Peace of Mind-Part 3

16.Tv and internet- today our mind has lost peace of mind due to Tv and internet. Thousands of information that flow of the internet and Tv to our mind is bombarding our mind. Humanity is experiencing painful depression and suffer due to media. Of course media has advantages if it is used in a proper way. But if it is not used properly its price is heavy.
If it is said 99% of Tv channels aimed to destroy humanity, it is not far from the truth. They propagate propaganda and immoralities. Evils are spreading due to internet and Tv.

Have we considered harm of watching Tv and YouTube for a long time? Have we considered how watching horror and immoral movies and films are affecting our minds? You may watch movies to gain little pleasure, but it causes great damage to life and health. People imitate what is done in movies. Then they throw their lives to destruction. Those who are addicted to movies and games become lazy and unproductive. They lose peace of mind.

Even those who watch YouTube for educational purpose gain little thing from it. One of my friends said, ‘I watch YouTube to learn something, but I get a little thing. Reading the book is more beneficial.” When you open YouTube, you can’t restrict yourself to a Video rather you open ten videos at once. Then your time is wasted without many benefits.

When you watch Tv, your mind receives much unnecessary information that disturbs it and erase beneficial knowledge. When I watch Tv, what I gain is a headache and disturb of mind. Due this I dislike watching Tv.

Let us return to internet drama. It is time taking to count and find a solution for what is being done on the internet. Today what makes us worry and lose peace of mind are chat and uncontrollable internet usage. We post something on the internet, then if people don’t like then we worry and löse peace of mind. When we upload photos, we want admiration and other things. If we write something then people don’t like, we worry. Becoming famous today is very easy, but it has great harm. Let us quote some of our predecessors’ sayings regarding fame:

Ibrahim ibn Adham: ‘A slave who loves fame has not been truthful to Allah.’
Dawud al-Ta’i used to say: ‘Flee from people just like you would flee from a lion.’
Sufyan al-Thawri: ‘If you can become a scholar without being known, then do so. For indeed the people, if they knew what was in you, they would eat your flesh.’
Bishr ibn al-Harith: ‘I do not know a single man who loves fame except that he loses his religion and becomes disgraced. No-one who has fear of Allah, loves to be known amongst the people.’
He (rahimahullah) also said: ‘A man who loves that everyone should know him, will never find the sweetness of the Hereafter.’

These quotes are enough for us from craving for fame and then losing peace of mind. As for chat it is enough to block unnecessary friends who disturb us just to pass the time.

17. Having fewer friends– many friends can’t give us peace of mind. All friends are not good for you. They envy for the blessings you have been given. They seek the way to destroy you and the blessing. If you tell them your success, they don’t see in good eyes.

Having many friends makes the life boring. Regarding friends, Prophets Muhammad(Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

Narrated Abu Musa:
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, ‘The example of a good pious companion and an evil one is that of a person carrying musk and another blowing a pair of bellows. The one who is carrying musk will either give you some perfume as a present, or you will buy some from him, or you will get a good smell from him, but the one who is blowing a pair of bellows will either burn your clothes or you will get a bad smell from him. Sahih Al-Bukhari 5534

By having few good friends we can get peace of mind.

18.Listening, reading and pondering over the Qur’an, listening to Islamic lectures– If you listen to music, you will get more than hardening of heart and worry because most musics are about romantics and fantasy. They have no words that inspire you to a higher goal. Inversely Qur’an inspires you to sublime horizon. When listening to it, your heart finds rest. When you read with understanding its meaning, it showers you with a fountain of happiness. When you become hopeless and worried, it gives you glad tidings and remove your worry. So when you lose peace of mind, listen to the Qur’an, read it and study. We should study the Qur’an everyday because it is our guidance. If we don’t try to understand this guidance, what kind of life do we lead? How many hours we waste on social media. If we study the Qur’an everyday carefully, our whole life will change. Philosophy can’t bring real change in our life. Because philosophy is dry knowledge which is not based on Divine revelation(wahyi). Many people by leaving the Qur’an, they cling to philosophy to change their life. They are still there, they don’t grow.

So to change our life from root, we should study the Qur’an with an open mind and prepared heart. If we can’t, rather than squandering our life by musics and movies, let us listen to Islamic lectures. This gives you peace of mind.

19. Reading good books– Books are sea of knowledge. All books can not give similar benefits. We should identify the books that give us more benefits. Reading good books is a source of joy and happiness. You drink from its spring of knowledge happiness. Through reading books mind is sharpened, vision is opened. Let us quote some sayings of scholars regarding virtue of reading books:

Abu ‘Abdullah Muhammad bin Isma’il al-Bukhari was asked:
“What is it that strengthens one’s memory?”
He replied: “Constantly looking through books.”
Ibn al-A’rabi said:

We have company who sit with us and do not bore us * Loyal ones who can be trusted while they are present or away;
They benefit us from their knowledge of what happened in the past * And intelligence, manners, and opinions that are correct;
With no fear of conflicts or bad companionship * And one does not fear from their tongue or hand;So, if you say that they are dead: nay! You are a liar * And if you say they are alive, you are not far from the truth…

From what was memorized in the past:

What a great speaker and companion the book is! * You can seclude yourself with it if your friends bore you;
It does not reveal your secrets, and is not arrogant * And you can gain from it wisdom and uprightness…

The book relieves the concerns of its reader * And when he reads, his exhaustion disappears;

What a great companion it is if you seclude yourself with it * You do not fear it plotting against you, or causing commotion…

We should not only read acedamic books. We should read at least one Islamic book per month. In this way we can get peace of mind.

20. Seeking refuge from the accursed shaytan(Satan) in Allah-Satan casts evil thoughts into our hearts. He worry us about unnecessary things. For example, he may cast suspicion into our mind. When feeling doubt about your religion or suspect good person whom you know well with no proof, seek refuge in Allah. Sheytan casts into peoples’ hearts doubt about Islam. At this time it may be difficult to you. You may feel confusion and darkness. While the truth appears clearly, sheytan tries to display truth as falsehood and vise verse. At this time, be patient and seek refuge in Allah, read the Qur’an. Don’t try to ask many questions becuase when you ask every question that crosses your mind,you may end up in confusion. The more your knowledge increases,the more your doubts are removed and your questions are answered. Be patient in this process.

Some people say that they seek refuge in Allah from accursed sheytan but it doesn’t go away. Ibn Jawzi (May Allah have mercy on him) says that the departure of satan from the person depends on Taqwa(fear of Allah) the person has. If a sword is sharpened well, it cut off enemy’s neck. But if it blunts, it doesn’t cut off the neck. Likewise, of taqwa of the person is strong, it chases away Satan quickly. If it is light, then Satan doesn’t go away easily.So we should strive to increase our Imaan(faith).

When you get angry, seek refuge in Allah from accursed sheytan(satan).

21. Going to picnic– always staying at home may bother the mind. The mind needs fresh air. When going to picnic, we should contemplate over the creature of Allah. When you contemplate (tafakur), your mind sees new World. You open new book. Your mind gets refreshed and renewed. Look at the sky, which has no hole, no break, no defect. Subahanallah. Look at the sea. Look at birds and plants that brings joy into your heart. So how can one deny existence of Creator while all these proofs are present in front of his eyes?

Final note:
So far we have listed the ways to peace of mind. The person who applies these methods to his/her life,Insha Allah he/she will get peace of mind. Many people want to get peace of mind through diffirent ways,but they end up in depression and frustration. Follow right way and stay away from wrong ways, you will get peace of mind. Assalamu aleykum wr wb. If I get free time, Insha Allah I will write another article in English. For more articles in Afan Oromo click  SammuBani (Open Mind)

Above qoutes are taken from the following articles


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