An Interesting stories here dear brother and sister. Read! A very rich businessman was once relaxing in his home when he heard someone knock on his door. When he opened the door, there standing before him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his entire life. He yearned for her and invited her to come inside. But it was not to fulfill his desires that she came; rather, she came because she was extremely poor and was forced to go around begging for money. He ignored her plea for help and instead insisted that she come inside. She answered him in a clear and dignified tone, “Death is better than disobeying my Lord.”

She left but then returned after a number of days. Her situation had become more desperate and again she asked him to help her. The businessman answered her as he did the first time.

With tears flowing down her cheeks, the girl entered his house. Again she pleaded, “Please! Feed me for the Countenance of Allah!”

“Not! unless you allow me to satisfy my desires with you,” said the man, both coldly and hungrily.

Death is better than the punishment of Allah,” proclaimed the girl.

As she was leaving, her sincere words echoed in the mind of the businessman, and after a long life of sinning, sincere tears of remorse flowed from his eyes for the very first time. He repented to Allah and then fed the girl. He later married her and they enjoyed a happy marriage together.

[So, in the end, he got what he wanted, except that he got it in a lawful manner. And that is what made all the difference].


Both of them lived in a small town that was populated by only tens or hundreds of people. He was in love with her, and so when he saw her walking alone one night, he followed her until he had her cornered. When he came near to her, he said, “Woman, I crave for you.”

She said, “First go and see if all the people are asleep.”
Very pleased at her response, he walked around the town and returned. “Everyone is asleep,” he said.
“What about Allah Azza wa Jal?” she asked. “Is He sleeping at this hour?”

“Woman, what are you saying?” he exclaimed. “Indeed, Allah does not sleep: neither slumber nor sleep overtake Him.”

“The One Who hasn’t slept and doesn’t sleep sees us, even if people don’t see us,” she said. “Do you not fear He Who neither sleeps nor is heedless of anything that happens?”

The man left her alone with tears flowing from his eyes, having nothing in mind except the desire to repent to the One Who neither sleeps nor is heedless of anything that happens.

source Stories of Repentance


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