How To develop Reading habit

To develop reading habits, let me list some points from experiences:
1. Choose inspiring and motivating books- To develop yourself in anything, you need motivation and glad tiding. If you want to develop yourself and rise to sublime horizon, you should start from small and few things. AS Turkish proverb says “Damla damla göl olur.” direct meaning is “small drop of water becomes lake” Its indirect meaning according to Tureng dictionary is “small is the seed of every greatness” So to be a great personality, you need to build yourself through small bricks of deeds. Choose books or articles that push you forward and call you toward success and happiness. Before going to huge number of pages of books, just read articles and few numbers of pages of book. Read articles that remove your sadness and bring light of happiness and success.
2. Compel yourself- Forming habit at first is hard and also abandoning is also hard. Compel yourself today to read one article or few pages of book in one hour. No matter how much it is difficult to you, be patient for one hour. Put away distracting things such as mobile and computer. Put them for one hour in your bedroom, then go to study room to read few pages of book in one hour. If you compel yourself for one week in this manner, then it becomes easy for you in the next weeks. At first week be patient and swallow bitter of patience, then InshaAllah you will be successful.
3. Try your best to act upon what you have read- If you don’t act upon what you have read, still you can’t move forward. Implementing what you know may be difficult at first. Don’t worry to implement what all you have read. Just implement few at time. As your reading capacity increases and in the process of personality development, you use them gradually. The first inspiring book I have read when I came to Turkey was “Düşün ve Başar”(Think and Success). Alhamdulillah this book helps me in walk of life. I have implemented it gradually.
4. Be patient and see in front of you fruit of your reading and implementing- When you start something, you don’t see the result in second. You need to be patient and hardworking. As time passes and your working is going on, you start to see its fruits. To be a good person, you should strive and be patient. Through patience and struggle, you become happy and successful.

5. Stay away from things that erase your knowledge and blur your vision- In the process of seeking knowledge, I came to know that sins are blocker of knowledge and blur the vision. So my solution to achieve my goal is staying away from sins such as watching films and movies, speaking and laughing with marriageable opposite sex unnecessarily. Indeed, the eye becomes blind due to sins and the heart can’t distinguish truth and falsehood. If you want to be intellectual and brilliant person, stay away from sins and learn more. Ask Allah for knowledge and wisdom.

6. If you can, teach others- The more you teach others, the more your knowledge increases.


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