. If you’re going to exam or hard work, pray salah before starting your task. Don’t say I pray latter. Salah removes your worry and anxiety. To get this fruit, pray calmly and with concentration. Try your best to Cast away other worldly thoughts in salah. Leaving salah or not guarding opens sea of worry and depressions.

If wealth were sole source of happiness, rich people would be the happiest people in the world. Unfortunately, when they lose imaan, they lead miserable life. Life has no meaning without Imaan(faith). How dark and boring it is. Greatest ni’ima (blessing) is Imaan, not wealth. If you loss this worldly gain but your Imaan is healthy, don’t worry,don’t be sad. Fear for loss of your Imaan. Once imaan is lost, it is difficult to return it. A person without imaan is like a tree without root.

Sheytan(satan) defeats the person in two cases. During anger and through desire/lust. When the person gets angry, sheytan overpowers him and make him transgress the limit unless the person controls the anger. In the second case sheytan kindles up desire in the person. If the person doesn’t control, sheytan control him/her and make him his servant. So when you get angry, seek refuge in Allah. When your desire is motivated, again seek refuge in Allah & make much zikr. Run away from sins that sheytan motivates you to do. Seek beneficial knowledge, make zikr and du’aa. The more you make zikr, the more sheytan runs away from you. Be patient. So be careful at these two cases- during anger and desire
When the person makes this world his ultimate goal, he becomes servant of it. Inversily the one who makes hereafter his ultimate goal, this world becomes his servant. The first person loses real happiness and lives life of misery becuase his whole concern is only this world. He restricts himself to shortest and temporary enjoyment. When he loses it, he become sad and despair. But the later thinks for everlasting happiness and success. Losing this worldly gain doesn’t make him sad and despair. He knows well his end. This makes him happiest and succeful person.
If eye doesn’t see the truth, the mind doesn’t reflect over the creation of Allah and then the heart doesn’t believe in the oneness of Allah, what is their use?

You don’t know when, how and in which direction sheytan comes to you in order to mislead you.He makes something attractive and you do it unkowingly, then you remain with sadness and regret. So when you fall into his trap suddenly, don’t remain there until it becomes difficult to get out of it later on. So to escape from its danger, always seek refuge in Allah. Say ‘Yaa Allah protect us from sheytan as You protected Your choosen servants.” Repent frequently and ask forgiviness from Almighty. In this way you achieve happiness and success.

Treasure and blessing of patience are hidden from you. So be patient on everything to get these treasures. Be patient in doing good deeds. Be patient in avoiding evils.
If you avoid sins due to fear of people, your chance is very low in having patience in avoiding sins. Because people can’t see you in secret. But if you avoid sins due to fear of Allah, your chance is very great in avoiding sins. Because you’re aware of observance of Allah over you wherever you go. In secret and open you avoid sins due to fear of Allah. Then you get peace of mind and happiness.
Let not your mistakes be a cause of holding you back, but let it be a lesson for you.
By seeing those who do evils, don’t wish to be like them. The more you wish for evils, the more you’re driven to it. The more you dislike the evils, the more you are driven away. When you see those who hold hands and go together in haram relationship, rather than saying ‘I wish I had done like this’ say ‘Alhamdulillah all praise and thanks be to Allah Who saved me from evils and its consequences. If I were like them, I would be lost. O Allah protect me from this.’ In this way you get peace of mind and happiness.
When love of Allah occupies the heart, life becomes in order, happiness and tranquluity. When there is no love of Allah in the heart, heart is affected and disturbed by other loves. It has no peace and tranquluity. To increase love of Allah, try your best to understand and implement HIS Book (Qur’an) and remember His blessings and give thanks. The more you remember His blessings and thank Him, the more His love increases.
If you see everyone with eye of suspicion, you hurt yourself and others. You waste your mind and time with unnecessary thoughts and lose peace of mind. On the other hand, you may take action against that person based on your suspicion and then you dwell in the bulk of regret and greive. So be careful suspicion and qala waqila (chit chat).
Don’t give up salah by thinking that I have no kushu’u(humility), my du’aa is not responded. The more you try to have kushu’u in your salah, the more you approach to it. Kushu’u is gained through process and struggling. Today you want to concentrate on your salah, but you may fail. You may feel as if you haven’t prayed. Try again and again. Don’t be hopeless. Your du’aa has a reason why it is not responded. Through patience and struggle, one day your du’aa will be responded, you have kushu’u, you get tranquility and sweetness from prayer. So be patient and struggle until you achieve this. Don’t give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t make your sins type of joke and boastfulness. While Allah covers your sins, don’t disclose it. Repent to Allah and ask forgiveness. Is there any wicked person than he who boasts by his sins?

“When a person has taqwaa, he/she covers mental and physical nakedness”. Best garment is taqwaa as stated in the Qur’an(7:26). Because when taqwaa is planted in the heart, the person feels ashamed from committing sins and making herself/himself naked physically. `One of early scholars, says: “When a person fears Allah, he covers his nakedness. Thus he clothes himself with the the clothing of righteousness (libasu taqwaa).” When mental becomes naked of taqwaa, how could body be covered?

Al-Hasan once said, “O son of Adam, to abstain from a sin is easier for you than curing it later on through repentance. How can you be sure that you will not commit a deed so grave in its wickedness that the door of repentance will be closed before you?
Sheytan deceives worshiper(abid) in two ways. First he shows his good deeds as great as mountain. Then the worshiper feel pride and belittle others on the account of his good deeds. Sheytan makes him forget his bad deeds. He blows to him self-admiration( ujb). If the worshiper is not aware of this scheming of sheytan on time, then sheytan controls him easily. See in history how sheytan deluded many in this way. If we take kawarij as example, they were worshipers but they killed great companions of Prophet (SAW) just for the slight disagreement with them. So when sheytan comes to you in this way(when you feel self admiration and belittling others because your deeds are many), seek refuge in Allah and make du’aa, remember your bad deeds more than good ones, seek beneficial knowledge.
Second, when the worshiper makes mistakes or commit sins, sheytan makes him hopeless and plunges him deeper into error. So when you make mistake or commit sins, don’t be hopeless rather repent and ask Allah forgiveness quickly. Repentance (towbaa) and forgiveness (istigfaar) are cures for your sins. Always don’t feel secure from scheming of sheytan.

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