Guidelines in Learning Arabic

Learning any language seems difficult for every mind. But if the person has key to open his mind for doing anything Insha Allah he can do it. So what is that key? The key is in our hands. Although the same key doesn’t open every mind, the very important that can open human mind is adjusting the it to be able to do that task. it is replacing the words which say ‘I can’t,It is very difficult,doing this is impossible,I don’t have time….’ with words ‘Insha Allah I can do,It is possible,what prevents me from doing this?,I have time….’. The mind does what we permit it like a computer program. If we give it wrong information,the mind gives us wrong result.
Yes Arabic is a difficult language. Actually, if we look at carefully, it is not as difficult as we think. To wipe out the notion of ‘DIFFICULT’ is to begin that task.
Beginning is Winning” -Unknown
Guideline one Beginning – “If a man doesn’t start journey to life, he can’t be succeed,” says Turkish author Muhammad Bozdağ-in his book Düşün ve Başar. So our turning point is clicking that task which seems very difficult. When we begin, it starts melting. Its difficulty becomes easy. According to one author people may start their task depending either on possibility or necessity. After looking to the necessity of our goal/task, we may begin it. Here to learn Arabic is a necessity. Possibility is something we expect either good or bad result of our action. By learning Arabic its possibility is a good result. We gain the understanding of the glorious Qur’an. Is there any better result than this? Is there any better fruit and happiness than understanding letter of Our Lord? So is it not necessary learning Arabic? The answer is yours?

Guideline Two– After beginning your goal,try your best to deepen your interest. If we start learning Arabic today and then give up next week, it becomes meaningless. When we start doing some tasks, its result may doubt us. We say to ourselves ‘I may succeed or not be succeed’. If we don’t deepen our desire, we may slide within a short time. Because we are thinking that we are not seeing its fruit. “Remember that your goal is under construction.” If we learn one word or grammar rule today, we are constructing our goal. As an example I have used different tactics to raise my interest in learning Arabic. I put words on facebook profile or PC desktop that motivate me to learn Arabic. Among this “Insha Allah it is possible, Learning Arabic is the same to learning Turkish and English. So there is no reason to give it up.”

Guideline three Modeling- To be succeed modeling is very important. Who should I make my model to achieve my goal? By modeling someone, you can achieve tremendous results within a short time. Because, you see a person who achieves something by toiling for a year or more than. By seeing this person’s action, you can duplicate it within a short time. Modeling someone motivates you and becomes a source of patience. By seeing his patience and achievement, you become patient and hope for greater achievement. When I saw this author’s short history, I am even more motivated and interested in learning Arabic. This man is Jamal Zarabozo. He learned Arabic by himself and translated and authored many books.

Guideline four- having Taqwa(fear of Allah)– the best provision is having taqwa. Sin is the enemy of knowledge. Confusion and misunderstanding arise from sin. Being far away from sins and fearing Allah are our keys to success. Taqwa facilitates our success.
Guideline five- planning time– time is our capital that never comes back once lost. Yes, we think that we are overwhelmed by class lessons. Have we ever seen how much time we are spending on social media? If we turn one hour of our life learning Arabic,can’t we gain a greater result than using socail media? Learning our religion never ever affects our dunya. Rather, it makes our life easy and happy. Shaytan threaten us with poverty when we turn to our religion. Alhamdulillah by giving away one hour every day to learn Arabic,I haven’t failed any exam. I haven’t any make up or Büte in the whole year.
I started learning Arabic five months ago in my dormitory. Alhamdulillah now I can understand some texts which have haraka. Much left me to master this language.

Guideline sixth- Using right material. Alhamdulillah this books have faciliated my learning: “Learning The Language of Qur’an”, “Arabic madina books-three volumes”,By Dr.V. Abdurahim Click Here to download them

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