Ramadan and University Students

First of all I would like to say Ramadan Mubarak. It is the month of mercy and happiness, month of soul purification and changing own character. It is a month of being a new strongest of version own self. It is a month which teaches human the value of time, self restrain, being merciful to others, generosity, and etc. Insha Allah, we will talk today how should university students benefit from this blessed month. Although most of us know the value of the month of Ramadan, we are not benefiting from it much. We pass this blessed month by sleeping much,watching movies,internet and etc. This month teaches the value of time. The one who doesn’t know the value of time can’t succeed. Success is with the time. I think now most of the universities are over except for medical students and related fields. So those students who have finished their school how do they spend their time in this blessed month? Let me list some important points how to spend time in this month both for those who finished their school and not.
1. Plan your time– when I repeat the phrase ‘planning time’ in many of my writings, I wish to convey the importance of planning time. Planning time is very crucial in every success. If you haven’t finished your school, plan your time every day. This makes you productive in both worlds, Hereafter and this life. Because the lessons you are studying fluctuate. Form the habit of waking up in the morning early. Without disturbing your mind with other things such as social media, go head to study. For those who finished their school, schedule your time weekly or if you wish you can plan daily. Because what you are doing is not so much fluctuating. But be careful wasting your time on social media, YouTube, Tv and etc. Change your life,find the way to soul purification. Try to understand the meaning of the Qur’an. If you can’t Arabic,read its translation. Insha Allah, your life will be changed.

2.Limit the time of sleeping– when Ramadan comes,it seems the time of sleeping came. We sleep till sun reaches on our head. If you sleep much, your energy is consumed by metabolism reaction during sleeping. Then when you wake up, you become weary and weak. You can’t proceed your day’s activities. Waking up in the morning makes you strong and productive. For taking a rest, sleep after zuhr (afternoon) prayer. This renews your energy and refreshes mind. But if you sleep much in the morning until zuhr, you can’t sleep afternoon. Your day ends up without production.

3. Change your internal representations– The main thing which makes us unproductive during the month of Ramadan is the internal representation. We say to ourselves, ‘I am hungry, I can’t do this.’ If you represent yourself in hungry and weak state, you can do nothing. The mind does what we permit and persuade it. If you say to it,’Stomach is hungry,you can’t do.’, it closes its operation. But instead if you focus on your activities rather than on hunger, then you do your responsibility well. I heard from fatwa(religious verdict) one student saying,’I am studying and have exams. What shall I do in this Ramadan. Can I break the fast(as-siyam)?’. But the shaik said,”You should fast.” So internal representations are very important in our life.

4.Eat moderately– Oromo proverb says, ‘Kan beela’e waan quufu itti hin fakkaatu.” Letaral meaning ‘The one who gets hungry,it doesn’t seem to him satisfied.’ By thinking that I am not satisfied, don’t take much food. By taking more food either you waste it or by overeating you become fatigue. So you can’t use your night wisely. By eating moderately use your night time wisely.

5. Take a rest– to accumulate more ajr(rewards), if you work without rest at the beginning of the month Ramadan,you will become exhausted at the end. Everything is measured according to the end result. Do what you can. Allah doesn’t burden a soul more than it bears. Take a nap in the afternoon.

Final Note:
The month of Ramadan is the month of production,activities and etc. It is not a month of sleep, eating, wasting time and etc. At the same time it is not a month of much exhaustion. It is month of balance. The aim of Ramadan is sowing and growing the fruit of Taqwa (fear of Allah) in our hearts. By fearing Allah, you will not waste your time on worthless things such as watching movies,listening music and etc. The one who is wise races for valuable and worthy things.


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