Forget your worries and keep yourself busy

“If you have done what you can to deal with a problem, then distract yourself with a hobby, reading or some work. Keeping yourself busy in this situation, will take the place of anxiety, for ~”Allah has not made for any man two hearts inside his body .. ” (cf Qur ‘an 33: 4). Let us assume that the problem is a child’s sickness. The parent (father or mother) does what he or she can to give the right medicine properly, then he or she spends the rest of his or her time doing something useful.

When faced with a current problem, it is fitting to remember difficult problems that you have gone through in the past, especially major problems that were more serious than the problem being faced now. Remember how Allah helped you to solve it, to such an extent that remembering it now brings nothing more than a smile and a feeling of self-confidence. If you can remember that, you will feel that today’s problem is just like the old problem; it, too, will pass and be solved – by Allah’s leave.

Seek a positive answer to your problem, and it is certainly not going to be more negative than positive. lbn al-Jawzi spoke wise words when he said:
“Whoever is stricken by a calamity, let him imagine it as being worse than it is, and imagine its reward. Let him also imagine a calamity greater than the one befalling him. Thus, he will realize that it is a great blessing that the calamity is no greater than what it is, and hope that it will be relieved soon. If it were not for intense calamities, no one would hope for the time of relief.”
“A wise man said: ‘I have never regretted what I did not say, but I have often regretted what I did say.”‘

Taken from You Can Be the Happiest Woman in the World Page 237-238


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