Mind Reader

Mind is a place where our thoughts originate from. If we store information in our mind and keep it as secret, no one knows except Allah unless we disclose it. So the mind is a best depot to store whatever we wish. The one who tries hard to dig out what is in our mind, he/she ends up in despair and stress. Mind reader is a serious problem in this time if it is out of control. This may arise from suspicion and expectation.

When we suspect someone, we wrap boring and unacceptable thoughts in our mind. Let me start from disappointment. When we face someone with a pile and dark face, we start reading his mind. We say, “what happened to him?, Did I speak any words to him last time?, Why does he face me today with dark face while I have done to him a lot of things? Has he disliked me?…..” We think many satanic thoughts until we depress ourselves. Even we think that we should cut off relationship with him in a short time. By reading his mind out of context, we hurt our relationship. Why do we not ask him the reasons for his disappointment rather than reading unseen things? Why don’t we say, “What happened to you?, Does I or someone else make you angry? If I speak to you bad words, please pardon /forgive me.” Speaking in such manner saves us from delving in mind reading and stress. If we fear or shy to speak to that person, let us forget reaping unnecessary thoughts in our mind. No matter how much we try hard to access what is present in the other’s mind, we never access to it unless they disclose.

Another branch of mind reader is suspicion. Suspicion has its own negative and positive effects. But many times its negative effect outnumbers the positive one. Especially in marriage life. Suspecting good persons in an unacceptable manner worsen the relationship among community. The main target of satan is spreading hatred among us by sowing seeds of suspicion and evil words. We read his mind while it contains another paragraph that’s different from ours. We try hard to write suspicion paragraph while his/her mind hasn’t thought such things. This problem mainly arises between spouses. He suspects her for what she has never done or thought. Then the fire of conflict starts to spread. He has read her mind without proofs. If he suspects in a such ill mannered, why did he choose her at first place for marriage? So reading other’s mind in suspicion form has its own physical and psychological problems. It throws you to ocean of depression and continuous thinking. Not only in the marriage life, but also when we see other’s faults we start suspecting him. Even if we see thousand good things about him, we tend to judge as bad person because of single fault we saw last time.

Another branch of mind reader is expectation. Self importance is a fire which is planted in the human heart. Only someone who believes in Allah and has a sincerity saves himself from self importance. It is not easy to get rid of self importance. It asks hard working and struggle with nefs (soul). Craving for authority, recognition and etc is human nature.But this should be put under control. People want to be famous by something. They search for the way how they achieve these. They may succeed or fail. They try to read people’s mind, what they think and what they do. If they fail from what they craving for,for example acceptance and recognition, they may throw themselves to destructions.
If we are insincere in our actions, portraying just our images puts us under people’s feet. If we expect acceptance of people with little efforts, our work becomes worthless. Let me come to the point. Suppose that someone gives charity to someone else by seeking honour from people. If no one honors him,what does he feel? He has read people’s mind in such a way that they give him honor and gratitude. But even if he gets what he wants from them, his deed is worthless in Islamic perspective. Because it is done for showing off and without iklaas(sincerity). The deed which is done without sincerity is worthless that has no root to grow upward.

By saying to ourselves,”People admire me if I do or speak such and such things.”, we propose massive expectation from them. But if we haven’t gotten what we want, we would despair and worry. So by getting rid of such thoughts, we can resist mind reader.
Final note
When we list all of these we are not saying that mind reader is a bad habit that we should get rid of it. But rather we are saying that mind reader has both positive and negative effects. For example, if someone doesn’t want to tell us about his problems, we should find a way to help him. We may read his mind by saying,”He may lose such and such things.So let me do this.” We should use mind reader in the proper way to be successful and happy in life.


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