Failure in Life

This life is a place of test and trail for human being. It is a place of sowing good and bad deeds. We may encounter many tests and trail in this life although there is difference of their levels. In this life there are both success and failure. There is no one way. We should believe in both success and failure. In this life no one leads only life of success or failure. Failure in this life doesn’t mean end of your life. Rather, it befalls to you to teach the meaning of success. From failure you get experiences that leads you to success. From failure you learn many lessons if you give proper attention rather than crying. You say to yourself ‘What is wrong with my actions, let me analyze; if this way doesn’t work let me change other way.’ The more you device the new ways, the closer you are to the success. But if you get upset by your failure and don’t try to change the way, you would hold yourself back from success. If you feel inferiority due to failure and cannot move forward, you change nothing. Our main problem when we fail in some aspects of life or possess some defects, we feel inferiority rather than changing that problem or defects. Our focus is on failure or problem not on solutions. Many things can be a cause of failure. Among these;

1. Lack of motivation-  If there is no motivation or interest, you can’t start your action. Motivation and interest are fuel of your goal. The higher your motivation and interest, the more you become closer to your success. This doesn’t mean when motivation is high, there is no failure. Rather it is a fuel that launch rocket of your success. The one who has no motivation and interest, can’t succeed. If he fails, he remains there. Because, he doesn’t try to kindle fuel of motivation and interest. Rather he focuses only on his shortcomings and failure. By making image of his goal very dim or dark, he kills his motivation and interest. If you want to succeed, device as many ways as you can when you fail. By focusing on your shortcomings and failure, don’t hold back yourself from ladder of success. Make image of your goal high and bright rather dim and black.

2. Lack of time usage – Every bit of your time that lost never come back. Every bit of time you use draw closer to success. Every bit of time we waste on useless things, hold us back from success.

3. High expectations –  Expecting good fruit of our effort is not bad. We may begin our task by expecting massive results at one step. Expecting good result of our effort of long term goal is necessary. What rotten our effort is having high expectations and impatience for our long term goal. We want to see the fruit of plant now that we planted before hours. If what we have expected doesn’t occur, we upset and lose self-confidence. Our motivation and interest start to melt. Let us be calm. In our journey of life we undergo different stage to reach at the desired goal. This is done only through patience and sustainable efforts. Otherwise by expecting massive result at one step drags us backward. If what we have expected doesn’t work, we should continue our task by changing method of working.

4. Despair and intense anger – these both arise from high expectation and undesired results. Among things that failure teaches us is controlling anger. Through failure and bad fortune we are expected to control our anger. If we think that our failure is end of our life, there is no other opportunity; we end up in despair and intense anger. Despair and anger can’t bring solution to our problems. What brings solution is devising other way and forgetting past failure. Not only forgetting past failure, but we should take lessons and experience from past to build up the bridge to success.

  1. Negative feelings-The other point which hinders us from progression is negative feelings. The internal feelings either invite us to success or failure. Changing internal state is very important. Internal state is the way we represent ourselves. If we think that we can’t do anything, it means our internal state is rotten/decayed. We should restate our internal representation, to reach at desired goal. When we fail, we feel inferior than any one. For more on negative feelings click here
  2. Final note- Every success is from Almighty Allah(SW). But if there is no cause on our behalf, there is no success from Allah. So exerting efforts and expecting good fruit from Allah is very crucial.

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