The True Secret

“Happiness, health and peace of mind: those are the basic hopes and ultimate endeavours of every human being. Naturally, we are in continuous pursuit of happiness, health and peace of mind, but unfortunately  for many of us, life often seems a constant struggle. Meanwhile, people tend to be in an unremitting quest for material possessions, making that the focus of their lives, while health and happiness seem ever elusive.When a certain idea is repeated frequently enough, it gradually becomes engraved in our minds. Whether this idea is true or false, if we allow it, it soon takes root in our beliefs and becomes a mindset, or part of what we think of as’common sense’. Through the media, school curricula and workplaces, all day long we are fed a diet of the ‘virtues’ of consumerism. The value of a human being has been reduced to what he or she owns – money, car, house, fame, position – or even worse, to the way he or she looks; a man should be handsome and attractive, while a woman should be beautiful, with a nice, slim figure. Blindly copying the opinions, customs and manners of others can be very dangerous. It can cause us to hold false beliefs and to submit to erroneous modes of thinking. “Click the following link to read more

The True Secret


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