Path to Success and Happiness-No.3

This article is collection of Jireenya Badhaatu’s FB page March 2016 posts

No matter how many people commit sins, don’t follow and imitate them. Many people fall to sins due to imitation. They may say to you,”All have girlfriend/boyfriend. All do this. Are you unique? Use your youth age. If you don’t entertain yourself now, when do you entertain yourself? No matter you will repent latter, Allah is gafurrahim…..” They entice you until you follow them. They are sheytan from people. Turn away from them. Never listen to them. Dear brother/sister don’t be deceived by these sheytan and foolish people. Even if you’re the only person who follow the truth and refrain from sins, never follow evildoers. No matter how much evil prevails, victory and success is for truth and to those who follow it. Do you know in history a community which is successful by committing evils? End of evil is destruction. So don’t imitate evildoers. InshaAllah it is you who will be successful and happy.

Don’t praise people for what they haven’t done. Even if they did good things, by praising them much don’t cause them to fall. Rather than praising them, encourage with good words. For example, by saying,”You’re doing many good deeds, you’re brilliant man, there is no person like you/him….” You’re breaking his back. Because when the person is praised, sheytan makes him admire himself. Then this person slides from his goal unknowingly. How many people are there by craving for praise then they remained in the half way. So rather than praising people in this way, encourage them. For example, MaashaAllah! you’re doing good deeds, go on. May Allah help you. Don’t go back from your goal. Strive with patience…”
Now I have felt regret for praising someone. Insha Allah I won’t praise again anyone in that way.

When taqwa (fear of Allah) surrounded the heart, other fears vanish.” When your heart is filled with taqwa, fear of poverty, enemy, grieve, worry, depression go away from you. When taqwa fills your heart, you walk the earth with light of Imaan. You are not enslaved by your vain desires and sheytan easily. Allah makes for you furqan (distinguishing between truth and false) and makraja (the way you go out from difficulties and hardship). So by seeking beneficial knowledge everyday, let’s increase our iman, taqwa.

When you want to rise to higher level, you undergo different tests. Among these is internal test. Sometimes sheytan shakes your imaan. Confusion and darkness may cover you. At this time what shall you do? First seek refuge in Allah from accursed sheytan. Then be patient until this confusion go away. If you’re in dispute with someone, leave it. Block asking many questions. Asking many questions leads to confusion and doubt. Read the Qur’an. Make du’aa from your inside. O Allah guide me to the truth. Say du’aa from Suura Ali-Imraan 3:8

In your life have honest and sincere person. Sincere person doesn’t flee from you when you’re in bad situation. Honest person doesn’t lie you to gain this perishing world. Especially in marriage choose honest and sincere person even if he/she is poor. Lie destroys your life. Also try your best to be honest and sincere person.

By thinking,”I am youth. As other people I should entertain myself. Why do I tie myself? I have long time. I will repent and etc..”, don’t sink into sins and evils. These are trap of sheytan in which he deceives people. End of sins is no more than bitterness and destruction. At first you may get little pleasure. But at the end it plunges you into bitter and destruction. No one knows when death comes. So how do we dare to say we have long time while thousands of youth are being prey for death?

If you want to step on highest peak of success, stick to Qur’an, Prophetic Sunnah, du’aa, tawakkul, zikr, iklaas (sincerity), patience and taqwaa. Be moderate in your journey, Insha Allah you will reach your destination.

When your parents insult you or disagree with them or dislike one of their characters, what shall you do? First, when they go opposite of you, remember their debt(wulata) that they have undergone to grow you up. Often we forget their efforts and stand to oppose them. If they insult you, just smile and go away from that place, forget their words because their words are less painful than their pain to grow you up. When you disagree in something, leave your ego and look at the result of your disagreement. If your disagreement causes havoc and cutting relationship, agree upon their idea. Still don’t forget their debts. When seeing bad character on them, make du’aa for them. Let not sheytan deceives you at this point. He makes you look down upon your parents. He sows seed of hatred in your heart against your parents. Remember that because of them you have reached at this level. So swallow sheytan’s painful test and make du’aa. Remember Prophet Ibraahim (AS) how he dealt with his father. Even though his father was idolater (mushrik), Ibraahim was making du’aa for him.

You don’t know how and when you fall into sins unless Allah protects you. So to be saved from bad consequences of sins and evils, invoke Allah ( make du’aa). Say, “O Allah protect us from sheyxan, sins and evils.” This is way you can escape from evils of today’s world.

When the person knows his sins, he knows how weak he is. When you do many good deeds, sheytan makes you forget your sins and then make you feel arrogant. Then he admits you to his trap. He makes you look down upon people who are greater than you. So when your deeds seem to you many, remember your sins and then be humble. Remember than many people have done many more deeds than you. Remind yourself that any good deeds you do are only for yourself (See Al-Qur’an 29:6)- if you give sadaqa Insha Allah you are going to get ajr(reward). When you guide someone to truth, you are gaining ajr. So you are only striving for benefit of your soul. So is it befit us to feel proud(kibir). Remember that every good deeds you are doing is by permission of Allah. When you are protected from evils, it is mercy of Allah. Be grateful rather being proud.

Don’t form enemies around you. Live in peace. Run away from gossip and slandering. Get rid of hatred, envy and grudges. Gossip, slandering, hatred, envy, suspicion, grudge are roots of forming enemy among your brother and sisters. Talk less. Focus on your goal. Leave unnecessary things. Forgive others. Look over their faults. Apologize for your mistakes. Combat sheytan who casts to you suspicion regarding your innocent brothers/sisters. Stick to du’aa. These are the ways that you escape from forming enemies.

Control your feelings and emotion. Don’t be decieved on social media. If you fall in love from someone, don’t spread your feelings to the world. Refrain from posting, ‘I love you my…,I can’t be patient from you…” If you be patient with love pain and refrain from speaking loose words, Insha Allah Allah will reward you. Be patient and follow right way. If it is difficult for you, consult someone whom you trust.

We have not been sent to be controller over people. Don’t seek for their minute faults and try to publicize. While you’re trying to publicize people’s minute faults, your greater faults will be publicized.

Once you have started chat with opposite marriageable gender, then it is difficult to get out from its shackles. Sheytan can tempt you in this manner,”say selam to her/him, you will get ajr. Just say selam. There is no other thing that you do.” Of course giving selam is good thing, but sheytan drives you more and more to chat with her/him. If you don’t stop texting messages everyday to him/her, sheytan is gradually getting you into his hand. You may fall into sins unconsciously. The best way you can escape from today’s fitan(tribulations, trials, temptation) is not to mix with opposite gender unnecessarily, making du’aa and zikr, seeking beneficial knowledge and having taqwa, not chatting online.

Don’t make every decision on yourself. Discuss with certain people. If you’re husband, discuss with your wife and vice verse. Consult them. Don’t be hasty in taking decision. No matter how much you think you are knowledgeable, you’re always imperfect, you have some defects. When you make shura(consultation) with people and put your trust upon Allah, then InshaAllah your decision will be effective. You don’t worry much about decision when consult people and have tawakkul. But if you decide alone, you taste much bitter.

Is there any greater loss than being deceived by this world and going astray from the path of truth (Islam)?
Is there any greater loss than making this world ultimate goal and forgetting Hereafter?

When you fail into sin, don’t think as you will never change. Many youths have lagged behind due to their faults. They said ,”I have committed many sins. I can’t change myself.” Or they said,”Uff I am good person. Mercy of Allah is immense…” In this way they deceive themselves. If you’re good person, still you have many defects, you should strive hard to be better person. If you have faults, don’t be discouraged by them. Rather try your best to change those faults. Don’t compare yourself with others whether he/she is good or bad. Every nefs is responsible for its own deeds. You’re responsible for your deeds, is it not? So beautify your deeds.

When you need something from people, ask them small things. If you ask them much and repeatedly, they will hate you. Be content with what you have. As much as you can run away from debt. Except in very dire needs, don’t borrow something from people. Ask Allah for your needs. When people say to you, ‘Do you need this? Do I give you money?…”, don’t say yes unless you have any problems. Rather say “Jazakallahu keyran, Alhamdulillah I have, I don’t need.” Again be content with what you have, you will be richest, lovely and happy person.

At the beginning of your change sincerity and determination may be weak. But as time passes and your struggle continues, InshaAllah you will gain sincerity and determination. But don’t forget seeking sincerity and determination throughout your struggle. Because they are elements of success. You may taste bitter to get these two things. Two years journey has taught me this.

Let not people’s verbal attacks paralyze your resolve or determination. If people mock you for wearing hijab, don’t be despair and put off your hijab. Know that hijab is your honour and preserve your chastity. Stick to your principle. Don’t imitate today’s crazy life style.

Don’t depress yourself by suspicion and unnecessary thoughts. When you suspect innocent person, you’re trying to see what actually does not present. Sheytan comes to you and whispers to you unnecessary and unacceptable thoughts. Then you worry. At this time say ” A’uzu billahi mina sheytaani rajim” get lost from here (kazi tifa). Or make du’aa for the person whom you suspect. Say,”O Allah protect him/her from this.” Moreover, by gathering chat chit (qala wa qila) from people, don’t cause to your mind headache. Run away from person who brings to chat chit. These are the ways you can escape from suspicion and unnecessary thoughts. “Suspicion is false talk”

If you perform salah,you benefit only yourself. If you abandon it, you will only harm yourself. So don’t abandon daily five salah(prayers).

If you can’t forbid people from evils, don’t be helper for their evils. If you’re said that buy for me cigarette, don’t obey them. Once someone said to me bring me cigarette from my friend, but I refused him. I said to him let alone to carry cigarette in my pocket, I dislike to touch it because it is dirty. I can do any good things for you but I don’t compromise on evils. At that moment he disappointed and was angry at me. But latter on he joked with me. So don’t compromise on evils to please people while displeasing Allah.

It is surprising to see some people who follow other’s every footsteps and movements in order to search fault on them but they forget theirs. They worry for what doesn’t concern them. It seems as if they are sent as guardian over them. When they find what they want that is fault then backbiting and slandering are their job. They think of themselves as pure and others as evils. Don’t be among such people. If you find faults on others, try your best to tell them so that they fix. Otherwise don’t waste your mind and time on backbiting and ware(Amharic).

When you try to pursue other’s fualts and belittle tham, say to yourself “Sus! be busy with your fualts. See how many fualts do you have. You don’t know yourself, you are trying to know others?…., A’uzubillahi mina sheytaani rajim kazi tifa.”

See carefully who is most loved in your heart. Creator(Allah) or creatures?

The one who wants to be known or knowledgeable or successful at once become like blown balloon and constrict at once when air leaves it. So everything has steps. Follow those steps with patience and hardworking to achieve success.

Due to your skin colour, don’t feel ashamed nor feel superior. Human crucial measurement is not skin colour rather it’s taqwa(Fear of Allah). Have self confidence. If people try to look upon you for your skin colour, don’t be angry and frustrated. Feel free. Remember that you have a greater blessing than theirs. That is Islam. Proud of it. When we know Islam well and hold fast to it, we know our real identity and lift our head. We have self confidence and are respected wherever we go. Even if our enemy disrespects us, we know our position and would not feel inferior. Alhamdulillah what a greatest blessing having Islam! What a worst loss losing Islam!

By looking at your past footsteps and present defects, don’t be hopeless and grieve. Past has passed never to return. Forget it. Have a bright future. This can be done when you put your trust upon Allah. Do your best then say “I have relied upon Allah. What worry for future life of this duniya!” Often by returning to Allah and asking Him forgiveness, drop your burden of sins and errors. The more you ask forgiveness, the more you get peace of mind.
Don’t sever/cut ties of kinship for insignificant things. We can strength ties of kinship through visiting or calling them, doing good to them. We should try our best to eliminate envy, hatred, grudges, towards them from our heart. The believers (mu’iminuun) are those who keep ties of kinship. Yaa Allah make us among them.
Had Allah given us whatever we want from Him, we would have been ruined because we may want bad although it seems to us fair. Or we may want at inappropriate time. For example if someone asks ‘O Allah give me money’ and then if He gives him at this very time, he may be ruined due to proud, wrongdoing and wastage. So when making du’aa, don’t despair. Allah answers your du’aa at appropriate time and gives you gradually what you want. If you want to be scholar, He increases your knowledge stage by stage. So don’t give up making du’aa.
Today the one who thinks of you as insignificant, one day he/she will be embarrassed when you’re granted success and great achievement. History taught us this. So when you are ridiculed and discouraged, don’t despair and go back from your goal. Stick to your goal, step forward. Don’t care about what people say. Focus on your goal.

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