Writing for fame(being famous) or for Change?

When you start something, you may ask yourself these basic questions; what?, how?, why?. These are basics of any goal. Without trying to answer these questions, don’t begin your journey. I am saying ‘trying’ not ‘answering’. Answering them completely is not easy task. It asks time and effort. The biggest challenge in achieving your goal is the ‘WHY’ question. It is cause of your failure or success.
When I began writing, the biggest challenge was ‘Why do I write this, for fame or change?’ I couldn’t answer this question. It would become headache for me until I changed my name from Facebook and blog. I didn’t change my name easily. But it was one story I read from a book called ‘Gems and jewels’ that caused me to change my name and hide my identity. When you’re on the course of change you should prepare yourself to endure pain of disciplining and regret. I felt pain of headache and regret when I praised and admired myself. Headache might continue until I delete that post. Then I feel easy when I delete the post. So disciplining own self asks time and effort. It pains you. But the pain is to shape you not to destroy you. It’s to make you strong not to make you weak. Through pain and hardship successful people have succeeded.
Alhamdulillah now no longer do I feel pain except when sometimes praising and admiring myself.
I felt frustration throughout this year. When I posted, I expected more like and share. But no like, no share. Then I felt frustration. Alhamdulillah this frustration hasn’t stop me from writing other posts. I learned great thing from this. That is sincerity. The more you control frustration, the more you become sincere in your deed. I can’t say I am sincere in all of my deeds. Only Allah knows best my sincerity. More expectation kills your goal. If what I expected had happened, I doubt you would have not read this line. Because what I expected would hinder me from progressing although I thought it is good. Alhamdulillah I have decreased more expectations. I don’t worry about like and share.
When I begun writing my crave for fame was on highest point. Through time the crave for being famous have decreased. Alhamdulillah. Being famous brings nothing except ruin and unhappiness if sincerity has lost. What changes the world is not your body posture,beautiful voice or high status, but it is your action and sincerity that do well.


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