Peace Of Mind-Part 2

9. Eating and drinking moderately– too much eating and drinking not only cause health problems, but they also cause loss of peace of mind and less productivity. When you eat and drink too much, you are exhausted mentally and physically. Your body gets tired, your mind is closed. When the stomach is full of food and drinking, the brain can no longer accept knowledge. Moderate eating and drinking, give you peace of mind, high productivity. When people become slim, they eat too much to get fat. But this may lead to obesity and mental disorder. Luqman Al-Hakim is quoted as saying “when you eat, keep your stomach.” This means when you eat too much, you get tired from performing ibaada (worshiping Allah). Eating and drinking too much are cause of anger and rage. The person who lives in luxury life, it is difficult for him/her to control anger. It also kindles up lusts. Due to this rape and fornication are more widespread in luxurious countries. Avoid or reduce these items in your Daily meals. Gases such as coca cola, Pepsi,.. Instead of this drink milk, eat honey, fruits, vegetables. Especially the honey plays a great role in your health. It sharpens the mind. Alhamdulillah I have not missed honey for five months.

10. Modarate talks– the more you talk much, the more you lose peace of mind. The Mind is wasted with unnecessary information. When we backbite and slander someone, it may seem to us that we are getting pleasure. But we are making our life worse and delving in sins. After some time it causes painful regret and sorrow. Backbiting and slandering throw hatred and suspicion in our hearts. Then we worry about what doesn’t concern us. We loss peace of mind. The day I get peace of mind most is the day I mix with people less and spend my time with reading.

When we lose what we should talk and joke, we backbite and joke on people’s reputations. Abu Bakr Sidiq (May Allah pleased with him) is quoted as saying “There is no anything on earth more imprisoned than tongue.” When we use our tongue in a good way, we get good results. Keeping silent for useless talks is to open gate of happiness and success.

Today, many talks are conducted on the internet. These bring great damage to humanity. Relation and love is being weakened. Everyone sticks to the internet. We talk less and exchange our feelings. The more you chat on the internet, the more you lose peace of mind. Peep-bob sounds of mobile steal your attention and disperse your concentration. When you write to someone wrong message, afterward you feel painful regret. If you want to talk someone, call him/her. I prefer calling because I save my time and speak what I want. But texting messages restricts these. It costs you too much time and less understanding.

To get peace of mind block unnecessary friends, delete unnecessary Chat appls. Such as Facebook application and Messenger. To stop chat on Facebook and using less I struggled at least five months. Alhamdulillah now by escaping from chat, I get peace of mind. Of course, sometimes there are urgent issues. At this time we should respond positively and stop unnecessary talkings. If it is your family, call them rather than boring them with short texts.

11. Working hard– sitting without work is base of destruction and depression. The mind wants to entertain itself by doing good works. When it becomes idle, it eats itself up like fire eating wood. Work is the rest of the mind. The person who earns by his sweat sleeps good sleep. But the one who earns by robbing or illegally can’t get peace of mind. If we make busy ourselves with good deeds, we don’t have time to commit sins. We sleep better sleep in night. We get peace of mind. Working hard for Aakira(hereafter) and this World opens for you gate of happiness and success. But if we make busy ourselves with only one World especially this duniya(World), we are shutting door of happiness on ourselves even though it seems to us that we are getting happier. So by working hard for Aakira and this World, get peace of mind…

12. Sleeping moderately– sleeping too much or too less kills capacity of thinking and understanding. It blunts the mind. One symptom of depression is loss of sleep. When we lose sleep, we are frustrated and depressed. To solve this problem everyone may use different methods. Let me list some that I use. When I sleep too much in one week, İ will lose sleep in the next week. In this next week I may sleep 3 hours per day. During this time, when sleep doesn’t come on time and my mind gets tired, I just stretch out in bed even for two hours without sleep. I control frustration and just lay down. During daylight, I don’t think about last night’s loss of sleep. I just proceed with my work. Another method is to read books when I go to bed and making ablution (wudu’u) and praying Salah,witr. This is my methods, tell us if you have. Writing your name and email in the comment box is not necessary.

13. Staying away from addiction– to stay away from addiction, keep away yourself from those friends who are addicted to different addiction. They said ‘Try!’ But after sometime you like them. Be courageous and brave to win over your friends. Don’t allow them to swallow you. On the Day of Judgment the one who had been deceived by friend(s) will say this: “Oh, woe to me! I wish I had not taken that one as a friend. He led me away from the remembrance after it had come to me. And ever is Satan, to man, a deserter.Sura Al-Furqan 25:28-29

So take a good friend in your life. Leave others. In sha Allah, we will talk later on. Addiction not only comes through friends, but also it comes through struggling with depression. To remove their depression and anger, people try smoking and drinking. Then they remain there. So when you worry, turn to Allah, make ablution (wudu’u) and pray salah (prayer). “Through the remembrance of Allah hearts find rest.” When you prostrate, worry go away from you. But smoking and drug increase worry and make life suffering.

14. Planning time- planning time is another way you get peace of mind. Through planning you finish your work on time and reduce your loads. It may be hard to you to plan every day. Stephen Covey presents four generations of time management in his book called “7 Habits of Highly Effective people” What draws my attention is fourth generation that is disciplining own self. When you discipline yourself in time management, Insha Allah you become effective. Alhamdulillah I started new time planning that is to plan what I should do in one week and then controlling at the end of the week. By writing what I should do in this week on PowerPoint and then making wallpaper of computer, I remind myself. Also, I plan Daily if necessary. This saves you from confusion and wasting your time. We said earlier working hard is the way to peace of mind. To Word hard we need to plan our time and disciple ourselves. This is the way to peace of mind.

15. Doing sport- we don’t take too much time on this. All of us know the importance of sport. It keeps our body fit and healthy. So doing sports is the way to peace of mind. Until we meet next week by next part Assalamu aleykum wr wb. like


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