Path of Success and Happiness-No.1

The following article is collections of January 2016 posts on Jireenya Badhaatu Facebook page. Insha Allah others month’s collection will continue.

When everything becomes dark to you, when you don’t know where to go, turn to Allah. If everyone deserts you, He doesn’t abandon you. When earth becomes dark to you, make ablution (wudu’u) then offer salah (prayer). Invoke Allah with humility and fear, spill your tear. Spilling tear from your eyes lightens your burden and brightens the earth.

Ask your heart what type it is? Deseased or healthy or dead heart do you have? Then if it is not healthy,make yourself busy to heal it. If it is healthy,make yourself busy to keep it at right position or higher.

If you don’t put your trust upon Allah, you worry for your future, you grieve for what passed you. Put your trust upon Allah. Then say ‘Goodbye’ to worry, grieve and depressions. Focus on the present and do your best. Stop grieving for past,worrying for future.

Success is not one step process. It is accumulation of your try and error. It asks you to strive every day, every hour,every minute…. It is not accumulation of wishful thinking without strive.

You may regard some people as foolish and ignorant. But,sometimes latter you see this people in the position where you have not thought ever. They achieve incredible achievement. Although we see them as ignorant and foolish, they might struggle with their inner enemies and defeat them (Personal victory). Then Allah opened for them door of success. While we are saying “I am better than him/her.”, he/she becomes better than us. So don’t belittle people.

The more your imaan (Islamic faith) increases, the more you become satisfied and happy with little things. You reduce greediness for every things through imaan. So uplift your imaan in order to live happy life.

Choose someone for marriage who has taqwaa(fear of Allah). If you choose someone who hasn’t taqwaa but who has beauty and wealth, he/she may bring you great trouble. When lust fades up,marriage is thrown away like torn clothes. Indeed taqwaa makes the marriage sustainable and happy. Even if divorce happens, both sides separate in good manner. This is what Qur’an orders us,” Divorce is twice. Then, either keep [her] in an acceptable manner or release [her] with good treatment.” 2:229

Some people criticise for everything. Nothing can make them happy. No matter how much you endeavour to please them, they never be happy at you. They search for very little defect in your action. If you’re wife/husband for such person, what shall you do? (This needs satisfying answer, InshaAllah we will research it under marriage title) Speaking generally, do right thing as much as you can. If they always criticise you, don’t be demoralized by their speech. Have self confidence. But you too do not criticise for everything. Criticise for right and reasonable things.

Sometimes for no reason you get angry and frustrated. You may despair and be bored. You may get angry at innocent person for no reason. At this time, don’t allow sheytan(satan) to drag you into darkness and confusion. Seek refuge in Allah from cursed sheytan. Have a bright future. Be optimistic. Being optimistic means doing your best and then putting your complete trust upon Allah. Having Tawakkul.

Don’t argue much in your life. If you make mistake, acknowledge your mistake and say sorry. Don’t argue to justify your mistake. If someone makes mistake, don’t argue much with him/her by saying why do you make mistake? Something that has passed never returns. So overlook their mistakes and advise them. Other than this, don’t depress your life by argumentation and debate. Also don’t argue in order to gain superiority over someone unless to convey truth. Arguing to gain superiority over someone is futile.

Until you meet right person, at right time in lawful way, be patient and preserve your chastity.

Rather than joining in haram(unlawful) way, make du’aa (supplication) so that Allah facilitates and blesses your marriage. If there is someone whom you have loved but you can’t marry at this moment, make du’a for her/him in order that Allah protects you and her/him from evils. Say,”O Allah protect me and her/him from fitna/temptation, join us in halal way, pour on us patience. Increase his/her imaan and also mine.” This is way you lead happy life. Put your complete trust upon Allah.

Once you have started chatting with opposite gender on internet, it is difficult to get out of it. Due to this you lose peace of mind. So if you haven’t started yet, don’t start chatting. Sheytan whispers to you to chat. But resist. Be patient. If you have started already, cut off before it took deep root. When you pass pain of love, you will live life of happiness and dignity. To pass pain of love, train your tongue and heart with zikr (remembrance of Allah). You never find any medicine of pain of love other than zikr and du’a. Wherever you go, say “Subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar”, Astigfurullah wa’atubu ileyi” and other related zikr. Put these zikr on your tongue, then you will find its fruit.

The more you text many messages, the more you lose peace of mind. You are disturbed by peep pop sound of telephones. You lose stability and calmness in you life. You become less productive. So get rid of much texting and chatting. Block and clear away friends that disturb you. Get out from whatsup, viber and Facebook groups that add nothing in your life except worrying, disturbing, distraction from your study or task and the worst is to waste your precious time.

When you’re praised, guard your heart from arrogance. When someone praises you, sheytan sows seed of pride in your heart. He develops in your heart the feeling of superiority and arrogance. You start to say to yourself “I am superior than anyone because I am loved.” So flee from praises and fame. When you’re praised, don’t look at your heart as healthy. Blame yourself as you have diseased heart. If you don’t do this, sheytan seduces you easily. Say to yourself,”What diseased heart I have!” If you say to yourself “I have Healthy heart”, you’re opening wide door for sheytan (satan),he is gaining upper hand over you. So don’t be deceived by praises, fame and sheytan. Make du’a so that Allah protects you from evils of sheytan.

Flee from fame as much as you can. Due to fame many people lose peace of mind and live in depression. When they do fault, it is difficult to them to accept their fault because they think that their status will decrease. They do utmost to please people. When they are not accepted by people, they enter to another sea of depression. So don’t crave for fame.

Allah knows your good deeds. So there is no need to announce to the world. Before you speak about your deed, your deed speaks itself when you have sincerity.

When you feel empty and despair in your heart, know that you’re getting far away from the remembrance of Allah especially Qur’an.. So turn to the remembrance of Allah. Try your best to perform prayer with kushu’u (humility).

Sometimes you cry out of sadness, sometimes you laugh out of happiness. So when you are sad, be patient. When you are happy, be grateful to Allah, don’t be exultant. Live life of moderation and gratitude.

Let your tongue and heart be grateful to Allah and remember HIM. Insha Allah so that Allah adds for you another good thing. What is that? Good spouse.

Don’t wish for death when difficulties surround you. Look at your deeds that you’re sending to Hereafter (Aakhira). In what manner we wish to meet our Lord? With good deeds or evils? So don’t wish for death,soon your difficulty is removed. Rather put your trust upon Allah and run toward doing good deeds and flee from sins.

Dispel your worries by salah (prayer) and du’aa (Islamic supplication).

When you see many people indulging in sins, don’t follow them. Be unique in this aspect by being obedient to Almighty Allah and refraining from sins. When you do this, your dignity and happiness hit the peak. Hold fast to Islam because you walk among people with light of Islam while most of them lost this light and wander in darkness. Thank Allah much for granting you Islam. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah all thanks be to Allah Who has guided us to Islam.

Saying that I haven’t interest, don’t give up what you’re doing. To have interest compel yourself to do that task for one or more weeks. Once it has become your habit, then you gain happiness from doing that deed. So don’t give up.

Your happiness depends on your deeds. So do good deeds that bring you lasting and sustainable happiness and flee from bad deeds that bring you continuous sadness and depression. The best deed that brings you sustainable happiness is remembrance of Almighty Allah. While the worst deed that brings you continuous sadness is transgressing limits of Allah.

Keep secret of others, you will get peace of mind. Don’t disclose their faults so that Allah may hide your faults. Don’t make people’s faults topic of discussion and joke.

When you encounter something bad, remember your past sins or this test comes to you to make you stronger. So by focusing on negativity of trail, don’t be depressed. Rather than saying,”Where all these come?”, say “This has come to me due to my sins or to make me stronger.” Then wait patiently for positive outcome of your trail. Don’t be hopeless and frustrated. Be calm.

Let not words of mockers and demoralizer break your back. Don’t open the hole to make you hopeless and demoralized. Use their words as strengthening.

Think and wish for people goodness,you will achieve happiness. If you can, remove their sorrow and problems. Otherwise, be silent and refrain from increasing their sorrow and problems. Happiness is never gained from harming others.

Since your childhood be dutiful to your parents. Store their supplication on time InshaAllah you will reach where you haven’t thought. Exploit their supplication on time because their supplication is worthier than what all you have. Spill your money on them rather than spilling unnecessary places. Once they passed away, you lose all those supplications and treasures. So be wise. By being dutiful to them, InshaAllah you achieve happiness, success and prosperity in your life. So don’t miss this opportunity.

When you meet someone, learn from him something. I learn from people I have met. Either I emulate their character or fix my fault or learn their evils then run away from that. My life is not only changed by books I read but also changed through people. I learn my fault from them that I am unaware of.


On this page when you click on ‘See more’, you will find English translation of Oromo language.


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