How To Deal with Friends

Peer friends are very influential. When we say ‘Peer friends’, we are saying that a friend whom we contact in every day activity. We may form friendship at the different level of our life. We start forming friendship at the environment. Froming friendship goes on upto end of our life. Today we discuss important friendship stage- that is university environment. When guys are far away from their family, either they destroy their life or reform it. The main factor of this is friendship world. They may not know how to deal with new enviroment of friendship. They may follow what commons do and then fall into destructive pitfall. They follow friend footstep and then trapped to satanic trap. We should be aware whom we are taking as a friend. Because friend may destroy our life or improve it. We should form friendships with pious and good character. In this age getting such people is very difficult. So how can we deal with those whose character are corrupted or addicted by different addiction? This is an important question. Let me list some important points to be noted when living with such people.
1. Have a good character by yourself– If we don’t try our best to improve our character,our friends easily corrupt us. Having a good character means sticking to principles,Islamic teachings,staying away from bad habits (such as lying,hypocrisy,etc..) ,having self confidence. If our good character is superior than our bad character, they don’t influence us easily. If we have good character they themselves influenced by us. We shouldn’t buy their bad character and then lose our identity. We shouldn’t follow them in bad activities. When we talk to them,we should develop the ability of drawing their mind to good character. We can speak to them how their life is becoming worse by their addiction inversily how we are living happy life by following Islamic teachings and principles.
2. Have a self confidence– A person who has self confidence doesn’t follow satanic activity and destructive habit. When such friends want to drag us to their bad habit, we should say them ‘Dear friend stop there,I have a goal,I don’t have time to do such activities.’ If you have self confidence you can control them. But If you don’t have,they control you. Don’t fear for friendship break down when they call to bad activities. Because you live together for a short time in university. Never ever allow yourself to be in their company when they do bad activity. Leave them. For example, when they smoke cigarettes, stay away from them.
3. Have a firm goal of life and plan your time- According to one research the people who have a written goal live a better life than those who don’t. This research was done in one of American University. The researchers asked students who have written goal and don’t. Out of these 3 percent have written goal,the rests haven’t. When these researchers came back after twenty years, they found that those students who had written goal live a better life than who didn’t. So it is very important having a firm goal in life. If one has a firm goal, he invests every minute on constructing his goal. He has no time to involve in bad habits with friends. He says to them ‘I don’t have time’. Friends don’t drag us to bad habits unless they see laziness and aimless in ourselves. If we plan our time, every minute cries to us for its good investment.
4. Control temptation- When you see your friend who has a boy friend or girl friend, satan tempts you. He whispers to you,’ Why do you lose B.f/g.f while your friend has?’ Don’t listen to him. Stick to your principles. Remember your goal when Satan tempts you.Make du’a(supplication) to Allah. This writer hears words from his living room friends who say ”Don’t you have g.f, Are you speaking to manita(Turkish word for g.f)?”. He doesn’t pay any attention to them. He says to them,”I have a goal, boş ver manita(leave there)”.


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