This is Our Message

This is our invitation to you. We invite you to come out from depression to ease and happiness,from the narrowness of your living mode to the vastness of the Islamic system and justice. From servitude of your soul, which orders to evils, to servitude of Allah. Being servitude of Allah is freedom of mind, liberation from being a servant of Satan and soul. We invite you to taste the ocean of happiness which we are tasting.  

“The ignorance in which you are living makes you impure, and Allah wants to purify you; the customs which you follow are defiling, and Allah wants to cleanse you; the life you are living is low, and Allah wants to uplift you; the condition which you are in is troublesome, depressing and base, and Allah wants to give you ease, mercy and goodness. Islam will change your concepts, your modes of living and your values; will raise you to another life so that you will look upon the life you are now living with disgust; will show you modes of living such that you will look upon all other modes, whether Eastern or Western, with contempt; and will introduce you to values such that you will look upon all current values in the world with disdain. And if, because of the sorry state you are in, you cannot see the true picture of the Islamic life, since your enemies – the enemies of this religion – are all united against the establishment of this way of life, against its taking a practical form, then let us show it to you; and, thank Allah, its picture is in our hearts, seen through the windows of our Qur’an, of our Shari’ah, of our history, of our concept of the future, whose coming we do not doubt!”  Taken from Milestone (pp 150) Sayyid Qutbi


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