Welcome To Turkey

Posted on September 22, 2015

First of all I would like to congratulate you for being Turkish scholarship holders. You are not coming to Turkey for nothing by crossing miles. You have definite goals, not true? Even animals cross miles to search for their food. This is their define goal.Human being is more honorable and on higher position than animal. He is created for a great goal. The greatness of his goal makes him more honorable and vicegerent over earth than any creatures. So you have a goal where ever you are  on this earth,not right? If you haven’t had a goal yet, we wouldn’t degrade and disgrace you. Rather,we show you how to set up your goal and be successful. Stay with us.

As you know we all have come to Turkey for educational purpose. But this is not our only goal for coming Turkey. We have greater goals. Among these is being good mannerism and productive youth, being responsible for our actions and knowledgeable youth. To achieve these goals Turkey has wide opportunity. But who and how can use these opportunities? All of us can use these opportunities if we make some steps forward. What are the steps?

Set up your goal- you may be confused with your free time what should you do. You may say, I haven’t any task to do in my free time. So I can play games and twist with internet for a long time. This makes your life miserable and unhappy. So why don’t you set up great goals?  You may say what kind of goals? Changing your life from miserable and unhappy to enjoyable and happy life is not a great goal? Searching for that way is not a goal? Reading beneficial books and listening to beneficial lectures is not a goal? We can list many. Choose which ever you wish. Drive yourself forward. Think what is affecting your life. Your behavior or internet addiction or drug and cigarette addictions?

You might not think in your home country other than education. But education is a means to achieve your goal. But it is not a goal itself. Your goal may be happiness. Through education you achieve happiness. Only one mean or one way can’t achieve your goal. You should search for varies means. To be productive and effective youth in Turkey, you should set up your whole life goal. Setting up and being steadfast on your goal may be difficult at first. Don’t spare any effort to search for the way in which you achieve your goal. You may face obstacles at this moment. Obstacles come to strength you. But don’t be hopeless.

We see many guys who have come to Turkey twisting with internet and waste their time worthlessly. Even their behavior become worse than before. The main problem of this is not having a real goal in their life. They see education as their main and real goal while it is a mean to achieve a goal. They don’t search for a way to change their character and life. They say, “I came here only for education, not for other things.”

Believe me, you can change yourself on soil of Turkey if you strive hard. The world is not too much in need of your money. But it is so much in need of your knowledge,good character and wise personality. Do you think that today’s world is suffered due to loss of money? Not at all. Due to lose of trust,greed,selfshiness,varacity and etc. Due to lose of good character and wise personality. The opportunity you have only and only now, today. Think what you want to be,Insha Allah you can be. Decrease wasting your time on the internet and worthless things. When I came to Turkey, I became addicted to the internet so much that it depressed my life. But one day I thought why I don’t read books. I started reading books. Through reading books I decided what I want to be. I thought that my field never brings me real happiness. Alhamdulillah those goals that I have set up bring me real happiness when I strive for them and look at their greatness.

Effective and wise time usage– Once you have set up your goal,you need to use your time wisely. You should plan your time and go in that way. Planning and acting upon it may be difficult for you at first. But try again and again, Insha Allah you will use it wisely. Your time is your life. Once it has passed you, you never ever get it back. List what to do daily. Reading only your lessons and news never change your life. You should seek for fresh and alive knowledge, such as religious books. University is a platform where you transform yourself. It is where you are preparing yourself how to manage yourself, your family, your country and as whole the world. If you don’t train yourself at this particular moment, where and when do you train yourself? It is here where you should use your time wisely.

Planning your time makes you productive and effective even in your field. It decreases task loads, depression and procrastination. It opens the door to new change of your life. Use time planar applications such as Google calender and Organizer. Don’t be idle. Idleness is the root of evils and depressions. Human enemy satan doesn’t play to human unless he sees them while they are idle and in wrong actions. He plays to them like ball. We escape from him and his evils if only we make ourselves busy with good deeds.

Control tamptetion– when you come to Turkey you may face diffirent tamptetions. When you go out of your home, you feel free without influence. You may want to form life partner with someone. You may search for the way how make this come to effect. But where you are now doesn’t allow to do so. So what shall you do? If you watch pornography and movies, they fuel up your desire rather than cooling down, and make you deppressed and worry. You may want to start chat on social media with someone. But all of these make you depress and unhappy in your life. The Solution of this is turning to seek beneficial knowledge and following right guidance. Running away from every tamptetion which draw human mind closer to sins. Refrain from chatting with the opposite sex on social media or otherwise. Doing this constrict your heart and depress you. Having good friends and campanion.  Read more How To Deal With Friends

Use your money wisely– here I don’t say any more. Read my article if you want. “How To Use  Your Monthly Allowance

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